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anuvensam 2015-04-06 14:05:48


Hi Roshmom 
My daughter studies in 5th std in a recently  affiliated school  to IGCSE curriculum. They follow checkpoint books for science ,Eng and maths from class 6 but some cbse books for social ..They say for cambridge syllabus ,there is no checkpoint exam for testing social studies at the completion of 8th std..Is it true? Also the school adds a grade /class every year..So according to the school management ,class 9th will be upgraded next year..But the infrastructure of the school is not very sophisticated  eg,no playground,no labs.So I am not sure whether any such criteria are there for the school to get certification to add classes till 12th in IGCSE.SO my worry is if suppose the school is unable to add upto class 12th and stop with class 10th,
1.what would be best for my child.... To continue with the same curriculum in some other school or will it be difficult for her to shift to indian boards like CBSE?
2. Also if She wants to do a professional course after 12th ,will she be able to compete only in NRI quota because she studied the IGCSE board even though in an Indian school..?
3.will there be any problems because of the difference in the exam schedules between indian and igcse boards?
4.What subjects will be offered and how will a igcse board test my daughters 'Tamil(2nd lang) skills?they say there are a lot of subjects to choose but which subjects to choose for a professional course?In indian 11 and 12 th we have the set of subjects for each stream but what about in IGCSE ?
5.Also can you please show a comparitive study of classes if possible in a tabular column showing clearly the grades of classes in indian system and igcse adding the exams after the grades they face...like cbse they have 10th and 12th board exams ..but igcse after 10th checkpoint but what after 11th and 12th..i am still confused with the grades of classes...they say some A level ,o level,
please help...My email id venkat164@yahoo.com...
I would greatly appreciate if you could advise me on the above questions...Thanks a lot for your valuable advice and time...

with regards


Aboghani 2015-05-10 12:10:06


Dear Roshmam, Am having similar doubts about difference in IB vs IGCSE, whether 1) A child educated through these boards can crack the Indian competitive exams for medical or other fields post 12th or they have to pack their bags for foreign universities, 2) Does it make sense to do pursue IB or IGCSE uptill PYP or MYP level and then shift to Indian boards vz ICSE or CBSE? My daugter is appearing in Grade I and due to transfer to Mumbai have to seek admission. She followed IB method till Sr KG and here there are schools following Cambridge methodology. So am very confused. Please guide. My email is is aboghani08@gmail.com.

simplemom 2015-05-29 15:37:41


Dear Rosh mom.... I just moved to India and also super confused regarding the IGCSE and IB. I wanted to decide between Podar IB and Podar IGCSE. it would be great if you could email me the details. And any helpful suggestions are most welcome. my emails id is nehasc1@yahoo.com  

Please do email me. Thanks a lot in advance


Atreyie 2015-06-10 11:13:00


Dear RoshMom 
Please can you email me the same information for better understanding  -- ib vs igcse at atreyie.chatterjee@gmail.com
Appreciate your help!!

Atreyie 2015-06-10 11:14:57


Dear Tanaisha,
If you can kindly forward me the email from Roshmom regarding the ib vs igcse information, it will be great.
Please help.

idorn 2015-07-01 12:42:39


Hi Roshmom, Your information on the above seems to be very useful. My daughter is currently studying in 7th grade is CBSE in India. She will be moving now to UAE. In 2 years time we also plan to move to Germany. Now there are 2 school options that we have here: One is fully IB and one is CIE (year 6-8) + IGCSE(Year 9-10) + IB(year11-12). I am confused which will be a better option to go for a fully IB option or to go for a combination. In Germany there a variety of schools which offer a combination of German curriculum+IB, IGCSE+IB and a few schools offering fully IB options. I have not completely understood the difference between a combination and a fully IB option. I would if you or anyone from this forum can shed any light on this. Also if you can email me the information document mention in your posts on this thread. My email is pritipriti@me.com. Many thanks in advance. Priti

pk27 2015-07-06 15:20:10


so whats the verdict --ICSE / IGCSE or IB? or CBSE :( so confused

RoshMom 2015-07-07 06:15:23


PK27, It's not about one being the best and others aren't. All boards have both pros and cons. you have to choose the board based on your expectation from education system and your future plans. the decision varies from person to person.

parentofchild 2015-07-20 20:00:15


Dear Roshmom, We saw your comments and we're impressed by the same. We have to shift to Mumbai and our child is in 8th standard and currently in CBSE. He is a bright student and we intend to send him abroad for studies. Can you suggest good IGCSE schools in Mumbai? We have been given appointment by Billabong International School in Thane. We are searching for other schools which can take him in VIII standard. Please could you reply on this post or email us your kind suggestions at childseducation@gmail. com. Many Thanks in advance. Best regards

RoshMom 2015-07-21 14:01:17


Hi ParentOfChild,
I don't know about schools in Mumbai. Please post your query under Mumbai in this website. People from mumbai will be able to help you. 


snowbird 2015-08-06 21:31:08


Dear Roshmom
Our daughter who is currently in India in IGCSE year 8 will be moving to Dubai in next 3 months. She has been offered a place in year 9 in IB school.If we deicde to go for it, She will be joining this school mid term in year 9.
Our worry is whether she will cope with this transition in the middle of the year, and if it is wise to move into IB from IGCSE in year 8.
Also, i am very confused as to the advantage of IB over IGCSE for getting into good universities in the future. Is IB really better in this regard, as suggested by various websites? 
I am anxious about pushing my daughter into IB as it entails more hard work than IGCSE, and only want to do it if it has distinct advantage over IGCSE.
So if you can enlighten me about the difference in future prospects of a IGCSE vs IB student, I will be really grateful.
Many thanks in advance.... 
Kindly reply me on following email: childneuro@yahoo.com


snowbird 2015-08-07 10:49:50


Dear roshmom
many thanks for your quick reply and a detailed response to my queries.
my daughter is currently in year 8 in IGCSE and has been offered year 9 placement in IB which I understand is correct from your email.
my concern was regarding change over in the middle of the school year, since she will be joining in the second term in Jan 2016 . Do you feel it will be ok, or should I wait till September 2016 to begin in the new academic year?
also, you mentioned IB has a slight edge over IGCSE in US and Europe. Can you please elaborate on it? And I presume Europe excludes UK since IGCSE wil be more acceptable in UK.
THANK YOU once again


snowbird 2015-08-10 15:17:43


Hi Roshmom
thank you once again for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it!
kind regards 

 Former member 2015-08-30 22:54:47


Hi Roshmom,
Could you please send me the email regarding IGCSE and IB? It would help me make a choice. 
My child (3 yrs old) is currently in a reputed ICSE school in Bangalore, but we are moving to Pune. Most of our peers have children studying in the IB board, and my husband is keen that our child attends an IB school. I am not convinced yet. 
Requesting you to mail me the details if possible. email id : raindropsontulips@gmail.com


 Former member 2015-08-31 16:18:24


Could somebody please send across the document  created by Roshmom to my email id : raindropsontulips@gmail.com. 


rachelmom 2015-09-23 13:10:36


Hi... I am a mother of 3 year old and i am pretty confused as to which board to choose for my princes... it would be great if you could help me out by providing details on CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE and IB boards.
thanking you in anticipation

rachelmom 2015-09-23 13:11:04


my mail id is mvjoy48@gmail.com
looking forward for the details....

jill1109 2015-09-28 13:47:07


Hi RoshMom\Anitha\RajatDad
I have to get my daughter admitted to class 1 in the next academic year. And like all parents, I am also confused between IB and IGCSE. Could you please enlighten or send me the info at kriti.sweta@gmail.com.

Papa2pareshaan 2015-10-04 09:18:26


Frankly I am unable to understand why there is secrecy or if any inntelectual Property for shqring difference between IB & IGCSE in this forum which is meant for sharing same. With due respect request the experts / knowledgables to share same in this forum for benefit of public in general. Appreciate if there is no need for sharing mail ID on public forum , as these can be used for cyber crimes. There's no intention to challenge or hurt someone , but unable to understand what stops sharing it.

RoshMom 2015-10-04 14:01:53


Papa2pareshaan, there is no secrecy. The reason why i havent posted here is that every person has a different set of questions based on their requirement and i answer them personally. I cant post the whole thing as it's a huge document which i prepared by researching from different  aspect. I have already mentioned to everyone not to share their mail id in the public forum but send me a PM. So I cant help it if they still want to.  Moreover it's my work and effort and I have every right to decide who to share or not to share it with and I don't like anyone questioning me either. You dont intend to hurt anyone? you just did...  Because i was only trying to help here. 

Arunim 2015-10-04 20:15:05


Finally which school/ board did you decide? I'm looking at both options and shortlisted schools but unable to decide as my DS is in nursery in a play school. 

Roshmom if you could please share the details with me. Have send a request. Will inbox my mail id.



DivyaMir 2015-10-16 23:15:09


Dear dipika ... Refering to your year old query ...just wanted to know the kind of problem you faced at Universal High bcoz you decided to change school ... ? I am also confused about Ig and IB board ... ? Will appreciate your prompt feedback ...thanks

DivyaMir 2015-10-16 23:22:38


Dear Roshmom... Hats off to you...the kind of knowledge you have and the amount of concern and patience to answer worried moms and dads .... incredible. ... why don't you just start your own blog ... ??? I have the same query ...not able to decide whether to go for IGCSE ... MY son is in ICSE currently ... can you please post me the details on Ig CURRICULUM My email id is savitap_2000@yahoo.com Thanks a lot ...

TanishaS 2015-10-18 08:25:07


Hello RoshMom, Where do I PM to seek the detailed report. I am seeking admissions in schools this year for my 4 ur old child and your detailed report will be very helpful. My email I'd is tanishag@gmail.com Like you have helped many parents, do help me as well.

VinayC 2015-10-31 14:51:41


Hi Roshmom 

Can you please forward me the document to vchousalkar attherate gmail dot com?

Thanks much for your help.


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