billabong high malad mumbai or vibgyor high

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selwa28 2009-03-28 15:00:10


hello everyone,


need an advice


which school is better ?


please tell me



mel2009 2009-04-19 16:35:56


madam, i have been to billabong school malad, its nice, clean and neat, teachers are child friendly, but they are not teaching as per the ICSE standards, its more of IGSCE standard, so i think in the long run the child will not be beneficial in later life. I do not know of vibgyor, i have checked their website. But please do not opt for Ryan Malad, Staff ie the teachers are rude, no toilets cleaniness, the teachers scream loudly and yell, the overall qaulity of the Ryan is Bad, they have to improve, I can't understand why they torture small kids, its very hot in the classrooms, no A/cs, inspite of they charging exhorbitant money, the classrooms for kids are not attrative, my child crys saying that TEACHER BEAT HIM ON THE BACK WITH STICK.
I am sad, to tell you all this.


 Former member 2009-04-19 17:46:39



My nephew studies in Vibgyor High, Bombay and is extremely happy with the school. They have IGSCE from higher classes but except for English which is rather difficult in it, other subject are quite fine. Coming from DPS, he never had any trouble adjusting to this school. His teachers are also quite friendly and approachable. He is infact now one of the best performers in his class.We all are very pleased with the school in Mumbai. I think Billabong and Vibgyor High were the same earlier, though I am not very sure.


 Former member 2009-04-22 11:31:27



Vibgyor High was billa bong earlier n my son used to go there then i shifted to malad billa bong. I m very happy wid it. teachers, staff everyone is friendly and they do listen to productive suggestions from parents. Kusum mam is extremely helpful even principal mam. curriculum is also good. I LOVE BILLA BONG HIGH




GEETS 2009-07-24 15:01:30



we went to Vibgyor High on 20th July to seek admission for our daughter in Junior Kg. the admissions were readily available. the fee structure, infrastructure etc. all were looking ok to us and we were happy that we have found a good school for our daughter as we have had to shift to mumbai mid-term.

however then came th bolt from the blue. The prospectus clearly mentioned that the school's manamgement has the motto of providing education to kids and that they do not accept any caution money/deposit. however the lady sitting at the reception told us clearly that we would have to shell out Rs. 250000/- as security deposit before we could seek admission in the school. this amount was nowehere mentioned in the prospectus/fee structure aor any other flowery document that thay gave. we argued with her atht how could they charge such an exorbitant amount as deposit without mentioning it anywhere in the documents. but she maintained her stance.

Such school manamgement should be rightly punished for harassing the parents. They try to show off on their website/prospectus taht there vision & mission are to just serve the society in terms of providing good education. but they are basically theives who come out with their real colours only when a hapless parent approaches them for admission.

i would be taking up this matter with one of the news channels shortly. lets see  how the school authority has to say on this..



astaterh 2009-08-16 00:53:42


@geets...which school did u put yr child


bijal 2009-08-21 11:37:13


hi can anyone, tell me what is the  current fees for jr kg in billabong high malad, i'm intrested to enroll my son for the same.



kd 2009-11-14 09:58:43


Hi Ash,

My son is in 6th grade and we are looking to admit him in billabong.  how are teachers in higher standards?

Have you faced any problems with the school teachers in the past or have heard about this from other parents / students in higher standard?


RKM 2010-07-02 15:25:57


Vibgyor High (Mumbai) is clearly avoidable. The Fees increase every alternate year & the education standard & administration deteriorates as you get to higher grades.

Play School is the best, Primary good & Secondary a mess -Too many free classes each day (no teachers), No text books prescribed (only printed notes from school) most teachers from Ryan International, assistant teachers & many others have basic diploma in education (or none at all) & not graduate degree as  necessary in most schools, coordinators (equivalent of vice principals for primary & secondary) do not speak proper English & the worst is unlike other schools the principal has no say in the school matters only the trustee does.

Many classrooms do not have ACs working & there is no play area or open ground, just a small BB court, miniscule cricket pitch & a small swimming pool.

Cafeteria serves food which is neither child appropriate nor nutritious- short break is invariably idli, aloo (potato) vadas or dry bhel (puffed rice) & rare occasions poha (flat rice) ; Lunch for Rs 40 is dal rice with mostly potato veg, in various combinations;  rajma/ similar cereals; pasta & chinese are rarely served & taste according to children is anyways bad. No parent is allowed to be part of the cafeteria committee & whether products being used are of good quality or hygiene is maintained is a big question mark



 Former member 2010-07-19 10:42:27


Does anybody have a email-id/phone # of trustee and chairman?


RKM 2010-07-31 12:47:00


Try Dhiriubhai Ambani, although admission is extremely difficult to secure. If you are in the townside of Mumbai (Colaba - Mahim) , there are plenty good schools Campion, Cathedral, Bombay Scottish, JB Petit, St Annes, etc.

However in Mumbai suburbs there are very few good schools, probably the reason why Ryan International School, Gokuldham School, Janaki Devi, etc are surviving so well.

And probably the reason why schools such as Vibgyor who are relatively better than them in terms of facilities get away without providing right kind of teachers or nutritious food in the canteen (as part of facility & going by International school labels attached to most schools.........canteen/ cafeteria is there but nutritious food or advisory nutitionist is sadly lacking)

Vibgyor Mumbai is better because Lina Ashar instituted certain very good qualities from other developed countries - healthy teacher Student ratio- less number of kids in each class, topmost level of hygiene in Utililities, Child appropriate environment, etc.   Most importantly integration of Teachers in the values of the school prior to formaly joining the school system combined with periodic training to upgrade & refresh their knowledge. During her time no teachers, principal or anybody was allowed to disturb the kids while they were attending class, although is case of a review they were welcome to quietly sit in class & observe .

Unfortunately for us she was a misfit where secondary curriculum was concerned & got embroiled in the ambitions of Vibgyor Trustee & his politiking.

Some bit of Lina Asher's thinking stil exists iin Vibgyor, hopefully will continue.





RKM 2010-07-31 13:24:06


My experience in India has been that any complaints & your child gets targeted with no way of protecting your kid from getting scarred from the experience. There are no good schools in Mumbai suburnbs & unfortunately thats where I stay.

There are basic mandates that any Government should institute esp in India where there is always plenty margin for misuse & mis-interpretaion of the laws which are existing more or less same as from the British Occupation Days.

-Teacher Student ratio in classes is a must. In India either there are 20-30 kids in a class & you pay very high fees (equivalent of fees for two kids), else there are 40 -60 kids in a class with one harassed teacher

- Dime a dozen international schools are cropping up-  is there any regulations  established by the Education Ministry in terms of what constitutes an International School? Or any scjhool offering an IB curriculumn becomes an International School irrespective of whether they have adequate Teachers & facilities to support it.

- shouldnt the Indian Government step in & atleast lay down some mandate as part of Childs Right that schools have to maintain a proper ratio where Utilities are concerned,  besides of course ensuring that schools have to provide clean & appropriate utilities.

As of date in 90% of schools in Indian metros have about 1 Toilet for maybe even 50 kids . End result toilets are filthy dirty. Lunch rooms if provided are as dirty  (most kids eat in any open area available, else classroom).

- Schools are increasing the number of Divisions / sections for each class/ grade besides cramming 50-60 kids in a single classroomn & worst being that on a three or two seater bench / seat , there will be an additional student occupying it . Shouldnt it be specified that if the school doesnt have x by x space they cannot accommodate more than x number of kids.

- Shouldnt  it be clear that schools have to provide for play area . Of course bonus being a play area where atleast three clases can engage in different sports, at the same time,  alternativly  tie up with Sports Clubs & other schools to share the sports ground / facilities.

- should there not be a mandate that if schools run a cafeteria in their premises then a nutritionist has to be attached to it besides the involvement of a parents committee & display/ availability of  certificates of the periodic medical checkup of all involved in the cooking area.

Today's date every school views each kid as a financial gain/ profit & till the Govt does not intervene nothing is going to happen. Whereever you look in Mumbai Surburbs schools are cropping up with no control & all of them seem to be International school.



value 2010-11-25 10:49:19


well said. I fully agree to your views.  is there anything, we as parents could do, to be heard by the authorities?    Espeically civic hygiene is very badly compromised in some schools and there must be some code for outdoor safe play areas.  Even if they have some space,  I have seen schools with grounds with bumps and pits. The schools attitude displays no consistency with the so called, motto which they themselves claim.   Govt should not allow them to expand beyond a certain no: if they cant support with adequate facilities and amenities. 

Good educational institutions are a building block for the better future of our country. 


Shkm 2010-11-30 14:10:30


@ RKM, I heard Vibgyor offers good extra curricular activities and these are included in the annual fees. is it correct.


anannya 2011-02-05 20:49:46


Well said. It's important that schools are forthright & transparent about everything. Even I have first had experience of Vibgyor this year (2011) - even today, it does not disclose deposit of 2.5 lakh unless specifically asked for deposit amount.


anannya 2011-02-05 21:29:16


Vibgyor was using a small ground between link road & school building for activities. Now BMC has taken that space back & using it as BMC parking space. I don't think Vibgyor has any ground / play area now. It just has some verandah in school premises where some of the activities can be done.


puki 2011-03-01 19:04:10


vibgyor seems to be doing a good job primary  but the parents of the secondary kids are equally happy ..they infact feel dat some parents are trying to spoil the name of the school..i did enquire a lot about vibgyor ..but children and parents are happy ...if u say that there arent any teachers than how do they get 100percent results


suganyaravi 2013-10-22 15:20:40


I'm looking for putting my daughter in billabong high malad for grade1, can anyone suggest me how the school is and about the fee structures

primm 2015-05-07 14:16:25


Hi everyone

Can anyone give me reviews on vibgyor malad since I am very confused abt lakshdham and vibgyor malad.

its a new school and not sure abt value for money

secondary education is one more worry

hope to get a reply soon plz

need to decide sos



poojadixit 2015-05-08 12:54:30


As a parent I would say go in for Vibgyor High because it provides holistic development. Not just secondary school, it also provides a choice of boards. They also focus on individuality and have a good teacher- student ratio.


PalakIndia 2015-07-06 19:09:52


We want to know how is the school for class X for CBSE. Early response would be highly appreciated!!!

uritolani 2017-03-03 18:10:33


Does vibgyor charge any hidden deposits? 



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