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tyrion1981 2019-11-16 23:12:42


Hello Rosh Mom,

Thank you for your efforts in answering people here individually. My email id is : neeravks_00@gmail.com and I have a few queries

a) I visited Victorious Kidss Educares in Pune and they told me that only if a school offers all 3 PYP, MYP AND DP is called a IB World School, but I dont think thats true from the documentation
b) What is the real difference between IB and IGCSE, I mean what kind of kids do well in IB vs IGCSE and vice versa. I currently think IB is a better curriculum but have no first hand experience. 
c) IGCSE has regular exams (so does IB?), is that more following the indian formats or follows different format.
d) Does a student doing IB has some advantage as compared to IGCSE. Here I speak about all 10 years not just the final exams of 10th and IBDP.
e) Lots of schools offer PYP, Then CAMBRIDGE6-8 and IGCSE 9-10 AND again IB-DP in 11,12. What is the reason for this? Is this route advantageous as compared to straight through IB from 1-12. I have heard that lately MYP has changed a bit to cater to this and has become better as a stepping stone to IB-DP.  


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