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SDP 2009-12-15 15:13:27


Hi All,

Can you share the information about annual fees and donations for the good schools in and around Mulund?

For SSRVM, I was told that last year it was 40K as donation & 24K as fees. This year it is likely to go up by 10%.

For NES-ICSE, the donation (registration fees) is 40K and annual fees is 30K.

For NES-IB, the donation is 50K, 25K is deposit and fees is 85K.

For NHP, I heard that the donation is 25K and fees another 25K. Not sure though.

Can you guys help with completing/correcting this data for other schools that you have explored this year?

Thanks - SDP


tan 2009-12-15 15:17:00



Yes you are right about NES ICSE

this is the price for this year, hike can come anytime (I think This is true for every school)

not aware of any other


BSA 2009-12-15 15:52:49


 Hi SDP,

Regarding SSRVM, I heard that last year it wa 30K donation & 20K annual fees & the one you mentioned  (40K Donation & 24k annual fees) is for this year . 

NES IB & NES ICSE is correct.

For Billabong High, Annual fees of approx 47K and Admission fees 20K (this is called section transfer fees which we have to pay again when child goes to primary i.e 1st & again when he goes to secondary i.e 5th )


arugupta 2009-12-16 12:00:37


hi all,

Just submitted the form at SSRVM. I was lucky to have gone on the second day as there is absoluetly no rush .hardly 5-10 ppl. Yesterday ppl had to wait for over an hr to just submit their forms. Anyways,Now its  a wait and watch . Tommorrow  Pawar Public School is declaring its list for the admissisons. CAN u guys tell me what is the time frame for returning the refundable security deposit after cancellation of admission.

@tan: Thanks tan for ur info.

@SDP : Well,  SSRVM 40 k donation and 24K annual fees. All to be paid at one go at the time of admission. This is what was told to the parents of children who had sibblings studying in the school. They have to pay their fees by the 5th so this is confirmed. this is apart from bus n uniform fees n ofcouce books/stationery.DD needed here

NHPS: the total will be around 35k. This was what was told to us when we inquired while collecting  the forms. last yr too the fees was around 35K, 17 approx donation and 17k annual fees , add to this bus/uniform and stationery so totals up to 50k. They said that fee may hike next yr. Also they except  only cash

Pawar : 10k deposit 24 K fees (2k every month) and some 3K odd for term fees/excursion etc. Again excluding bus/books/uniform.

DAV mulund : total of 50k . breakup available on their website

NES : fee structure available on their website too.

Need feedback on Pawar immediately... list is out tomm.

Thanks again.




navind 2009-12-16 13:36:25


Hi All..

welcome aru...

i agree with tan for NES, teachg is real good i heard i have 3 fmailies sendg thr kdis to NES they all happy with it...but other issues are like infra, donation n fees, attitude and too much interference by trustee leadg no room for teachers to carry on thier own methodolgy though it can be good, and few indirect money pullg activities which i wont mention ..... this is all heard .... like my neighbours said thrs horse riding activity....they took kids to ground all of them turn by turn got a horse ride n bit of instructions...and thts it activity was over now here u can debate was this a proper horse riding course or just a ride ? also school would have a point for kids of 1st this much is sufficient for time being....this is just a example .... more over whn i was standg at sri sri on friday night i interacted with many ppl .....belive me for NES didnt get much positive reviews ...also thr background itself gave a bit loose impression..... still NES can b in list...teachg n english speakg are good

for godrej i too haev mentioned on the same term ...til primary its damn good then heard to be avg in secondary but childs personality shapes up till that age....i dont mean we should ignore secondary part....apart from avg secondary point no negative reviews abt godrej....go for it ...i rate it at rank 1

euroschool - i too am impressed with it, nice response ...though a bit of commercial angle but still i felt quite nice..... its on my radar for next year.....fees n distance is only issue..they have teacher traing program beforehand...rank 4

pawar -   i knw 2 families who r really happy with pawar ...they mail u details of what child has done throughout the day n all ...nice Parent Teacher interaction encouraged....they have managed to get some good faculties into thr school....i have a bad luck as mulund people dont get form....timing choice would also have been a issue.....rank 3

sri sri - u mentioned quite a good things already and blog has other points discussed as well.... i heard from secondary they get bit into spiritual activities ncourse of AOL..not sure on this....yes sri sri would be devoted....but inst it same with other covent schools? so am ok with my earlier post on sri sri....lateky i heard attrition rate is high.....still they have centralised traing for teachers n 90 schools all over india ...they shoudl perform well in long run...rank 5

NHPS - good review...but distance and basic infra like u mentioned made me back off...+ fees hike

JK - i got all positive reviews except 1 sayin teachers are movg out......rank 2

neways gng thru our forum u must have got idea....its mixed reviews for all schools...for new school staff would b a issue n for us a game to wait n watch...fees too are bito nhigher end

old gold schools like godrej n jk still dominates....with min -ve points

pawar is a good school i personally liked all thr system n process....

my conclusion is based on what i have heard n gathered from peoples personal exp view...... so decide accrodingly....

neways let me know if u want anything more....

lets meet on 5th at sri sri

hey what happend to NHPS list...was suppose to be out on monday na...good news from someone from our forum???








arugupta 2009-12-16 13:49:14


NHPS did not display list on MOnday .. will now do so on teh 22nd. They have their annual day this weekend they will do so after that.

I got inside info.. as a lot of ppl i know send their kids to that school, some issues with parents n teachers and the school is planning to change school timmings for STD 1st to 3rd. So parents are protesting and signing petitions ect. They also plan to spoil the Annual day. donno if that is the underlying reason.

Well, thanks for all teh info navind. Well, Pawar list is out tomm n if my dd features in it then i shall go ahead and take the admission. And if later she is lucky to feature in SSRSVM too then will shift her to that school. DOnno if that is a good idea. Should i just stick with Pawar. WIll the shift be worth it. Just confused.

Anyways ... update u'll tomm abt the progress.

Take care



Pam007 2009-12-16 14:42:54


Hi Aru,

Since you happen to know parents sending their kids to NHPS, can you post more feedback on this school - quality of education, teachers, co-curricular activities, issues faced by parents, etc.

I am one of the parents waiting for the list to be out next week and your feedback will definitly help us.




navind 2009-12-16 14:48:55


Hi aru...

I know its really confusing and resoucre draining.

I my have a friend, whose kiddo was shortlisted in ssvrm (paid donatn as well as fees) and later on pawar...2007 story, so opted out of ssvrm (donation gone) and went for pawar...she is very happy with pawar till date...she was in Parent Teacher Asso something for jr kg.... another 2 friends kids goes to pawar - both happy....they all say its a nice school n gettg better day by day ...all of them stay in mulund itself .... but at sri sri i met a bhandup guy how was not really enthu abt pawar and was on same lines as of yours .... he had applied at nhps, pawar n now sri sri .....his choice was nhps, sri sri and then pawar he said ..... he should lots on stress on kids n all hes heard + teachers ka issue hai he was not keen for pawar...

so in the end mixed bag as you term .... still i feel it a vg option....

NHPS story is really sad .... since past few years only they have settled and come up like anything (after princi was repalced n present one took the charge....cant recollect name)...hope its sorted out fast

in all which all schools u actually trying for? me only applied for sri sri if tht doesnt works out then eurokids for nursery n next year i start with godrej, jk n euro school... i would also try for pawar n ssvrm but doubtful as seats wont b vacant.....

euroschool has some quota fixed for only i have shortlisted eurokids mulund for nursery



arugupta 2009-12-17 14:21:49



I am a tad dissappointed. My dd'd name did not feature in the Pawar list today.. Infact, i know 7-8 children from my complex and none of them could secure admissions in Pawar. They say a lot of seats have gone to sibblings and also to Residents of Dreams as they are first preference na. Anyways, only option for me is to wait till the process is over and then find out if there are any vacancies. Now im left with SSRSVM and NHPS

@Pam007 : I have only got positive feedback from parents sending their children to NHPS. Infact i know one child from every second home in my society going there. I was almost brain washed to send my dd there without having a second thought. Education is good. Teachers are good. It was Principal Nichocals who changed the face of the School and was very very nice. They say he knew every kid by their name. However, he is now no longer at their Airoli school but has moved to their Khoper khairne School where there is also a junior college. SO thast good news that they now have a junior college too. The extracurricular is also good there. Annual day every child is made to dance/sing/act with proffessional help etc.  SO overall good feedback. The negatives are : Like every school , its ultimately on the teacher, so if ur child dosent have a good teacher or is not in favour of teh teacher then it gets a lil awkward for the child. I found them going to fast, donno if that is the syllabus or teh school, Also, i see no students from higher grades, 3rd onwards, having much palytime. Infrastructure is just ok. Nothing gr8. They do not have a website and the one mentioned on their prospectus does not exist. SO its really dissappointing. The issue parents a ehaving is that the management wants to change the timmings of 1,2 n 3 rd to afternoon from morning which a lot are against. One very sad part is that, teh school prospectus that i got with the form says AC classrooms but thats not the case. So i thought a lil misleading.

@navind: Dint make it to Pawar. I somehow feel that the person u met from Bhandup must ahve been from my society as here Pawar has bad rep. I was adviced against it strongly. I donno if its a case of sour grapes. But anyways , i find teh school worthwhile. Hoever, i havent made it to that school but that wont change my opnion abt the school. I know that they nothing against me:). I have tried at NHPS and SSRSVM. Of the two my first choice is SSRSVM then NHPS , then lets see. Agar dono mein nahi aaya then i too opt for eurokids n then Euroschool. But u knwo that is the case with most parents i have met. So all u know next yr Euroschool may be same story like all other schools this yr cause everyone will make a beeling for that. God alone knows whats gonna happen. Hey, has NES stopped admission process for its ICSE. I am just trying to have all my options ready. but will do something only after the 5th.

Till  then take care everyone and do us know if any other updates u'll have








Pam007 2009-12-17 15:14:39


Hi Aru!

Thanks again for all your inputs!

I do hope that schools get transparent in their admission criteria and processes! All the best to you and all the other folks here!



Madh 2009-12-17 18:56:17


Hi All,

I have been reading all your valuable inputs in this forum since long but registered only today.I have also filled the form for NHP for Nursery.However when I went to check the list on 14th Dec ,I met some parents there who already have their children going to NHP and they said that in their parent teachers meeting it was discussed that this year ,the number of siblings for nursery admission itself is very large and hence there are very few seats left for non siblings in NHP and this is the reason why admission lists are being delayed from 14th Dec to 22nd Dec(for more scrutiny on income,education etc of parents..).Since you must have visited the school premises too are you aware of any such issue?



arugupta 2009-12-17 22:07:27


hi Madh,

Thanks for this valuable info, i will get it rechecked . However, as per my knowledge , siblings were given forms 2 days prior to the others and its only after their admission that the other forms have been alloted. So ideally the school should have already known how many seats were available and how many forms they should distribute. Unfortunately, they havent even mentioned about the number of available to the common public. ANd as their forms cost Rs1k, i am not suprised if they still went ahead and distributed 400 forms inspite of their knowledge. As pam put it , only if there was a lil more transperancy. I really thank u Madh for putting forward this point, atleast we should not have a lot of hopes from NHPS then.



Madh 2009-12-18 10:05:32


Yes, NHP got 4,00,000 Rs just by distributing 400 forms so they wouldnt mind distributing forms inspite of their knowledge of number of sibling admissions.

Actually I had heard previously from many parents in our locality that once you get the admission form then there is not much of  hassle in getting admission in NHP..But this year there seems to be cut throat competition for admissions in all schools..

I have been enquring about schools for a long time now and I got very good reviews for St Gregorious,Nalanda and VPM (Mulund east) as well..So i got forms for these schools too..

Kant: I just wanted to know why do you think St Gregorious is of no use...The parents there are very much impressed by the school's teaching standards...Also there was a long queue for forms in this school...



tan 2009-12-18 10:35:56


Hi all,

Madh: I do feel that this time it is very hard to get admission in the school because i too in the impression that atleast i will manage to get admission in NES or DAv very easily. But not true for this time . May be we feel like that because we are facing it for first time. i guess this will continue till feb end or march. anyways all the best to all of us once again.


arugupta 2009-12-18 10:41:32


hi Madh,

Its not Kant but me who said that St. Greogrious is of no use. Thats the feedback i got from the parents who send children there. I have someone going to first std and 1 in kg and another in jr kg. all are trying for other schools to send their wards too. And , let me tell u one thing, this is whta i have learned. No one ever tells that the school theoir child is going to is bad. Its some sort of an Ego hassel they have. So u have to ask like subtle questions and see their reactions and interact abt a lot of things with teh parents schools to get the feedback. Thats been my experience. N lines are there cause as u said its a mad rush at all schools so u think instead of no school might as well have another option.

NHPS is a sad case. but what to do. Everyone  told me too , that u will definately get into NHPS as they  have like 5-6 divisions and 2 batches. So even if u take 30 students per class(which is very low for NHPS i huess) into 5 =150 that into 2 batches should mean 300 students. So, i guess admission should be easy. But i however do not know how many sibbling forms have been issued.

Yes, VPM is a very good school. My husband is an ex-student of that school and i know of 1 child who goes to that school . Real nice school. FOr me,  its a lil far and also i am not sure abt the extra curricular activities. BUt that is definately on radar.

Nalanda i am unaware of.



Pam007 2009-12-18 11:21:23


As we are in Airoli, well, NHPS was the only school where we'd applied for Nursery. My kid is already in Euro play group.. I didnt get form for DAV airoli, and wasnt impressed by VPM airoli... so keeping my fingers crossed.. else, no other option but to continue with Euro....



Madh 2009-12-18 12:06:46


Aru: Yes i agree with you .I wouldnt have ever said anything bad about the school had my child been a part of it..But then for schools like VPM ,NES etc there are no queues.You just have to buy a form any time and get admission.So i thought that if there was such a long queue for St gregorious it might as well be good.

VPM (Mulund east) is really good. Keep it in your list   as last resort. Coz the staff is good and also the extra curricular activities.

Nalanda is located at Hari om is really good and many ppl are opting for this school. 

But i just hope all of us get through NHP.Its the best of all....



BSA 2009-12-18 16:14:46


Hi Madh,

Its not like if there is a long queue for a particular school then its a good school,  i think its schools strategy to create such impression amongst parents.

Schools like SSRVM. NHPS or st. gregorious are issuing limited no of form for one day only, hence there is a long Q, whereas others like NES, Billabong , they isssue forms over period of time like 15-20 days. so parents go at there leisure to collect the forms.

Even i havent heard good abt st. gregorious. I spoke to one parent whose son was in that school for jr. kg & then shifted to SSRVM for sr. kg. she said many parents are not happy with the teachers there.Even PTA there is just a formality & teachers dont interact or give any feedback abt the students.


dm 2009-12-18 22:53:26


Saraswati Rabodi form will be out next week if any one interested can get the forms.




navind 2009-12-19 17:28:47


Hi All,

Aru - Sad news, but may be something better is awaiting :-). VPM is one of the best school in mulund east area, but SSC i assume. Nalanda i got mixed reviews.Gregorious no clue about it..though seen the school....looks very basic. earlier when asked in forum many of us got confused with gregorious as

BSA - A very good point you have put up, i guess eventually seats are sufficient for all to be accomodated, but yes fight would be there for the most preferred school, it won't be a case where kid gets no addmsn at all as feared by i went thru all the process and schools, around 50% of the people are the same you have met/seen before at earlier school where forms were submitted i.e. multiple try. now automatically kid would occupy any one seat. case of direct sibling, some fix minded approach ones would be present but around 40-50% are surely multiple try. Definately choice school has a fight. Also i would like to mention just try and maintian contact with school post addmsn round as last year 3 of my friends  got seats (in JK,NES &  SSVRM) quite late....and probably it was due to cancellation by earlier people even after fees were paid.

In our forum and few others ..... flavour of season in order i see are  -



3.DAV airoli





Hope for best.

Take Care.







arugupta 2009-12-20 16:01:54


hi ;

VPM is CBSE board now. So thats a good option. I was talking to people and NHPS has arpund 7 divisions and around 35-40 student per class and 2 batches. So , its almost around 500 students. Thats why they say admission is quiet easy. But whne u have some bad time going on u'd never know what will happen :)

For me personally, both VPM and NHPS are far away. Actually NHPS is very far re. I have seen parents getting bored to go that far for PTA and payment of fees etc. Moreover, I wanted an ICSEy school . But NHPS is a nice school so its still my choice after theother schools.




Madh 2009-12-21 09:49:06



Thanks Aru !! I am now more hopeful about NHPS..If its around 500 students we all have a pretty good chance then..

At what time is the NHPS list going to be put up tommorrow??






champ0801 2009-12-21 12:24:36


Hi Madh,

4 - 4:30 pm , just want this tension out of my mind ... never thought getting a nursery admission would be so painful.

Dear All,

All the best , hope each one of you gets the best school for your kids.


Madh 2009-12-21 13:49:39


ok thanks!


ravikulkarni 2009-12-22 11:20:41


Hi all.

Does anybody know what is the process when NHPS puts out their list today ? is there any activity to be done from our side if our kids name is one the list. My point is that if they put out their list at 4.30 pm today, do we have to be there at 4.30 ?


Madh 2009-12-22 12:07:44


NHPS didnt say anything about what is to be done once the list is out ..I guess it would be better to be present there...because there is one more list which is going to be put up tommo I think maybe they will ask us today whether we are definitely going to take admission or not ..In case some one rejects admission outright,they will be planning to put up remaining names tommo..because they definitely must be having  some criteria to put up tommorrow's list right?


champ0801 2009-12-22 12:19:48


Hi Ravi / Madh,

I had called up NHP today morning , they confirmed the list will be put up at 4:30 today evening . They also said the its fine if u would come and check the list tomm . no confirmation wud be taken today . Second list wud be put up tomm.

Actually make sense to go tomm so that we can have a look at both list at a single trip. But parents are so insecure that they wud all reach the school at 4:30 today ( including my wifie )

Anyways all the best.


Madh 2009-12-22 12:31:05


Thanks Champ! I am happy they picked up your call..I am trying since yesterday to call them up but no one bothered to pick up..Sometimes I feel what kind of an arrogant school is this? They changed  the date of admission list from 14th dec to 22nd Dec without informing anyone in advance in spite of taking everyone's email ids and phone numbers..and then they dont even pick up their phone...any way we shouldnt complain since we are on the receiving end ..we need them..:-(

On what basis is tommo's list going to be put up? any idea?

Yes i am one of those impatient parents who will turn up in NHP at 4:30 no matter what :-)



champ0801 2009-12-22 12:42:39


Hey Madh,

Probably you dont have the right number with you , they pick my call everytime i call them ... or may be my number flashes and they cant ignore my call..  : )

jokes apart , there is no written logic on the selection criteria for today's list as well as tomm's list . From what i heard is , the schools looks that the financial status, the educational qualification of the parents, the location for the student .. one of the parents should be a graduate,its a  bare minimum requirement ... have also heard that its an advantage if the mother is non working.

Hope this info helps .. this is what i heard, nothing concrete.

All the best.


Madh 2009-12-22 13:08:15


Oh! then maybe I have some wrong number with me.I have this number : 27799328..

Thanks for the info..Let's see what happens :-)) All depends on the number of available seats left after sibling admissions...



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