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kssk100 2015-11-04 04:47:22


We are considering to move from London to Mumbai. My daughter studies in 10th std (GCSE). We are thinking on moving back in June 2016.

We  plan to admit her in one of the IGCSE schools in Mumbai.

Any experiences if a child relocates back to India for 11th std (AS level)? Is it a big difference in curriculum between GCSE (London) and IGCSE (in India)

Also my daughter has a UK passport. Does anyone have any experience about seeking admission to one of the professional colleges in Mumbai for graduation after completing A levels in IGCSE curriculum? How difficult are the entrance exams if a student takes IGCSE curriculum till 12th std? Thanks.

KARIA 2015-12-10 14:24:07


Hi KSSK100
I would also like to understand above query. We are also planning to relocate from KL to Mumbai in June 2016. My daughter is also planning to do her A levels in Mumbai. Please do let me know if you have more info on your query from other sources. I would appreciate a reply.



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