brushing 20mths

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ML2009 2009-12-01 15:58:14


my son is 20 months .how shud i inculcuate brushing habit...he doesnt allow me to brush his teeth and just wants to chew the bristles of the tooth brush when he sees the toothbrush.n cries if taken away from him.

ur suggestions rrequired.

muskaan 2009-12-04 10:47:05


chewing bristles is very common,same was with my son so initially i started by cleaning his gums with giycerine, it is very soothing,  try to do it thrice a day.

would like to suggest u to use ur own fingers for cleaning, brushes r not safe for 20 month old kid, their r variety of teeth soothers available,after say 4 months u can also opt for finger brush available with mothercare, they work well.



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