Feedback about RIMS, Juhu, Mumbai

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nits73 2012-06-04 15:48:19


Hi, we are just back from abroad and were exploring admissions to RIMS, class 9 and class 10th. Any views about the school. please share...

Rdave 2012-06-11 23:20:11


You can take your own call. But be a little careful. I have not been hearing too many flattering things about this school. Quality of teachers is quite poor and focus on education is very low priority. Also most students come from filmy backgrounds which makes the school a den of vices... Anyway visit the school and take your call..


takeheed 2012-06-19 10:53:26


Rdave's review is spot on. Infact my kids used to study in this school and I have only worse things to say through experience.Stay far away from RIMS...plenty of other schools to choose from! Teachers are missing half the time. Their presence does not make much difference as they are not qualified to teach the IGCSE curriculum. Their knowledge of the syllabus is really poor. The school spends more time and collects more money for all the 'soft skill' excercises. There is no transparency on where the money collected in the name of donations goes. Should I go on? I could add about another 100 negatives about the school!



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