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Manzie 2009-11-24 22:27:03



We are shifting to Powai and I would like to know a good school for my 3 yr old son. Since we are not moving to Hiranandani property, we are told that the chances of getting in Hiranandani foundation school is less. Please suggest CBSC/ ICSE/ IB schools in and around Powai and your experience/ feedbacks are most welcome.




keeku 2010-03-11 12:49:16


Hi Manzie,

Please try Bombay Scotish School(ICSE). Its one of the good schools in the area located in Raheja Vihar a locality around Hiranandani Gardens. Amongst other schools are Gopal Sharma and SM Shetty School(has an IB program). Do apply everywhere. Its not so difficult to get in. All the best!



neelakshi 2010-07-12 21:44:05



just about to move to mumbai mst prob hiranandani gardens.did u by any chance try bombay scottish 4r admissions.can u tell me about the mid term admissions.




Correa 2011-02-10 02:14:45




Understand Bombay Scottish does not have a school ground.  What is your opinion on sports activities for this school.





Zia 2011-02-16 17:24:23




First of all there are few options for powai area.

Hiranandani School gives preference to ppl residing der so its almost ruled out if u dont stay der.

Bombay Scottish is on top among others but getting admission is on luck. Yes they dont have a proper playground so less outdoor activities.

Gopal sharma is good, Admission is also not tht difficult to get.

SM Shetty personally i feel has gone down standardwise wht it was earlier. The staff der communicates in marathi & the school kids too talks in regional languages.Some say tht their ICSE is good.

What i suggest is try in all coz its really difficult to get thru....Guess u can opt for ICSE as i found that to be compatible even if u want to switch later to somethg else.


Hope it helps.






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