Podar Jumbo vs Treehouse

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GirlDad 2012-06-21 09:33:55


Not read any reviews of Treehouse in Mumbai area, only I heard more about Jumbo Podar. Can anyone please tell me which of these 2 is a better option for my Nursery going kid?

Unfortunately, I could not identify any other schools in the Malad W area where I could admit my kid of Nursery. HEnce am dependant on these 2 names only,

Are these good schools for sending kids for nursery class?

Which is better in terms of

a. teacher student ratio

b. teaching methodology

c. teaching the basics to kids along with good behavior

d. teachers trained from a child psychology perspective to understand the kids from a behavioral point of view

And also, since my kid if 2y9m, if I want the kid to be sent to nursery from 3yrs of age, will these schools take admission accordingly?

Any quick response are needed and will be very appreciated



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