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njoyk 2009-04-01 13:45:55


Ask your class 5 child, who has been taught decimals and fractions in his/her school, the following 2 questions -

1. Which of the following is closest / nearest to 150.1

a. 1501       b. 15         c. 150        d. none

2. Your friend had 2/3rd of a pizza, you had 1/2 of the same size pizza. Who had more of the pizza?

a. You         b. Your friend        c. Both         d. None

Look at the answers and you will know the state of our education in cities. In most cases our children learn things through rote - a mechanical learning. If they are asked questions in a different way they fail. As the schools do not go into the applicability part. That is the reason why we do have the reasoning ability component to grow in children. So what our schools are really educating centres and not learning centres.

Run these simple tests based on text book subject of your child in Maths and SCience and you will awake to a new reality. But if we donot awake, our child will falter. Now the question is what do we do. For me, I have told myself that I will join the PTA of my daughters school and try to contribute. More thoughts how we can make a difference will be welcome.

sathya 2009-04-03 16:03:54


You make a valid point. I am in complete agreement that learning models in India have to change.

The change has to start with what parents want for their children.  The education system is a marketplace. And what consumers demand is what education providers will change. Today, a majority demand learning by rote.  But there are also signs of change in many places. Many schools are starting up and doing well with alternate learning models.

Joining the PTA to influence your daughter's school is a great idea.  For our part, we try to make the learning of our sons as wide as possible. We look for opportunities where our children can get exposed to as wide a variety of practical applications of learning as possible.

Do let us know how your efforts at the PTA go.



njoyk 2009-04-03 22:01:03


The first obstacle we face is reluctance on the part of our daughter to participate in the process of her school as she things that she will be at the receiving end. This thinking has creeped into the minds of children also not only adult parents. So we have to battle this wrong notion at home. This is something of which the schools have taken advantage of. These are things which we will have to surmount before we get into the thick of the things.




splinetol 2009-09-07 14:24:02


Sathya, I think you make a valid point. (The change has to start with what parents want for their children).

What do parents want from the education model to make it more relevant?



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