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tanujaa 2013-09-27 13:45:51


  have to begin by saying that playmate yashodham where my daughter was studying is one of the most disappointing schools i have evr seen in my whole life time.

Teachers are insensitive towards children they just do not know how to talk to children how to groom them how to make them like the school and the environment i feel extremely sad and angry that i choose playmate and cudnt read inbetween the lines .the study methods are so outdated they hav no inclination that they are severly lagging behind .my daughter frm a confident litlle girl became a scared litle individual in the school primarily due to the way teachers interacted and treated her PATHETIC is the word for the staff and the principal who has no clue on whats happening.the only benefit if one wants to seek is its a cheap economical school yes at the cost of your dear childs development .the school is not child centric forget abt being new age teachers r a bunch of locals absolutely untrained who themselves dont knw what r the new millenium kids abt they r no extra curricular activities at school like swimmin skatin sports kids r made to sit on the floor or chowki like small stools in nursery v unhygenic way of serving food jr kg teachers culdnt do any value addition like phonics or writing skills they r unnecessarily strict when they themselves dont have hgreat presentation skills teachers are ungroomed and untrained to handle small kids there is no transaparency wth parents we do not knw what is the syallabus its an absolutely old school of thought sort of school total waste in the name of education

NVK 2013-11-30 17:21:02


Hi Tanujaa,

i'm taken a back to see this message from you. I will be shifting to Goregaon East next month. I wanted a school near my house and so i took a mid-term admission in Playmate in Sr. KG. My son was in Pinnacle High in Malad West from Nursery till now. From next week he will go to Playmate. I was given to understand from a lot of my building people that Playmate is a good school. Your message makes me worry. Please could you elaborate about why are you so negative about the school. a detailed discussion will really help me.

Pinnacle, was like my son's second home. I would love going to school and the enviroment  was also very child friendly with a lot of extra curricular activities like swimming,  skating, singing, dancing, etc. I hope he cope' up with Playmate.

Best regards,


sgupta 2017-03-07 16:55:07


Hello...even i am taken aback by reading the above message as my son is also going to Playmate.
Tanuja can you tell me which school your child goes now?


Pleaseadvice1 2018-05-11 22:33:03



Could you please elaborate more as to we are also planning to move to goregaon mumbai. Has anyone else had the same experience with yashodham playmate? And how is yashodham school?
Kindly suggest

Ridd22 2018-06-23 16:34:10


I do agree with you Tanuja..
my 3 year old started school from this month ,from 7th of june and i can see fear in his eyes when i stop him doing any thing which i never saw before when he was at home.
also teacher is really pathetic..
she doenst know how to talk ..how to behave....
worst school ever...
now i am taking my child back...but before that thinking where should i take the admission...
any suggestion??
i resides at goregaon east mumbai

Ridd22 2018-06-23 16:34:35


yes same exp...


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