Admission in Jr. KG in Mulund and Thane

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neelesh 2009-03-04 14:07:16



I am looking for admission for my 3 and half year old daughter in Jr. KG. My plans to relocate out of mumbai got cancelled at the last moment and by that time admission procedures in many schools had already got over.

I stay in mulund but I am new to this place, so do not know much about the schools.

Can someone please guide me to good schools in mulund and thane, where if I apply now there are chances of getting admission?

Please help me with your views.



jitunutan 2009-03-11 16:16:20


i am not sure where u r from mulund or thane. as i know both areas very well. i will suggest u that if u r in thane, "Singhanea" is the best ICSE school, DAV is CPSE school.  for state board  Saraswati high school, naupada ,thane are the best school.  and in srinagar , thane  there is one new international school of Kangaroo kids.

st. merry, vaze-kelkar are the better schools in mulund. srinagar is the area between mulund and thane. hope this will help u.

best of luck. 



 Former member 2009-04-22 11:35:58


Billa Bong High in Thane is a good school I have heard





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