School Admissions in/around Borivali for Nursery -2015-2016

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Acenam 2014-11-06 15:56:13



I am a father of a 2 year old girl and leave around Vazira Naka Borivali West and looking for admission to Nursery.

Few schools i've looked at and taken feedbacks, but would love to know some firm opinions based on justifications from others would be

1. Rustomjee Cambridge High School

+ good review about school, teachers, very systematic

-  only extracurricular infrastructurewise - no school ground available, but internal area sufficient for younger kids

Also admissions are over early for this one.

2. Dr Pillai Global Academy(IB)
+ good infrastructure, heard good reviews about quality of education and teachers

- fees on the higher side taking in to account one time admission, else it appears ok

3. Vibgyor High School(CBSE/ICSE)
They have a new branch at IC colony, building under construction to be ready by 2015 they say,
+ have heard good review for Goregaon W branch, dont know much about others, known to be good for ICSE education board and ranked, teachers etc have heard good reviews

- cant comment on infrastructure as building under construction.

4. Pawar Public School (CBSE)

+ mixed reviews on education system, no donations, quite reasonable fee structure is what i've heard

- non-cosmopolitan crowd

5. Don Bosco High School (SSC)

+ good school, infrastructurewise good playground etc, co-ed started in 2013

- still doesnt have ICSE board which was supposed to be started in last year.

Let me know if anyone has more information on others. Problem is parents just join here to check the details/query and some after getting admissions dont respond, so dont see many replies around post that to help others still in that stage.

Hope the above helps and probably get to know more.


Yogesh21 2014-11-07 01:42:56


Hi, I am seeking Admissions in nursery for my daughter for next year. Have heard positive reviews about vibgyor Malad and goregaon as they have very Gd extra curricular activities from 1st onward and education wise it's again very Gd.only problem in if colony branch apart from High gee structure they don't have a playground which they r planning to lease from Bmc which I found a negative thing. Apart from this I'm planning for svis and st Francis which engine schools I'm the vicinity nut want more Information reg the same Will appreciate if u have any information on these 2 schools and also children's academy is a good school but the forma will be out In Feb and difficult to het admissions there

Acenam 2014-11-07 20:03:03


Hi Yogesh,
Thanks for your feedback, indeed have the same feeling on Vibgyor only from infrastructure point but found the teachers well trained and equipped on a first impression basis.
St Francis is ICSE board don't know much but have heard that teaching methodology is still on SSC lines from one of the parents, also they conduct exams for children's from lower grades, which normally ICSE boards are not known to do. So good or bad according to what you think is best for your kids, but it would be better if you get some more reviews about this from other parents.
dont know much about SVIS, again children's academy is in the east and have read good reviews and seen rankings in a recent times article think dated oct 31st but it's a bit far and am not preferring beyond a certain range at least as of now.
hope this helps.

Yogesh21 2014-11-12 23:02:08


Hi just to keep u informed that svis admissions forms would be avavailable tmrw. U need to bring the photocopy of the child birth certificate in order to get the form

Acenam 2014-11-17 16:41:29


Thanks  Yogesh for the information on SVIS and reviews on Francis as well.

I havent considered it as of yet. will see. agree with you looking at the student ratio that it doesnt make sense.


SheetalRane 2015-01-19 13:26:55


Hi yogesh,
I am residing in Govind Nagar, borivali west. My Son is now 21 months(1 Year 9 Months) old and looking for admission to Nursery.
I got review of st. francis (ICSE) from one of the parentree member which i am sharing with you 

St Francis admission process generally starts in 2015 November post diwali vacation. The school is from Nursery till 10th standard. 1. There are around 40 students in each class and 4 divisions. There are 2 teachers per class for pre-primary and later subjectwise teachers would be there.2. teaching methods are good. They conduct external exams like MTS, NTS, scholarships, spellbee competitions. Also there are other extra curricular activities like drawing, dance, skating and sports. Overall studies and extra activities are very much well balanced.3. Teaching staff is experienced and they are stable with the school, don't keep on changing. You can meet the teachers with appointment and get all information about your kid. There is also a PTA consisting of parents of higher standard kids, which regularly meetup and take up concerns if any.4. Bus facility is good. They have one male and one female attendant all the time in the bus.The whole year fees is around 27-28k, which you can pay in two installments. Also they charged around 7k for books, uniform, shoes etc. During admission they took a one time fee of 60k (with receipt) but this may change by the time your kid comes up for admission.
Also share some info about other ICSE schools.


SheetalRane 2015-01-19 13:31:18


Also share any review about ajmera school

Yogesh21 2015-02-10 08:24:07


Thanks for such elaborating information.really appreciate for the same.regarding ajmera it's a nice school overall studies and extra curricular are handled exceedingly well but the fees are on the higher side and also now they have started with icse board apart from their international curriculum.overall it's a very good school taking care of the child's growth at a personal level and also the teacher student ratio is also very less in international batch as the icse is a new one so not much interferences out of it. Regarding their fee structure they normally hike it atleast 15 percent year on year which is actually high as compared to the other similar schools.vibygor borivali can also be considered as an alternative if fees is not a issue. 

SheetalRane 2015-02-10 12:38:46


Hi yogesh,
So in which school u took admission for ur daughter??How much is the fee structure and donation of school? what extra curriculum activities they are offering?

Yogesh21 2015-02-10 19:22:53


Hi I still haven't taken any admissions yet but I am trying for childrens academy in Thakur complex wherein the forms were just been issued today.also regarding ajmera fees for icse around 1.2 lacs and for vibgyor borivali it is around 1.05 lacs for nursery.extra curricular activities is very good in both the schools. Personally speaking vibgyor has a edge over other schools as their extra activities are very good

SheetalRane 2015-02-11 11:44:16


Both ajmera and vibgyor are good but there fees are on higher side.I will first try in Gundecha academy and childrens academy. any idea about fee and deposit in Gundecha and childrens academy. I am looking out for admission in 2016-17. 

Yogesh21 2015-02-18 09:55:38


Hi gundecha admissions are the most difficult to get as this year as well as last year no forms were distributed for normal public staying away from Thakur area as their first pref is siblings and then gundecha area and then Thakur village and Siddharth nagar and any left over they will issue forms based on the distance of home from the school and regarding childrens I have just today itself submitted my form and list would be out on 10th march and so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. FYI childrens has 4 branches now u can chk their web but depending on their bus service in that area u can apply for that branch but it's a very good school to get admission into but again there is also a problem to get admissions there as it depends on the place of your residence whether it is their in their jurisdiction. 

Yogesh21 2015-02-18 09:57:33


Also fees are around 60 k for nursery and no donations in that school

SheetalRane 2015-02-18 12:41:23


I will try in gundecha academy with MLA reference. 60k fee is for gundecha or children?

Yogesh21 2015-02-19 22:32:56


For childrens and for gundecha I'm not aware abt the fees 

SheetalRane 2015-02-20 10:51:02


k.thanks yogesh

NAYANM 2015-03-10 19:03:48


Hi yogesh,

Were you able to get admission for your kid in childrens? I too filled up the form for children's thakur complex but got knocked out by a neighbourhood application in lucky draw.
I am now looking to admit my son with Vibgyor High borivali. Are the nursery admissions for vibgyor 2015 batch done?

snehalkiran 2015-03-25 08:07:20


I just happened to go through the threads of mail communication on this topic here and I would like to share my information and research on the schools in and around Borivali.
I am shifting from Baroda to Dahisar in April-2015 and seeking admission for my 4.5 year daughter. I tried collecting some review and here they are:
1) SSRVM - Mixed feedback about the principles of teaching and attitude.
2) Children's Academy - Good feedback about studies, extra curricular activities.
3) Ajmera Global - Very Good reviews but expensive
4) Rustomjee - Mixed reviews and expensive
I am still doing my research and will share whatever I collect.
Meanwhile, I would be more interested to get information on VIBGYOR and St.Francis (Like board/curriculum, approximate fee strcuture, etc)
Thanks in advance...

Tejash 2015-09-08 12:46:52


I'm not. Pretty sure but I guess VIBGYOR is still under construction. And they have class till 2 nd grade.. does anybody know the update about vIBGYOR IC colony branch

Hemang 2015-09-09 10:16:20


Hi Yogesh21
I am residing at chikuwadi borivali west..and looking for admission mof my son in nursery in which is the good school in ICSE or CBSE with reasonable fees...please guide me.


Yogesh21 2015-09-09 14:47:55



just to keep u updated as I have gone through this and have finally for admission in childrens academy Thakur complex.
firstly getting admission in childrens is very difficult as it is on random basis so u nd also since we are eligible for bus service only from Thakur complex and their admission results come around feb wherein all the schools are closed down with admissions, so in case if u r applying for childrens make sure u have a backup or have secured admission somewhere else, but if u get it there then it's the best school.
sri Sri ravishankar is decent school and they have a branch in Jayraj nagar where my friends daughter is going and he is happy.

vibgyor plz avoid as they ask for additional fees anytime during the year in case if ur ready to spend almost more than 1 lac per year and ready for 10 to 15 percent hike in fees then go for vibgyor.
i wanted my daughter to get admitted in vibgyor but heard some worst reviews as they charge additional fees during the year apart from the regular fees

rustomjee is a very gd option as it's a gd school only concern is they don't have their own playground but if u leave that which is not a big issue then it's a gd school as it is in par with childrens in terms of education

swami vivekanand school is a ok option to consider, can be a good backup option.

honestly take a day out and try to visit as many gd schools in the vicinity to have a better idea as might be your perception would be diff while selecting schools as compared to mine

also check out rustomjee website fast as I think the forms will be out

also we have gundecha in Thakur village but don't get admissions over there 

childrens and gundecha are the best schools but honestly very very difficult in getting admission there,try and find any other source to get admission there


Yogesh21 2015-09-09 14:49:23


Francis again a ok option also depending upon the location admissions will be preferred there 

shashk 2015-10-27 01:36:59


Any feedback/review about universal High School Dahisar

 Former member 2015-12-08 23:30:50


Hi, Can anybody give recent feedback for rustomjee Cambridge international school, dahisar west and dr. Pillai global academy, gorai. How is the teaching methodology, extra curricular activities. For secondary classes, Do they give a lot of homework and projects and require extra tuitions or is most of the learning taught in school itself. Fees for dr. Pillai are higher than it worth

Naughtybabu12 2015-12-08 23:58:57


Hi, Can anybody give recent feedback for rustomjee Cambridge international school, dahisar west and dr. Pillai global academy, gorai. How is the teaching methodology, extra curricular activities. For secondary school, Do they give a lot of homework and projects and require extra tuitions or is most of the learning taught in school itself. Fees for dr. Pillai are higher than it worth

Naughtybabu12 2016-02-06 08:51:07


Hi acenam, Which school did u choose for ur child's admission. How is it. Any current feedback on good schools in borivali. I have shortlisted rustomjee and dr. Pillai. Can u suggest.

Nikhil82c 2016-03-10 10:15:10


Hi, Can any one give detailed feedback for Mary immaculate and St Anne's Their curriculum, fees, school boards, school bus facility,nursery admissions,parents reviews. Are these schools govt aided. I have 2 year old daughter, want to get her admission. School with reasonable fees.


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