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shilpaA 2010-04-30 11:29:34


Is it important to decide which education board you want to put you child into while addmitting him to playgroup? and which one is better......cbse, icse, ib...........




mukeshnt 2010-05-01 07:39:39


Playgroup stage may be too early to decide the board. Here are my thoughts on diff boards:

1. CBSE - very good, especially if parent's job is transferable. Comprehensive course and it eventually will help the student to compete at an all-India level in exams such as AIEEE. PMT, IIT-JEE.

2. State Board like Maharashtra state board - good for average children. Even an average child can score 80+ in SSC. But will cause problem if competing for national level exams as course content is very superficial.

3. IB/IGCSE - Be prepared to pay high fees, donations, miscellaneous expenditure. Most of the new schools are "International", but IMHO, its a waste of money. If u have to select these boards, go for the best school in your city. Else, go for the best CBSE school. Any international school is not necessarily better than schools of other boards. Syllabus is very exhaustive and students must have an excellent support system from school itself.


Tammy 2010-10-25 11:12:38


Thanks mukeshnt for the explanation and this had really helped me a lot to make up my mind in my daughter's case.  Pls suggest any good CBSE schools in Mulund & Bhandup..



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