How is Prime Academy school, I am planning to take admission for my 7 yr old boy, feedback appreciated.

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Sachi1979 2012-06-11 20:48:26


Hi All,

I am worried mom, we have recently moved to Mumbai. I am trying for admission in this school any inputs would be appreciated.

nkhosla 2012-06-18 10:05:36


Please mention the area you stay, then probably you will get many inputs.


Sachi1979 2012-06-18 14:05:26


We are put up in Chandivali, it is close to this school. Inputs appreciated.


Aloka 2012-07-05 11:34:57


One of my friends daughter goes there. They are pretty fine with the school. Also you can try for Bombay Scottish, SM Shetty, Gopal Sharma, HIranandani 


MsMaker 2012-10-23 19:02:09


Prime academy was a fairly good school till 2-3 yrs back, but unfortunately their standards are rapidly falling. Every 2yrs the school sees a mass exodus of teachers and the management is forced to fill in the vacancies with who-so-ever is willing to work for a fairly low salary (heresay some ex-teachers). You can well imagine the quality in such a case.

The school claims that they dont take donations..that is true, they do not take 'donation', but they charge a lot of money under transport, catering, activities, tution which is a recurring cost and ends up being far more expensive over the years.

In terms of extracurricular activities/sports, the school promises a lot, charges a bomb, tries hard to deliver and manage only for namesake. But even over years there hardly an improvement. I think they are getting comfortable with low achievement of goals!

Transport department is having 'teething troubles' even after being operational for over 6 years. I wonder when they are actually going to 'teeth' and be a painfree service. For the distance travelled, their rates are again very steep. But the contractor has unstinted support from the management and hence you will be pretty helpless in that department.

Catering was pretty good till last year. This year they have changed the contractor and the kids are complaining that the food portions are insufficient, till July various kids complained of not being served either breakfast/lunch. Since meals in school are compulsary, kids do not take food from home. School timings are 8am-3pm and kids leave home between 7.15-7.40 and get back home between 3.30-4pm. Under this situation, not providing sufficient food borders on cruelty.

Quality of teachers are hinted earlier is not great, certain special subjects need teachers who are well qualified. Eg Marathi teachers cannot pronounce Marathi properly. Some teachers are extremely helpful and take your feedback openly, discuss with the management and get back to you on your problems. Others just throw it on your face and make excuses for every lapse...this was not the case few years ago. Even if you leave your opinions aside for a moment, quality of teaching is still below expectations.

All in all, an expensive school but do not expect too much. From what I have seen for myself and heard from other parents whose kids are in higher classes, quality of teachers is still good in pre-primary, average in primary and deteriorates in secondary.



Mitsu1 2012-12-04 12:08:37


Completely agree with you Ms maker, am facing some issues since last two years.

Prime Academy has got some good features but the deteriorating quality since last two years matters a lot. Teachers are the role model of the child and if the teachers themselves do not give proper response the child definitely gets upset. After joinig Prime Academy i have seen a great change in my child but from last 2 years we are not getting a good class teacher, which is really upsetting me. My child is so happy to go to school always ready to go as he says he enjoys the most in school and also enjoys studies there. But sometimes also complains on the food portions given. Our children spend days maximum time in the school and also the major food supplement required for child's growth is supplied throgh Lunch and breakfast which happens in the school. So it should be taken care of in terms of quality and quantity asked by the child (of course considering the amount of wastage).

I would like to know the review of secondary section from the rest parents.



ConcrndParent 2013-04-21 14:05:21


Hi All,

I too have a son studying in Prime though he is in the pre-primary. And as mentioned the pre-primary standards are pretty good....though he has just finished only a year. But seeing your problems, please note that there is a PTA committe which is fairly active and is willing to pull up the management for any kind of deterioration of quality. Would suggest you get in touch with the respective PTA representatives of your wards classes. They have a group on facebook too and it would help to name the teachers who do not take feedback constructively (in the case of MsMaker).

Request you to not to keep quite about this since it is your child's future at stake.


Sumeet80 2016-09-20 20:17:15


Hi all, Im looking for a school for my daughter , 5th standard around Marol, Can you please suggest me some good schools


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