Review about St.John Universal school as well as good playschool in Malad/Goregaon

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MaryGeo 2009-12-11 10:09:41


Hi All ,

  This is the first mail to this group . Happy to see so many view getting shared . I was looking out for reviews of ST.John universal school. My baby is 19 months old now . I am planning to put in play school once she is 2.5 years and so the above mentioned school has nursery also in that case it will be easy to get all what is required at one place.

  I also would like to know about any good playgroup in Malad / Goregaon area . There are lot of schools and playshool in and around Malad and Georegaon but brand name or high fees alone is not sufficient to term it as good school .

 Request your opnion in some good school and playschool in and around malad and georegaon


Thanks and Regards




ninachati 2010-01-16 02:53:56


Hi !

My son goes to Treehouse in Nursery in Sunder Nagar (Malad West ) and I should say that am really very happy with it. I was a bit skeptical abt putting him there cuz it just started in June '09 but the staff & the teachers are very goof. My son infect loooks fwd to going everyday to school. Their curriculum has a perfect blend of learning & play, am very happy with the Sunder Nagar branch thou cannot comment the same abt other centers.




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