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raisa 2010-04-19 10:37:36


my son studies in ssrvm, borivali, in 1st standard it was a good experience till he was in pre-primary section, but after that it became a really painful experience. The teacher keeps on changing almost every month. The children are left alone during the breaks, any teacher would teach any subject, no professionalism is maintained.

The poor little children are expected to read and write suddenly, when they have not been taught anything in the pre-primary sections. They are expected to write in hindi without being taught the basics of the language. The teachers are in such a hurry to completet the syllabus that she does not understand the background of the children. We are convinced by saying that the present mistakes would not be repeated again for the other batches. But I want to ask the school authorities what about the damage which has been already done to our children, who is going to repair that? The entire academic year has passed, still no effective measure was taken for the present 1st standard batch.

The extra-curricular activities are very bad, as we really do not know what is being taught to our children, be it music, dance, taekwondoo etc. The drawing and craft skills of the children have been taken for a toss.

It is high time that they should become professionals and maintain the quality of education or else I feel that they are unable to handle lots of students, a proper building or they feel that the school can run only in the name of yoga or meditation or snaskrit shlokas............

kashalkar 2010-04-28 16:51:48


Very sorry to learn about the patern of studies which now a days school adopt. Same thing has happened in my daughters case... She was studying in Gurukul Universal Dahisar.

This school is worst school of this area... School has no principal...  Cordinators of the school (specially one Ms.Falguni) is acting like Principal or trustee of the school... exhorbitant fees are taxed .. no proper education..

My daughter was telling me that teachers call students by their region... In our case as we are Maharashtrians, Falguni miss is calling my daughter as Ghaati...

What education these teachers will give to their students ? Why the other authorities are keeping quite on Falguni ? Who is she for the CEO ?


Meerah 2010-04-29 10:24:38


Why in the first place would anyone want to put a child in the school that doesn't hav proper management? Besides discriminating anyone is very bad esp. little ones imagine the effect  they would  hav on their tender minds.


raisa 2010-04-29 12:20:21


It is really very dissappointing that inspite of paying exorbitant fees, we do not get good quality of education for our kids. I wonder why the schools cannot afford to keep good teachers who are aware of their subjects and know what they are suppose to teach.

Its high time we ask the school authorities that where does all the money go when they fail to hire staff for their schools...........

Can you believe that in my son's school a PT teacher is teaching Science. The English teacher herself does not know the concepts of grammar. It sounds so awful that our these kind of people will be shaping the future of our kids.



kashalkar 2010-04-29 15:24:23



It is horrible to note that PT Teacher in teaching science.

Same case is in Gurukul International School, Dahisar East... The school do not have principal and one of the rude eacher is acting as if she is principal.. No extra curricular activities, no good education... that is what we give it to our next generation .........Pathetic......



nilniki 2010-05-18 15:32:51


Yes, This is true tht now a days in name of education they only making money now a days it;s become parsents duty to see whether this school or institiute is perfect for our kid or not. The only way we can do this share our experience with each other. Let's us promise our selves tht wht happened to our child should not happened to other's kid. The parsents who are searching new school for their kids kindly first a fall have a look abt wht other;'s say abt tht school. Hope we will help each other in anyways. Regards, Nilam


kashalkar 2010-05-19 18:17:05


There are few good schools in Mumbai Western Suburb...

Many schools have opened and they show all glossy pictures.

Poor parents feel to put their dear ones in a good school and thus

falls in the trap of these selfish schools... parents pay exhorbitant fees

in the name of Universal, International etc and finally understands that

education is not to that grade or not to the amount spent.

Gurukul Universal School, Dahisar East, Mumbai has come up in locality of middle class Maharashtrian mass... This school is so useless that nothing universal about it. Exhorbitant fees of Rs.40000/- per year is charged on the pupil. School do not have even principal. Teachers are not qualifed.. One of the Teacher Falguni was very rude when I went to that school to enquire. Looking at me she thought that I am middle class, Maharashtrian and will not aford to pay so much of fees.. She rudely and sarcastically sent me out of the school.

I came out of that school with my kid insulted. But I curse this School and Falguni for my life time....


piyushm1959 2010-07-31 02:05:59



This is for the first time I m in Parentree. My name is Piyush. I stay in borivli .

My daughter is studying in  S. Radhakrishna and I really appreciate the school as well as the management and faculty members. Try to get admission in this school its situated in SaiBaba ngr. borivli west.

I know that admission for the current year is not possible but better try for next year.

Lets forget the past and start something good for our children.

Best of luck for better future .

Regards Piyush.


niketa 2010-09-28 14:44:44


  Can any one help me out in giving your valuable reviews on rustomjee cambridge school.......


tmp 2010-11-21 17:17:20



Can u give me the review about Thakur Public School in Kandivali East........


uju 2010-11-23 10:33:48


my daughter is also studying in SSRVM Borivali and i think the school is doing very well.  I have no complaints as to her progress in academics.  They put less burden on the kids but then they see to it that the child fundas are clear. 


mayurparmar 2010-12-04 18:56:48


i m aggre with u even i m satisfied with the school.


tmp 2010-12-11 23:55:56


But ssrvm is taking donation of  Rs 40,000/- in the name of sponsoring a child from Dharavi...................... are they really sponsoring that...........................


mayurparmar 2010-12-12 12:37:53


to tmp

i m not sure about that

but they have the school at dharavi.


Smartieom 2010-12-26 16:55:16


Hello Parents,
Any idea about Rustomjee Dahisar school?
I have tried searching here but couldn't find any.




allsmiles 2010-12-28 17:25:28


well rustomjee cambridge school has got good reviews as i have arnd 10 acquaintances whose children r studyin there and everyone seems  to be satisfied with the school xcept for its infrastructure in comparison to other schools...academicaly they r really good with sufficient parent to teacher interaction...they have qualified teachers for cambridge section....

i hve admitted my daughter in the nursery for year 2011 in the same school

hope the info is useful





sakura 2010-12-28 19:41:48


Is there any school bus is coming from  Meera Road to SSRVM Borivali??


7mansi 2018-09-27 15:38:30


Hello, I have a daughter who is three years old and we reside at borivali west. We are looking for a good school ssc board for her Jr. Kg admission 2019-20. We have below options, request your feedback on schools. 1. St. Annes 2. Don bosco 3. St. Lawrence 4. Dr. Radha krishna. We are very confused in selecting schools. Would appreciate all your help in taking a good decision. Have good reviews for rustomjee....but i find it too expensive.


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