Moving to India.. Good school in Kandivali/Borivali

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Keyra 2012-04-10 19:37:48



I am new to this website..  I am planning to move back to India after staying in US for 10 years. Can anyone suggest some good schools (ICSE or International ) in/or around Borivali/Kandivali . Have done some research and came up with a short list... Vibgyor High School, Thakur International, Witty Kids, Cambridge International. Can anyone please comment on how academically good thiese schools are.. Reading lot of reviews about different school and their money making business...Please help me choose the right one....

travellerMUM 2012-04-13 22:28:35


hi keyra

though new to the city bt hav dun comprehensive research on schools/......sorry bt none of the schools r worth its name.....some lack in infrastructure some in quality education .....its infact goin to be a task to really shortlist an all rounder school in mumbai......try the legacy schools maybe mary immaculate convent fr girls....incase u hav a daughter or bombay scottish.....dr pillai in borivali......or tridha at andheri bad location but heard that they hav a no bag no exam policy fr jr classes.....overall i guess its a toughie to find gud quality in this city atleast education wise......u can look at ecole mondial and oberoi international in the ib category....



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