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sophie 2010-05-12 12:13:17


Does anyone have any idea about this school NES International - Mulund. Can anyone help me with the review/ feedback about the school. Would it be a good idea to send my child ( 4 yrs ) to this school.. pls. advice

 Former member 2010-12-21 17:22:32


Hi Sophi, I have my son studing in NES Internationals in PYP. And I am glad to share my experience with you.

I wanted my son to get the best of eductaion and make him ready for any kind of challenge that he comes accros in his life. So i decided gop with IB edcucation formy kid.

NESIESM offers an IB system of education with IB PYP, IGCSE and IB DP curriculum.

Out of my experience I can say that the school gives personalized attention and all-round development to every child. And before I get my kid admission into any school, one of my biggest concern was  the streangth of the class, which does not exceed 20 studenst per class in NESISM.


AartiR 2010-12-22 14:48:07


Who is managing this school Mr Vardarajan or his son?


 Former member 2010-12-29 11:14:22


Hi Aarti,

Mr. Varadaraja is the Founder-Principal of the school and his son Mr. Balasubramanian V. is the  Director of the school, and they together manage all the school activities.


aaba 2011-01-04 15:58:27



I also want to undersatnd about IB schools....what value does it hols in market? and is it too diffcult to handle by kids, b'coz I always hear parents talking ICSE is difficult than difficult is IB for kids?


splinetol 2011-03-21 12:33:51


I heard about a creative writing subject introduced by NES international that is really innovative, unique and really amazing. Anyone knows anything about this??


Sweetson 2011-04-02 16:40:58


I heard the review of the school is very good i also visited the school personally for my son and i was very impressed with it bt the fees structure of the school is so very high that any parent will surely give it a thought to take admission in the school



Nafees 2013-05-23 22:59:22


Can you please share the fees structure of NES international.


Poohs 2013-07-05 16:07:15


It is a money hungry school! During mid session they will start anything randomly and make it compulsory. There are far better IB Schools other than this. 


Poohs 2013-07-05 16:14:46


 My sister's son used to study in NES. I remember he was left behind in school few times as the school transport forgot to pick him up. What a scary moment for my sister! 


lovemykid 2013-11-17 15:37:56


Hello Group members...

can anyone guide us for the current fee structure of IB PYP of NES - Mulund?

Thanks in advance..

Palpable 2013-12-31 14:36:59


Hi lovemykid,

NES will cost you 2.5 lacs for lower grades. They will introduce new features mid- session making them compulsory for all and that is an additional expense whether you like it or not. I personally feel its not worth the money you spend when Euro school takes one-third the fees as compared to NES. NES has lost a lot of students to Euro school because of their poor administration and non-hearing attitude of top management. 

During Ganpati festival kids were given some sweets and prasad to take home which was stale. On complaining, the school simply ignored and displayed haughtiness and arrogance. 


puja111 2014-01-04 19:11:13


Both Euro and NES International are pretty good. But one is IB and other is ICSE, so fee structure can not be directly compared.

hpriya 2014-01-14 22:57:26



Like puja111 says, NES and Euro cannot be compared because they follow different boards, so the method of delivery and fees are bound to be different. I took admission for my son last year( he was in an IGCSE school before) and I haven't seen any major mid-session changes up till now. What I like best about this school is the focus they have on academics at the same time maintaining a good balance on extra-curricular activities. They have activities like swimming, skating, track sports, football and cricket for primary section.

Euro has not got affiliation and is quite a distance to go for primary students.

When I took admission, I was told in pretty clear terms on the fee structure by the admission officer and they haven't charged me anything extra till date.

If u are ok with the IB board, then NES International is a good choice.


lovemykid 2014-01-17 17:54:38


Thanks hpriya for the inputs.... Can you guide me with the exact fee structure of NES-Mulund for IB PYP? Is there any surprises from the managaement in mid term additional expenses?

Kindly advise...


hpriya 2014-01-22 22:34:34


I am not sure of the exact fee structure at NES this term.You could possibly drop in at the school for an enquiry -this way you also get to see the school.But there have been no surprises mid-term that I have faced.Apart from inexpensive things like pencils, crayons(basically stationery items) , craft items or charts, I have not had the need to buy anything this year.


puja111 2014-05-11 02:49:32


Does anyone else have any feedback on pre primary section of NES school?

Smile4u 2014-11-20 13:08:15


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help me with the recent review/ feedback about NES International School- Mulund. We are thinking to enroll my daughter in Nursery there...   

 It will be really helpful.


Francais 2015-01-13 16:08:30


Dear Sophie,
I would like to share with you what happened with me when I went to apply there for the post of a French teacher. They selected me in one interview, said that my salary will be Rs 20, 000 per month BUT the horrible part is that they said I will have to sign a 5 years bond with them and deposit all my original certificates to them!!!
Thankfully, enough I din't do that because that year itself I got selected to teach in France. I could have never ever gone to France, had I signed a 5 years bond with them and given all my certificates to them because then, they would have exploited me for the next 5 years without even increasing my salary.
Moreover, when they asked me my hobbies, I told them swimming is my hobby, then they said (in the same salary), you will be the swimming teacher ALSO!!!!!
HORRIBLE experience I had there!
So, now you know about the attitude of the management!


chandra111 2015-03-31 03:14:17


Heard a lot of experiences from parents saying they seek money randomly and make it compulsory, lots of students in past left the schools and completed their school years happily in other schools. The ex students and their families give out a similar account of money and non hearing attirude. Whats the point if the welcome money and not the woes of parents.

SUBU2015 2015-08-16 15:42:20


NES International school is a very good school. My daughter is in Reception grade- Junior Kg. The fees is fixed. No extra money is asked for during the year. All these are rumours. Last six months my daughter has been enjoying every bit of the school. There are lot of extra curricular activities in the school right from the  reception grade itself. DRAMA, skating, swimming to name a few. The teachers are friendly and approachable. There are weekly planners sent via mails. Very less homework that too most are ones which prompt the child to think. They have even taken the children for a school picnic to Happy Planet at no extra cost. Some family visits have also been done. My daughter speaks of water conservation, energy conservation, good english words and sentences. The school in present reception has four divisions each with seventeen to eighteen students. They are now a complete IB school with EYP, PYP, MYP and IBDiploma grades recognised by the IB board, probably one of the two schools in Mumbai to have them all.

parenttotwo 2015-08-26 22:39:21


We moved our children to NES this year. We are happy with the importance given to academics and to overall discipline. The teachers are very much involved in the day to day work. 

amitdogra 2016-06-23 00:04:53


Dear Parents,
We are moving from Denmark to India and looking for a suitable IB school in Bhandup-Mulund area for our 6-year old child. We came across NES International and it appears to be quite impressive however we are unable to get admission related information from their office. Sometimes the phone line is noisy (probably due to Mumbai monsoon) and sometimes the person at the desk isn't well informed. Can anyone please guide us? 


Anushka14 2019-05-21 11:21:11


So what did you decide then? We are planning to move in the same area and are considering NES international! Pls guide . Specially if you can for IBDP ( grade 11_12)

amitdogra25 2019-05-21 13:10:16


Hi Anushka,
We got our child enrolled in PYP Grade-1 back in 2016 and we are quite happy with the school. He just moved to Grade-4 and we can see tremendous improvement in his confidence, academics and overall personality development. There are pros and cons of every school. For us being in Bhandup area this was the best option and we do not regret at all. Both teachers and parents have to work towards child's development. We can't leave everything to school. There are new programs and initiatives coming up every year. The website might not have the latest information but you can call the school reception and fix an appointment. I have a friend whose child is in IBDP. He can provide better guidance for that grade. Let me check.
Best regards,


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