Vibgyor High Mumbai . Pls suggest schools

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Deep95 2012-04-13 11:44:36


Please suggest good alternative schools in Mumbai Suburbs. This will be a big help.

Vibgyor High, Mumbai has been steadily increasing school fees from the last few years in the range of 15000+., while
1. there is no change in the teaching standards – only deteriorating.
In fact many Teachers change every few months & there is no stability. There could weeks or months when there are no teachers or there are incapable & ill trained substitute teachers taking the classes.

2. The centralized AC which the school boasts of only works intermittently.

Parents can confirm that in the year 2011 -12. It stopped working sometime in Oct & continued so till the Academic year end. Only in Feb was the AC on occasionally.

3. The school is a vertical high rise. with narrow staircase & lifts which are inadequate for such a large number ofg students.

There is no space for even a decent cricket pitch or basketball court.
The school has been increasing post school activities at additional cost over & above the fees.
The inbuilt school extracurricular activities are badly managed- injuries are common & so is it common to see children whiling their time during this period

4. The cafeteria serves samosas , vada pavs & the likes and the lunch is spicy with no diet / nutritional balance factored in.
Again the costs are at least 20- 25% higher than similar facilities in other schools.
5. The school uniforms ( right sizes difficult to get most of the time) are at least 25 – 30 % more expensive than other schools. The shoes are justified as it is a sports shoes from a well known brand.
The Uniform is an additional & expensive cost.
6. Similarly the additional cost of the Bus facility is far more expensive than other schools esp io the shorter routes.
7. The school no doubts provides stationery such as Copies, pencils & oil crayons (inbuilt into the school fees cost) but I am certain parents can procure the same at a far lesser cost & the fees can be brought down.

8. The parent website is best not discussed . Speak with a Vibgyor parent & you will discover a pandora's box of woes.

When there is no betterment or increase in facilities why is the fees increasing so radically every year??

  • Even if we peg the fees at an average of INR 1 lakh & the students numbers at 2500, it sums to INR 250000000 just in fees. ( Fees is in the range of 80000 – 1 lakh+)
  • If you take an average of 100 teachers at an average salary of 25000 , this sums to 2500000. (Salary ranges from 10000 to 40000)
  • Build in 30% atn an average in terms of Infrastructure cost & the total expenses equals to 77500000.
  • On this last amount if you still want to factor in 30% for miscellaneous expenses ( or include in this average cost of living @ 10% or whatever) of 51750000 , the school still profits 120750000 pa.

We have not factored in the earnings the school gets from Cafeteria, The bus that it runs as a third party business & the same stands for Uniform. Also not taken into account are the high fees of the IGCSE & IB boards. Please rember the above infracture & facilities are shared by these students, hence not an additional cost, & the fees only adds to the profits..

All this when the standards & facilities in school have remained constant or only decreased.

The parents are helpless as they sign a form right at the onset that they will not protest against schools dictates. Adhishree was a shining example of how far the Govt, can help. In 10th class the Govt reinstituted her in school only in the December of that academic year which was too late. She was thrown out from the school just a day before the school reopened as her parents decided to protest against the fee hikes.

What do parents of children in Mumbai suburbs do.?? We are stuck between two extreme ends both with high negatives with our children bearing the brunt of our decisions.

Most schools here are experimental (new schools keep sprouting every other year), teachers in most schools have zero commitment as they work on a contractual basis, physical & mental punishment/ abuse is common & the children reflect this culture & value system in their abusive language & freely cheating in exams. The toilets are filthy & the classes crammed with 40 or more students in small classrooms.

With tthe current legislation (2012) of about 25 % kids from underprivilged background parents can expect only more fee hikes while the schools happily overlook the related subsidies they get from the Govt & with even greater satisfaction & zeal continue to increase the fees.

Fee hikes should be justified by schools & Govt audits of schools should be frequent.

tiyu 2012-04-13 14:05:34



hats off to you fr yr patience to share yr views......................well thanks for all the info.....................this will be really useful for everyone it not possible that all parents come together and talk to the need of protest.........can there not be a  healthy discussion........................pls try coming together with other parents and see if the school is ready to hear u out.........u r right new schools r proping up every year and its really imp for schools to maintain the level of teachers, and other things....................this is the future of our kids we are talking about.......





pjm 2012-04-13 17:39:45


 i agree to tiyu totally...thanks deep95 for taking the effort of sharing your views with will help other parents seeking admission....


Remg 2012-04-13 23:49:02



I had gone to the school a year back...I enquired abt the bus facility and got a rude reply..We may have bus stop at your place or u have to drop ur child to western express highway...Both me n hubby  somehow were  not convinced by the way they spoke or rather felt more as a money minting place..

But there are a few who go to the school from my place and feel its the best..Again the view of each parent is different...



vg31011976 2013-04-01 14:22:22


 My son studies in Lakshdham High school goregaon east and we are highly satisfied. My wife was thinking of Vibgyor but your comments made us think again and finally we have decided to stay put. Thx.


AxfIt 2013-04-05 01:13:24



you are a rare person. In this era, when most people try to safeguard things, you have the guts to put it across so clearly.

Many of the problems you stated are common across many schools.

Yet parents for the very fear of their little ones do not fight back, without realising that this action is in fact spoiling the lives of their little ones and, like in the case of Adhishree, they will always fear being alone.

Above is another link happened in March 2013 in Mmbai, where parents complained of the children being made to clean school toilets by a teacher, and the teacher is back on the job after internal enquiry found teacher not guilty.

Such incidents obviously scar the child for life, but also the parents, who loose the confidence in the ability to protect their most precious child.

Over 99% of the parents here are typical middle class, non-politicaly connected parents. So if we understand our strength is in our unity with each other, we will survive, otherwise our children will face the same fate as we face each day, leading a life completely at mercy from powerful people in every aspect of life like travel, education, basic amenities etc.



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