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Mausam 2009-12-02 18:38:14



Am planning to get my daughter admitted in a school (Jr KG) in this area. Was trying to evaluate some of the options available and check the respective schools feedback. Am giving my view - others may share their view and experience


1. Hiranandani

2. SM Shetty

3. Gopal Sharma

4. Powai English School

5. Bombay Scottish

6. Kendriya Vidhyalaya

7. Udyanchal

Pls share your views and opinion


Mausam 2009-12-02 18:44:40


My views on some of the schools

1. Hiranandani is a good school but has very strict policies on admission and does not give admission to non-hiranandani residents. Anyone lucky and having very strong connections can get admission otherwise. I tried for my daughter last time and they never clearly said no but kept on giving us different dates and later on said that seats are full. Any other views are good

2. Udyanchal - A very good school but has SSC board and also being in Vikhroli East - traveling is a little difficult for someone staying on other side. Also this school takes admission only in Nursery and does not entertain requests for other classes. Also it runs its admission process well in advance and so for nursery admission you should enquiring for the forms in septeember / october itself

3. Powai english - do not have very high opinion of the school

4. Kendriya Vidhyalaya - admission to gove employees generally and havent heard much about the school. This school is within the IIT premises

I do not have too much of opinion on other schools like SM Shetty, Bombay Scottish and Gopal Sharma.




Mausam 2009-12-02 21:08:13


Talked to someone today and got to know that in SM shetty  the kids are more conversant in hindi and marathi and generally the kids do not have good english communication. Would need some more opinion on this as I was considering SM Shetty as one of the possible schools but this may put me off



Mausam 2009-12-02 21:09:06


Does anyone know when is Gopal Sharma forms being issued?


sophie 2009-12-10 17:00:23



Gopal Sharma’s forms were issued last Month. The submission process of forms are over and the interview’s are s scheduled for January. If you are keeping GS as an option, would suggest you to personally approach the school. Regarding your opinion on SM Shetty, to a certain I would agree with you. But I believe, this could be due to the maximum nos of kids opting for SSC board. However, the school seems to be working to change the system by adopting the new era studying methods for the Junior level. For the new session, they would be using the EDU COM technique of teaching methods, which I personally believe would add value to the children. Also, the School has an option for opting the IGSC ( Cambridge University )from Class 1 onwards, which definitely was impressive  ( met and spoke to some children studying ) . Definitely, the overall perception is the very next door local school but nevertheless the school seems to be really putting their efforts..


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