Playschools - Important? Any good ones in Borivali I C Colony?

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harshikaa 2012-05-07 15:59:24


Hi fellow moms n dads!

My son is 18 months old and it occured to me only recently that we should enroll him into a playschool. Well, he was just our little tiny boy till yesterday! Anyway, we are still weighing the pros n cons of doing this and would really like some advice from all of you. Have you sent or decided to send your kiddos to a playschool?

Also, does anyone out there know of some good ones in Borivali west, I C colony or thereabouts? We have heard of Toddlers and Treehouse, anyone got any experience with either? Would appreciate related info :)

Thanks in advance!


travellerMUM 2012-05-07 18:22:15


 hi harshikaa

i hv enrolled my second one at twenty one mnths june onwrds he wud be in a playschool the idea at this stage is socialisation amng the same age grp we wer v concious wth our first one n gt her enrolled pretty late at two yrs two mnths as she ws the only child i cud devote n teach her a lot of things gt her socialised thru playdatesbt all this takes extra effort n time n u shud hav the opportunity of having similiar age grp kids i guess i hd prefur more structured way of learning wth an additional dose of wotevr i cn do take yr call



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