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gangavkar 2016-08-22 14:11:56


Hi Roshmom,
I am impressed and thank you for your vide knowledge and your support to us for IB and IGCSE Boards.
My question is for my daughter : She completed IGCSE with 8 Subject and passed with A+ as an home schooler. Now what options are open for her :  She is looking forward to join school again. We as parent are  confused if its better to continue in Cambridge board and do AS, A level or change to IB Board ?  We are from small town Valsad and no options are available to are planning to put  in boarding  school.
Please advise. 
Further sshe wants to study Maths and Physics.. Is there a possibility to pursue the same in both boards ? Can she also join classed for IIT ?
Thanks for your advice. 
You can send me infos on : gangavkar@hotmail.com


kishmish 2016-08-23 23:12:27


Please send me the details too on my email gunj80@gmail.com.


gangavkar 2016-08-25 15:21:55


Hello Roshmom,
Please send me your reply to my above query if possible..


RoshMom 2016-08-25 20:33:52


H Gangavkar, I have already sent the reply to your mail id a coupe of days ago.

vhchoksi 2016-09-01 12:38:29


hi.... need help in understanding concept of icse, ig and ib pattern. my kid is in jr k.g. and now looking for some good school in mumbai. it will be a great help if you can throw some light on it. 
my e mail id is varsha.sagar08@gmail.com and number is 9820240931 
thank you very much in advance 


ashitaarora 2016-09-11 17:18:13


Hi Roshmom,

I am doing my research for my 3 year old daughter. I have read this thread about IB vs IGCSE and found it very useful. Request if you can share the detailed information with me as well on following id:


Also incase you have some knowledge about MUMBAI schools that offer each of these curriculums pls do share. As far as I could understand no schools offer a fully IB curriculum.

i would also like to know your views on ICSE as compared to these new boards. The basic understanding is that ICSE is a bit more traditional and in a way rote learning compared to the new boards that have a more interactive/analytical approach to teaching. few concerns I have while considering the IB or Cambridge curriculum is - what happens to university education? Will my daughter ever be able to fit in to Indian university set up after these new boards. Secondly currently schools offering these curriculum attract a certain type of crowd because of the fee structure they follow - while I can afford it , I would like to give my child a more grounded upbringing . Shall wait to hear your views.


kunaladdvant 2016-09-13 13:55:59



I have read some of your feedback and suggestions in this thread; certainly very interesting. Could you share the details as mentioned with me on kunal.addvant@gmail.com

We are looking at admitting our child into an IB school in Delhi NCR. However, as some of the questions above, the school has a combination of IB PYP with CIE CS1 and IGCSE followed by IB DP. It would be good to understand the combination in detail. 

Many thanks for your help. 

SnehalMom 2016-10-16 18:21:16


Hi Rosh Mom - I am evaluating schools with full IB curriculum (pyp, MYP and IB diploma) vs mixed curriculum of IGCSC and IB diploma.  If you could send the details on rahulpatniey@gmail.com and jainsnehal@gmail.com.  While I have understood the technical differences between the two, I am also looking at some practical advise on which one works better in Indian scenario, if kid has to do higher study from India, level of capability form the child.

many thanks for your help.

best regards

Rahul and Snehal

pdipu 2016-10-18 13:56:08


Dear RoshMom,


I have the same question viz ib vs igcse. Could you please send me the same info. My email address is pragna812@yahoo.com



ganpaarun 2016-10-18 14:56:18


Dear RoshMom,

I too have the same question viz IB vs IGCSE. Could you please send me the same information you've ?

My email address is ganarunkumar@gmail.com




Jaliyati 2016-10-21 13:47:44


May I know the difference between Middle year program of IB and IGCSE ?

HemanKap 2016-11-04 00:18:08


Dear RoshMom, I am doing research for my 11 year old son who is currently studying in 6th standard ICSE in Mumbai. I have read this thread about alternative boards and found it useful. Request if you can share the detailed information with me on following id: hemanshu.kapadia@gmail.com We find the ICSE curriculum traditional and too much taxing on students compared to the new boards that have a more applied approach to learning. While considering the new curriculums would like to know- what happens after 10th or 12th. Can my son adjust into mainstream university education? Will he be able to fit in to Indian university after these new boards ?

nidsjain 2016-11-18 21:33:10


We are moving to Bangalore from US in the beginning of 2017, can you please send me that email?


steph3m 2016-11-21 00:12:30


Hi RoshMom, Hope u r doing well..! Can u pls help me understand the pros and cons of IG vs ICSE. Thanks steph3m@gmail.com

praj298 2016-12-28 13:40:31


RoshMom xan u put all those details here.. im sure many parents would like to knw Thanks

9suzi 2017-01-23 06:52:32


Hi I have in admission in oberio international school As well tridha. ... For nursery Tridha we are confused about Oberio is ib from the start need to know all challenges like other parents if we take a purely ib school Pls email me or reply here or on suzi.parwaney@gmail.com

Jaggs78 2017-01-24 20:34:53


I am also contemplating about the board i would like my child to go to. Can you also send me the details on IB & IGCSE boards which will help me make a more informed decision about my child. She want to bcm pilot & wanna TK admission for further training in abroad kindly suggest me which board is better for her You can drop a mail on jagdishrm78@gmail.com. Thanks

jainkrishna 2017-01-31 18:03:20


Hello RoshMom,
Please share the details reg. diff. between IGCSE and IB. Our son is currently studying in US and we are planning to relocate him to India for his schooling than later back to US for his higher education.
He is currently in 7th standard and we are wondering if IGCSE would be a better option or IB (MYP).
Thanks in advance. Krishna (email: jainkrishna@yahoo.com)


 Former member 2017-05-04 13:15:37


Dear RoshMom,

First of all, please accept my thank you on behalf of all the parents you have shared your knowledge with so far. Thank you!

We are Indians from Switzerland originally. My daughter is at Indus International School which starts the IB MYP programme in 2017. She is in something called Middle School Grade 7 right now which they will transition to MYP Year 3 next year. We will be in India for three more years before going back.

Is there any school in Bangalore that has been successfully implementing MYP? The problem is with Indus the administration makes unilateral decisions, too many experiments on children and teachers, burden the teachers with a lot of paperwork ultimately taxing our children who do not get the focused attention we parents are paying for. The fees are very high--and I have two children here--yet, the food, transport and extra-curricula activities are random and none of the coaches encourage girls into sports. They have random assessment framework and they also assess extra curricular like cookery club. The principal says she is IB trained but still wants everything to be done for marks. The children are forced to stay back for Orchestra practice and assessed on things like violin and cello that they are not learning in the school. We pay for these and robotics externally. 

I want my children to do IB in a good IB MYP school. I don't know if any Indian school is actually ready for IB-MYP? It seems in India there is lot of pressure to appear for 10th and 12th boards and so everybody prefers CBSE syllabus. Please suggest. Danke ma'am.


RoshMom 2017-05-06 11:44:04


You are right. There are not many schools in Bangalore (even in whole of India, only a handful of schools that offer IB MYP ), that offer IB MYP.  Even the schools that offer MYP are not matured enough to deliver the program as they are supposed to. Stonehill is the best in Bangalore for IB MYP. But it will be even more expensive than Indus. Oakridge offers MYP. but i have heard mixed feedback from parents.  It depends on individual teachers. Some are good and some arent. It's not like in other countries the teachers work in collaboration and all of them deliver with same quality. It's very difficult to change the mindset of the teachers to move away from rote learning or from focusing on marks. This is the common complaint that I hear from many parents whose kids attend IB schools in India. I can understand your frustration especially moving from a place where IB is very common and every school is aware of the methodology.  There are other schools such as trio which is candidate school for MYP.  Even Canadian Interational follows its own curriculum which is a mix of MYP and Cambridge secondary combined. It's not affiliated to offer MYP.  Most schools follow PYP followed by cambridge secondary and the IB DP.  Since all Indian university entrance exams need marksheets of grade 10, the schools were following Cambridge curriculum. Only after IB started it's MYP e-assessment from 2016, schools are gradually moving to MYP.  

SKSaha 2017-05-06 12:12:49


Hi, can anyone tell me the name of good IB school in Navi Mumbai(near Airoli).
My son has ADHD problem and I want to out him in an inclusive school that has special educators and counselors. Please suggest the name of good schools having these facilities in Navi Mumbai (near Airoli). 
I came across the following schools
1. Vibgyor
2. Euro
3, Reliance foundation school - no seats available for Std 1 for 2017-18
4. D Y Patil International School - no seats available for Std 1 for 2017-18
5. DAV


 Former member 2017-05-10 11:19:26


@RoshMom, thank you again. Looks like my children will have to be part of the MYP experiment at Indus. School has stopped communicating to parents too and directly emailing children on how teaching is changing in school. My main issue is nothing is consistent in the school and complete chaos. 

How to correct the impacted child psyche from a culture shift--PYP to hybrid-makeshift teaching and assessment practices and then MYP again three years later when we move back to Switzerland? I feel bad for not having my children continue with IB that we started strongly with since elementary.

1. I heard Niev School which was Montessori leader here in India is now starting MYP same time as Indus. Have you any feedback? What about Valley School on Kancapura Road?
2. Any IB-MYP school outside Bangalore that is good?
3. Your IB vis-a-vis IGCSE vis-a-vis CBSE document please?

My email is seekercomm@gmail.com. Sorry for the late reply.

Danke ma'am.


RoshMom 2017-05-11 08:17:04


Hi SeekerComm, Indus is the only school that offers IB educators training in Bangalore. So I was under the impression that the school must be doing really good. Very surprised to know about the inconsistency.. I have heard from people that NeeV is really good. But they haven't gone into the details as to what aspect or why the school is good. So I can't give any feedback on the school. The valley School's approach is child centered and it's like an alternate school but follows ICSE. The school chooses the families rather than we choosing them. Through family interview, they get to understand what education means to us and only if it matches with their pedagogy, they give admission. But the number of seats are also very low. So it's hard to get admission. But no harm in trying. As I don't live India, I have no idea about schools outside Bangalore. I generally keep track of schools in Bangalore. So I will get back on details Mumbai schools after talking to one of my friends who has already done her research on inclusive IB schools in Mumbai. I will send the details on the differences.

NeerajSangani 2017-06-11 13:33:30


Hello RoshMom,

Can you please provide detailed insights between CBSE and CIE board? My email address is neeraj.sangani@gmail.com. My daughter is Sr. Kg and we soon need to make a decision between CBSE and CIE board.



17032016 2017-06-12 10:09:46


Hi Roshmom,

I have same question as others have posted here about IB vs IGCSE

I live in Mumbai and mother of 15 months old baby, please send me the details related to IB vs IGCSE (technical and practical) at this email id: kast17kast@gmail.com



84shwe 2017-06-21 12:20:18


Dear Roshmom, I reside in Bangalore. Am confused regarding my daughter schooling...Can you put some light on CIE education ( Cambridge) from 4 years i e LKG ... Kindly send me mail on difference between CBSE, IGCSE, CIE n IB curriculum My mail I d shwetakrishnamurthy@gmail.com TIA

aachath 2017-06-24 22:55:15


Hi Rosh Mom,

I have a boy who is in 6th std in a cbse school in Mumbai. He is academically very good, but we are not very happy with the overall development and opportunity of learning in the current school. Based on some research done, we were looking at shifting him to  a good residential school in Kodai from next year onwards which is a IB board school. Based on your experience request you to critically evaluate this and guide us.

My email id is aachath77@gmail.com.


Sekhar Aachath

nammom 2017-06-25 12:41:42


Hi Roshmom

Many Thanks for sharing your knowledge here in this forum which has been enlightening. My daughter is studying in class 6 in ICSE and I was reading the forum for understanding the difference between different boards and what sort of benefits can emerge by switching to a different board. It will be kind of you if you can mail me the information of various boards at ana001in@gmail.com.



r20001 2017-07-12 12:17:38


Hello Roshmom

I have a child in class 7 studying in ICSE in a reputed school. We are thinking of moving her to IGCSE /IB school as my husband is keen on sending her abroad mainly UK (oxford or cambridge). I would like a few details on the following:
1. Which school in mumbai other than DAIS (very difficult to get in) is good which will help the child prepare for OXbridge? I dont mind if its ICSE as well if its recognised by UK universities
2. What if after 10th/12th  she decides she doesnt want to go abroad, What are the choices here? Will it be possible to revert to Indian education system?
3. Is it neccessary to put the child in international school , right away in 8th or can I decide after class 10th.? Will it be leaving it a little too late?
4. Is there any form of psycometric test or something that can assess the child to see if he/she is cut out for IB/IGCse pattern of education? 
5. What are the pros and sending the child abroad by graduation studies?

Please mail me the details on radha_r03@yahoo.co.in


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