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gauri_n 2009-02-20 16:34:34



My daughter will be of 3 yrs in May'09. She goes to a nursery cum daycare nearby. I am quite happy the way they are teaching her. But i see a treand around that people prefer sending kid to regular schools which has nursery. I am planning to continue with the same nursery this year and next yr, I will put her to actual school in Jr KG or LKG. By the time she goes to LKG next year, she will be of 4 yrs.

4 yrs - Is this the right age for her LKG or I should try to admit her this year?





arunidhi 2009-04-20 21:28:49



I do not have an answer - but actually the same questions as you!! Hope someone out there will answer.

I actually also wanted to know which would be the good playschools in South Mumbai to admit my child?


 Former member 2009-05-20 17:40:55


hi gauri:

my little one also goes to a playgroup school chain which has LKG, UKG as well., and I dont see any harm in her continuing there as it is absolutely stressfree.. I think we as parents get pressurised into checking which school the ward needs to go to satisfy / meet our 'social' committments and therefore trick ourselves to comparing with other kids going to the 'proper' school..

as long as the kids are enjoying themselves, learning the basics of thank you, sorry, team play, sharing, we should avoid stressing them and stretching out too far to worry !! :)





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