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RenuSagar 2013-12-06 13:14:26


Hello, we will move to Mumbai in February or March 2014. We need to get our daughter's admission done in Class 2. She is 3rd June, 2007 born and is currently 6.5 years old. We wish to live in Thane so are looking for schools with good teachers, focus on overall development and not a very strict or very academics focused only approach. We are currently in Gurgaon and she goes to a liberal, alternative education school. I have spoken to the Singhania, Hiranandani schools in Thane. They seemed very arrogant. Does Hiranandani take only flat owners' children? That's what they told me on phone.

How are Lodha World School, Billabong, Universal, New Horizon in Thane? Which is the best out of these or which are the other good options? We need good sports facilities and infrastructure too. We need to have options if we don't get through Hiranandani and Singhania. Look forward to hearing from you on this. Thanks. Renu

st24 2013-12-07 14:24:37


Hi renu...singhania is the most reputed icse school in thane...but admission after jr kg is very difficult. Hiranandani foundation gives admission only to flat owners unless u have some approach. Euro is one gud icse school where u can try for admission. Billabong is also a gud option. .it offers icse and ib both. lodha and universal both r icse but i think they r still in developing stage. New horizon is one gud school recently opened in thane..but it is cbse . All the best.

RenuSagar 2013-12-12 22:34:54


Thanks for your response st24.

RenuSagar 2013-12-12 22:36:33


Are there any good ICSE schools around Thane and not necessarily in Thane? We don't mind sending our daughter to a really good school if it is not in Thane but is still close by. Thanks


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