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navind 2009-11-18 23:57:54


Here's the list of schools most heard about in Mulund...

Your input/comment would be really helpful...

1. Sri sri ravishankar vidya mandir (ICSE)



4. Vaze & Sharon - SSC

Other Options than can considered -

1. DAV - Airoli (CBSE)

2. New Horizon - Airoli (CBSE)

3. Euroschool - Airoli (ICSE)

4. JK Singhania (ICSE)

5. Godrej Udyachal - Vikhorli (SSC)

6. Pawar Public School - Bhandup (ICSE)

7. Billabong Thane (ICSE/IB)

I myself have visited few school for my kid, would post the details/finding in trailing post



navind 2009-11-19 00:33:55


Am trying for nursery 2010...

1. sri sri ravishankar - limited forms (100 something), said to very nice school with a diff concept in pre primary they have yoga dance sanskrit etc ..... but also heard that there methodolgy makes the course quite slow and then in primary students feel burdened....forms would be aval for nursery 2010 in dec 1st week....its operational from new campus but still under construction  n no big play ground i guess...fees arnd 25k pa

2. NES - studies wise said to be good school, a bit strict and activities are also present.....but no campus/ground....thr new building is conducting only IB course...other classes are operated from another place...fees arnd 25k pa....forms are being distributed

3. Euroschool - recently opened, said to be very nice school, know 2 people sendg thr kids and they are quite happy with it...fees are quite high like billabong....campus is comparatively big....they have balanced method of learng they say....and they have lots of activities around...pure fees 38k approx for pre primary then nearly 50k for higher grades.....addmn in progress

4. Billabong - . Its similar to euroschool in activites as well as fees wise.....and both the person mentioned above have taken there kids out from billabong n got them admitted to euroschool....small ground in behind the building...addmn in progress

5. JK - would try  next year....any idea on fees structure and activities...i know its one of the best school in north east mumbai

6. Godrej - Udayachal - 3 years needs to be completed for nursery so can try next year only.....holds good review for thr pre primary n primary....but heard secondary is avg.....

7. Pawar Public school - got all positive remarks for it till date....but sad part is they take only bhandup resident application for nursery....or direct sibling if other than bhandup....they provide very good feedback to big ground as such..fees arnd 25k pa...they r giving forms on 26/27nov

this is my  finding till date..... your inputs would be really helpful for all....




navind 2009-11-20 00:38:56


till date the school for which i got least negative feedback are (least to maximum) -

1. pawar public school - best balanced school, but only for bhandup residents and new staff n environment

2. jk singhania - surprised but i read on some forum that they dont have competent staff now a days....though i still feel its one of the best schools in north east mumbai..

3. godrej - udayachal .... too good till primary...but secondary is avg

4. new horizon - earlier it had some issue related to board it was affliated

5. euro school - high fees, new school n stuff

6. sri sri - very slow in start, then pressure builts up in primary .... even a doubt if they tend more towards spiritualism leavg academic .... they give only 100 forms

6. dav (airoli as well as mulund)- hindi is prelevant in conversation among students n bit irresponsive attitude by staff

7. billabong - high fees, and people not satisified with what they get for thr kids .... dont know the reason but i saw two parents shiftg there kids from billabong to euroschool they just said they felt its quite a big hype when it comes to deliverable

8. nes - campus issue, attitude of school in general

9. sharon -  not like old era now


Note : this are things which i hear frm people while enquiring abt all possible schools ..... some view point may be totally incorrect and some very correct as these are based persons preception,experience n general feeling no offence intended here.... i thought i put as to get ur input n in general would help others also





muskaan 2009-11-20 10:36:27


hi navind,

information provided by u is veryuseful,what is ur opinion on st.pius school in mulund (state board)? it's tricky to choose between various boards,

for last 2 years i was in pune,believe me the school admission process is so wonderful that parents r quite confident of the board , school,teaching methods, extra activites etc......,unlike mumbai u get no proper information online, also when u call up the response is never wellcoming, due tolack of time  parents r unable to visit all schoolpersonally, which indead  leads to lot confussion.

atleast in mulund there should be few good schools coming up by next year or so,also heard that the treehouse is starting up with few  treeschool very soon..............hope this is a good news for mulund parents.



tan 2009-11-20 11:40:09


Hi navin,

really a good stuff  very useful , the same impression i have in my mind except billabong and i dont know any thing about euro school.

do u have any idea about friends? why are u not seeing it as ann option? please brief




tan 2009-11-20 11:41:38



one more thing i want to clear is i am looking for jr. KG admission bit difficult for all the school rather than nursery admission.



goody 2009-11-20 14:36:48


Hi tan,


you mean it is difficuilt to get admission in junior. I am scared. I thought I will put my daughter in a proper school directly in junior. Nursery I will continue with tree house


vgeets 2009-11-20 15:30:56


any idea about the new friends school


navind 2009-11-21 01:22:32


Dear All,

Nice to hear from you...

muskan - i was born n brought in mulund so i have fair idea abt old school which were present during my school time pius is def not in form so strike out tht option ...once upon a time it use to b one of best school along with st marys but not mary is still in a very good shape....but its only for girls n both have SSC.

its sad that here parents are not really informed n confident about school like in pune.... i  got to know abt tree house of mulund west openg up jr n sr also....but hv no idea abt tree school .....and why not school would open its a top class commercial activity now a days..... n school mostly now belong to politicians, industrialist, builders etc etc....neways looking at the positive good to have proper school to meet ever growng demand....

tan - i too hear from all corners that billabong is best option after jk if u r ready to shell out abt avg 75k pa in total ....but as said earlier i hav 2 friends who hav taken thr kids out from billabong n got them addmited to euroschool (same fee range) n now they both are happy n satisfied with the euroschool...they said worth or return value of billabong was not the great in accordance to efforts put in...n also its more of a hype rather than real action accordg to what school tells u initially.....i dont know actaully why both of them felt that....n they took this aware tht billabong has good personalities on the  board of managmnt.......friends old had many issues during my days itself ..... they just operated on a basic level.....have to admit they had one of best english teacher.....but it never came up really to themark.....only am not sure abt new isce campus of friends as they use to struggle earlier also....the forms are out for new school....n as this would b first batch n looking at old ones background am not gettg confidence to admit in the newer one too n atleast we should have some review or experienced feedback abt school na? so i have striked out new friends icse as of now.....hope this input would help vgeets too

tan, i guess now board is not a big hurdle for me am ok with both (after gng thru all the links n talkg more with people...) but my preference is now more towards icse from a good school (pawar, sri sri this year n jk euroschool next year ) if not tht then cbse (new horizon school airoli) what conclusion u came too.....i thought kids are much active and good schools handle the pressure of icse very well so can go ahead with icse as a basic choice...if these schools doesnt works out then new horizon is now on my earlier i had not considered any cbse school....DAV (mulund as well as airoli one) reviews are not good comparng with new horizon.... NES would be last resort as review are still negative from people....i dont mind ssc also but godrej is too far or other good school for ssc are thane .... so not much preferred

goody- yes its diff to get addmsn for jr in a school which is good n take people right from nursery as  they say intake is same n if vacany happens in jrkg then only the would offer it to others....n looking at sri sri n pawar we definately have less probabiity to get addmsn in jrkg as they run house full from nursery only.....on other hand school like jk singhania whose take pupil from jrkg only the chances are more...i know here your luck should b stronger to get selected in lottey system .... and as u r aware most of the schools start from nursery itself so its either students shuffling from schools or if intake / capacity is incresed then only we get a chance for addmsn.....neways dont panic....plan out strategy nicely n try for jrkg keepg these points in mind....then its all luck...even i would try for jk next year ....but as of now i would like to secure 1 good school so only an huntg for nursery addmsn.....

hope i have covered all the points ...... now a days talkg abt school takes a major time of my day.....but am enjoyg it whn i see my kid n his future....hopefully things set right for all of us here...

take care





navind 2009-11-21 01:29:20


tan - yeah i read earlier you mentioning abt jrkg search for your child....

so what strategy u finalising? i say try for jk, pawar, sri sri n new horizon...n if u ok with high fees then even euroschool or billabong too

do let me know as if am not able to get addmsn in pawar first, sri sri n new horizon then i just might put my son in eurokids for nursery then next year i would start with jk n others as mentioned to you..... eurokid am opting as gettg addmsn to euroschool would b easy in worst come worst scenario....nes is any time buffer for me ......this year or next too still am gettg mixed reviews of nes....pawar is doubtful as they take  only bhandup residents still i would try...





Pam007 2009-11-21 16:28:59



Really appreciate your feedback on schools in this post!!

My kid is currently with Euro play group (part of Euro school Airoli), and I am extremly satisfied with it. I am a CBSE pass out and was more interested in a CBSE school for my kid. For nursery I was thinking of trying for New Horizon (Airoli) and DAV (Airoli). We are new to Mumbai, and have been trying to get as much feedback on Euro, NHPS and DAV. Would you recommend NHPS over DAV? Also, wanted to know what issues were there with NHPS? Hows the quality of teaching, and pass percentage/results for both NHPS and DAV?

Thanks again!!


navind 2009-11-22 16:55:50


hi pam007,

whr do u stay?  mulund or airoli? .... as school u mention are from airoli only...neways

am from mulund .... so only considering all schools in/around mulund...

today i happen to visit euroschool, spoke to them n felt nice ... its on similar lines of billabong high....teachg method, comfort, class room, and no bag and no homework till 4th....huge playground....amphi theater cmg up also swimg pool.....buildg is constructed 2 floors n 4 more togo....they have projector in all classes so student can visualise or listen n learn  ..... i liked the school very much.... fees r as mentioned in my above post....yes they are all inclusive of activities ..... things which r not incl in fees are uniform, transportation n canteen ....last 2 being optional..based on feedback n looking at thr exp n success in preprimary they claim they would beone of best place for kid to thr schooling from.....thr teachers are trained before they start conductg classes.... as  said i have 2 positive feedback from parents whose kids are in euroschool .... thr vehicles ply from thane hiranandani and vikhroli on other side .... timing are 8.30 to 12.30 only 1 batch for preprimary....

then i went to check out NHPS which is close to euroschool.....buildg n ground is quite big enough....they are cbse.....this too seemed to be nice....they have 2 batches n we can opt for either....they too haev lots of activities.....cbse by default have preference n focus on hindi language wht was prelevant from the kids i met thr and also from the feedback.....its  a nice option in case u dont want togo for euroschool ....they r gvg forms on  25 n 26th nov, submission is by from 1-5th dec...fees i got to know is arnd 25k and transport, uniform separate.....i hread few years back a new princi joined and he has changed the nhps complete from his tenure it started gettg positive reviews.....

DAV mulund is not great.....also DAV airoli i got to know tht hindi is prelevant....but they do have better staff n teachg than mulund one...its again cbse.....from feedback i always concluded that NHPS is better than DAV airoli ....yes DAV nerul is   one of best school people said....

so my choice is simple euroschool first,then nhps then dav from airoli

if u stay in mulund u can try for sri sri or nes....if u stay in bhandup then pawar is the best option

i would like to ask 1 u r from hindi given more importance...same as english....and do kids tend to then adopt hindi faster while talkg to each other....i understand a lot depends upon the school n home enviornment for a child to adopt 1 language fluently.....also ...i heard abt mulund dav tht teacher dont stress much on english speakg usually kids talk in hindi more...which i feel should not be the case in this global era....though i agree hindi has its all due respect n we should know it

also i request you to comment on 'cbse or icse' discussion in  mumbai parents u r from cbse ur inputs can help me n others too....i have posted all the links highlightg difference between the two.

hope my input helps.... want ever i have  mentioned is the feedback am getting from personal exp as such

take care...




vgeets 2009-11-22 19:29:04


i am not sure if we should go by parent's satisfaction as criterion , I have noticed that till their kid is in a school the parents are satisfied with the school , the moment they put their kid in another school they seem to dislike the previous school.  I have heard new horizon is not issuing forms this year for jr kg as they have their own kids from nursery filling up the seats


navind 2009-11-22 23:33:59


hi vgeets...

very true...but for this reason we cant just ignore the input about the school from all the parents na? and neways all this feedback is a relative matter so only we consildate and form a opinion.... we would never know till our own kid goes to the school n we see the results... so we r the only to decide....inspite all the discussion about billabong my close friend went ahead and got her daughter admitted for nursery over its individual choice n decision after general enquiry abt the place......

i just saw the notice for nursery...and nothing was mentioned about jrkg addmsn at NHPS today





champ0801 2009-11-23 12:22:09


Dear Freinds,

i am a father of a 3 year old son .. have a similar confusion like any other parents ..

From the above discussion, cud gather a lot of info on the schools, thnx a ton for this.

have decided to go ahead with NHP, any idea what time do i need to be there at the school to ensure i get the forms ... someone suggested i need to reach there at 4-5 am .. can anyone guide me on this ...

take care


tan 2009-11-23 13:03:16


Hi Navin,

Could you please tell me NHPs means which school?

And yes now my concern is to get admission in nice school rather than opt for the board. One more thing is , not a single school is giving forms for Jr Kg right now so its very frustrating and have to wait for it.

but i will try for JK, pawar, DAV Airoli for sure but as you know its on luck

so just wait & watch condition.



champ0801 2009-11-23 13:52:49


New Horizon Public School is what NHP stands for ..

Its is Airoli Sector 19.


SI 2009-11-23 15:26:08


tan - euroschool and billabong are issuing admission forms for - in euroschool it is upto dec 15th and in billabong it is upto nov 30th.

we took admission for our kid on saturday at euroschool for jr. kg.




tan 2009-11-23 15:35:27


Si thanks,

what is the fees for euro school for jr. KG


vgeets 2009-11-23 16:01:42


euro school jr kg , rs 35,000 for admission and rs 35,000 fees , billabong is rs 20,000 on admission and rs 49,000  fees . I wanted to take admissing in billabong , but timing is 1.30-5 and euroschool timing is 8,30-12.30 , but since it is far , the bus will be here by 7.30 . I find both the timing quite uncomfortable ,not able to decide between both.

Billabong has icse affliation and have got very good feedback from parents. few parents apparently have shifted their kid to euroschool and regret now  , this is what i heard from parents.

my kid is right now in eurokids , i could put her in euroschool , but it seems a bit far off (airoli)



SI 2009-11-23 17:21:33


in addition to what vgeets has said...

billabong has 2 batchs - 9am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm. but, they can not assure allotment in a particular batch of your preference. it will be availability basis.

we had considered both billabong and euroschool. both schools received mixed feedback... from different people based on their experiences.

finally decided to go with euroschool as our experience with eurokids (playgroup and nursery) has been very satisfying.




Pam007 2009-11-23 17:56:52


Hi Navind,

Thanks again for the detailed response!

We are in Airoli - and are new to Mumbai.

My kid used to go to Podar play school in a different city. For a child as young as 1.5 to 2.5, its very difficult to find out if the kid is really happy there - its play school, and kids that young are supposed to enjoy there! I can only comment from a parents perspective - the teachers at Euro play group appear to be cheerful, and appear to take an interest in your child. I get constant feedback and daily updates from the teacher. With Podar, I would hardly get to meet the teacher and only the facility incharge used to talk occassionaly. My child looks forward to going to school everyday and I am more comfortable with sending my child to Euro Play group.

Now - the bigger question - hows the school at primary and above levels? Since it is a new school, I am a bit apprehensive. Hence I was looking for more feedback on NHPS and DAV. On googling, I can see that both NHPS and DAV, Airoli have been doing good in sports and extra curricular activities. I'd like to know how these schools are doing academically. Hows the CBSE result been over the past few years? Hows the staff, and general school environment?

On the boards - I have a preference for CBSE. I had friends who passed out from ICSE and have seen their books and curriculum.

1. In CBSE - I found equal stress on English and Hindi as Ist and 2nd Languages. The medium of instruction was English in my school and yes, we were always encouraged to converse in English.  Also, a lot depends on the city/home environment. In Bangalore, I see kids conversing in English ALL the time, irrespective of the board. In Delhi, its Hindi/English mix.

2. English was more detailed and comprehensive in ICSE.

3. There were additional subjects like Environmental science etc in ICSE.

4. My ICSE friends found science tougher in CBSE. A lot of stuff was not in their curriculum. This was 15 years back, so there might have been changes.

5. Maths was equally tough in both the boards.

6. Engg/Medical Entrance exams are tough - irrespective of the board. Without extra coaching, its nearly impossible to crack them.

Thanks all and keep the discussion going...


ravikulkarni 2009-11-23 18:13:15


Hi . Had called DAV airoli today and they said they would be issuing only 60 forms. Some similar restriction is there for NHPS and for Sri Sri Ravishankar as well. So, does one need to get there really early like 4-5 AM or something to ensure that we get the form.


vgeets 2009-11-24 10:37:30


DAV airoli when are they issuing forms ? Sri Sri Ravishankar I called up they are not issuing admission form or probably admissions are already done . Billabong have stopped issuing admission forms for few days , will start again after 30th



champ0801 2009-11-24 10:51:52


DAV airoli issuing forms on 2nd Dec, only 60 forms .


champ0801 2009-11-24 10:55:08



Try and come asap possible .. i remember the que for was pretty long last year.  though the timings are 9 -11  ,  i m planning to come at around 6 am. 




BSMani 2009-11-24 16:16:03


I have checked at Euro sch, & ssrvm and JK. Got lot of positive feedback on Euro. we are personally quite keen on ssrvm but are in 2 minds as have got ixed feedback.

Have met 2 parents who send their child to ssrvm and they both said they had to use lot of influence to get in. They are otherwise happy with the school.

Another parent I met said, he could not even get the forms last year after waiting at gate for more than 2 hours. They could not go in and a message was put up saying the forms distribution was closed.

I also checked with few pre-school teachers and they advised against ssrvm saying the tearcher quality is not really good. Can someone give firsthand info on this ?



BSMani 2009-11-24 16:16:29


I have checked at Euro sch, & ssrvm and JK. Got lot of positive feedback on Euro. we are personally quite keen on ssrvm but are in 2 minds as have got ixed feedback.

Have met 2 parents who send their child to ssrvm and they both said they had to use lot of influence to get in. They are otherwise happy with the school.

Another parent I met said, he could not even get the forms last year after waiting at gate for more than 2 hours. They could not go in and a message was put up saying the forms distribution was closed.

I also checked with few pre-school teachers and they advised against ssrvm saying the tearcher quality is not really good. Can someone give firsthand info on this ?



monaligd 2009-11-24 16:39:11


How is Billanbong for Nursery. Do they have only IGCSE or ICSE& IGCSE both after V. Is anybody aware of Vasant Vihar School?



ravikulkarni 2009-11-24 18:50:32


Hi. My daughter is 2yrs 3 months old. I'm not too keen on putting here in nursery at some of the schoold in airoli as there is travel involved(i live in mulund(e)). I deally I would like her to join the NHPS or DAV Airoli at JrKg next year. However some parents that I spoke to have mentioned that getting admission to Jr Kg is very diffcult as they carry over the bacth from Nursery at most of the schools and they will open for admission in Jr Kg only if there ar vacancies. Is this true ? What has been the experience of you all ?


vgeets 2009-11-25 00:25:23


very true ravi , my daughter is 3 and i have to put her in jr kg , difficult to get admission  in nhps and dav , sri sri ravi shankar . while billabong doesnt give a time slot of ur choice if your kid is not in their nursery. makes sense to decide at nursery level





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