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shetty1611 2016-03-21 16:10:26


Hie my child is Nov 2013 born really confused whether I should admit him to nursery or lkg nxt year Schools like Scottish and st marry isce have their Jr kg admission for him nxt year he ll be 3.9 wen the school starts . Really confused as I don't know if the schools will admit him to lkg when he is 4.9

kdkc11 2016-03-22 12:48:52


Hello, 2013 should go into nursery. Don't push into higher grade as the kids pick up capacity remains low and then u feel that kid is slow in learning.

chandra111 2016-03-28 10:39:51


How can a november 2013 born be eligible for nursery? As far as I know the schools have the nursery eligiblity of 3 years completed by 31st august 2013.

chandra111 2016-03-28 10:40:29


Sorry 31st july 2013 is what most schools are mentioning.

kdkc11 2016-03-29 06:05:52


Many schools specially ICSE ignore month now. So If 2013 born then nursery...that way.

SKABangalore 2016-03-29 07:14:58


The law of the land is,
  • For Nursery 3 years or more by May 31.
  • For LKG 4 years or more by May 31.
  • For UKG 5 years or more by May 31.
  • For 1st Std 6 years or more by May 31.
Few "new generatio"n schools give relaxation for June and July born kids (if you give more money). But most good schools won't relax this rule even by a day. It is not good for your kid also. 
Since your kid is Nov 2013 born kid will be just 2 years 6 months by May 2016. He is not ready for the normal Nursery/LKG school. If you are planning to follow Montessorri method (only for genuine Montessorri) you can start at 2.5 years since I know Montessori education starts at 2.5 years and it won't follow normal school's academic year.
My son will be 5 years 7 months by 2016 May 31. So he will be UKG when the next academic year starts. We are happy that we followed this rule. The academics is not at all stressing him. He is enjoying the classes also. 



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