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Tiena 2012-12-14 18:22:11


  Having failed to find good and relevant information on schools (CBSE/ICSE) for kids in Ghatkopar west, decided to share with concerned parents some information that I have been able to gather till date.

This may not be relevant for people considering State board schools since I have done no research on them.

Disclaimer: I do not represent any school. This is purely based on facts and inferences drawn out of these are your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is definitely a dearth of schools for ICSE/CBSE board, hence creating immense competition for getting into the ones which qualify.

There being no cbse/icse school in ghatkopar west, a student definitely needs to look out for options in the neighbourhood areas like Powai, Ghatkopar East, Vikhroli, Chandivali etc. The listing below is in the order of distance.

1. Garodia (ICSE and IB/IGCSE) is located in Ghatkopar east. Tution fees is in the tune of 94 k per year starting nursery. Now a preference for a diverse cultural background of the children.  Though the school is big and has playground, the infra is slightly cramped and old. Everybody who has applied is called for an interaction and selection criteria is not known,

2. Hiranandani Foundation school (ICSE) offers admission to wards of those owning flats in the hiranandani powai. Tution fees is about 60 - 65 k per year. It is difficult to get admission here for the rest of the people. The quality of education is of the same level as others.

3. The Somaiya school (proposed to be CBSE) is the only CBSE school in the area barring the Kendriya Vidyalaya in IIT-Powai. It is a 4 month old start-up and shall take about 2 years for affiliation. the 2013-14 year shall see the classes upto 4th. The school is located within the Somaiya campus in Ghatkopar East.The infrastructure for Preschool is ready and quite spacious. The building for primary is under construction. Tution fees about 90 k

4. Pawar Public school-Chandivali (ICSE) a 1-2 yr old school, is located in Sangharsh Nagar in Chandivali. The quality of education is good but the approach (road) and location should be checked. Admission on lottery basis. Certain seats reserved people under RTE category

5. Bombay Scottish - Chandivali (ICSE) is located in Raheja Vihar in Chandivali. The admission begins only from Junior KG. The admission here is perceived to be tough.

6. Pawar Public school- Bhandup (ICSE) - Quality of education is good, infrastructure is a plus point. However, strictly issues forms only to people living in Bhandup. Admission on lottery basis. Certain seats reserved people under RTE category

7. RBK international - (IB) - An IB Board school, with good infrastructure, located on the Ghatkopar- Mankhurd link road. Fees about 1.6 lacs. Admission is on first come first serve basis.

8. St. Gregorios (ICSE) is located in Chembur and is quite far. Admission criteria is not known. Fees to the tune of 55 k. Primary is shifted to the new infrastructure, which is quite good. Only the distance can be an issue. Bus facility to Ghatkopar west has to be checked.

As mentioned, admission to most of these are on lottery or adhoc basis and so parents are not left with options to select from. All of the schools above are good and bag positive review from parents. You will rarely find a parent criticising the school in which his/her child is. 

A prequisite before enquiring on schools will be some homework on the Boards i.e CBSE/ ICSE/ IGCSE/ IB and State Board. And decide on the one which would best suit you.

A pinch of advice to parents  do not make school a status/ prestige issue. If we look back in history, the most intelligent brains and the successful people in our country have been from mediocre schools!!!!

jayavk1979 2013-01-15 20:58:52


 Hi Tiena,

Thanx for all the above info. I totally agree to your advice of parents not making school a status issue. In today's world where everything is commercial please spare education.

Teacher please let teaching be done by choice and not chance. I am looking for a good school in and around Dahisar, but still cant shortlist any.

Kindly help.


anujap 2014-02-24 11:10:45


hi tiena
thanx for d information about schools . I want to know more about somaiya school..can anyone help

mld 2014-02-24 12:05:06


Hi Tiena,

Thanks for the information. I am looking at Universal School Ghatkopar as an option for my daughter to start with Nursery. Your opinion will really help me to decide. 

All friends in this Link please share your views on Universal school Ghatkopar...

priyalily 2015-06-07 06:34:55


My kid is in pyramid ghatkopar . I found that school good. Some points are here and there .but no one is perfect. In my child i have seen positive changes . Abt gregorious there fee is not 55 k . There fees are more than lakh


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