Schools in and around Andheri East and age criteria

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Madhu09 2015-10-19 11:34:54


Hello dear parents

I would soon be shifting to Mumbai from Bangalore. My lo is turning 4 years in December I am looking for good schools for her preferably around Andheri area. Have spoken to AVM and Podar already. Also what is the age criteria for admissions. My lo will go to LKG here coming June when she will be 4.5. I understand from these 2 schools that she would be eligible for Senior KG (equivalent to UKG here) as she is December 2011 born. This would mean a class jump for her and I am not sure if she will be able to cope with sudden expectations and studies. Any suggestions from parents who have moved from Bangalore earlier would be of great help.

Eagerly looking to hear from you all.


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