Creativity in schools

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splinetol 2009-11-18 14:20:14



  The formal education system in India is a borrowed bureaucracy. It was basically formed in the developed countries of the 19th century to meet the needs of industrialism. Therefore you have the concept of a school uniform(to handle labour), working to the sound of a bell(an assembly line task), high importance to punctuality(if u were late the whole assembly line would hold up work), being good at math and languages(if u could count, thats the only thing that mattered). All of the above are salient to a FACTORY WORKER. It was basically a conditioning process to train that kid to work in a factory. ...and it worked coz these were the guys who pumped in the money. So whoever is hiring and paying ur salary is atop the value chain.

Cut to the 21st century...the way we do business has changed. no longer are skills needed that were needed back then, but we continue to train FACTORY WORKERS. Our kids in school now will work for the next 50 yrs yet nobody knows what 5 yrs from now will be. Change is the only thing which is sure. how do we deal with preparing them for life???

I think the answer lies with creativity!! it is the need of the hour. when i refer to creativity i am not referring to art and its careers... i am saying the ability to innovate...the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Innovation and creativity is the only thing that drives humanity and gives us the ability to adapt as well as makes us who we are.....otherwise we would be animals.

how do we train the kids to be creative.....thousands of ways....but in my observation...THE ARTS. yet in any school system around the world(ya, not just in India) we place it at the bottom of the pile and even among the arts there is a sort of and music are more important that dance and drama

ART truly is the largest stream that helps us do what we do in any field be it math, sciences MBBS, engineer etc etc ....only better.  Unfortunatlry the largest misconception i have seen is that arts is looked at as something that u have or dont, sort of like GOD gave this dude a gift...and most often people ar heard saying "i dont understand all this feeling and form and abstract stuff....coz if u cant count it, it doesnt count."Thats the most ridiculous arguement. We run our companies stigmatizing mistakes and therefore our education systems. We educate out of creativity as the child is put through the system. If u dont try and dont make mistakes how do u innovate? How do we expect innovation when the only thing we know about the future is that it constantly changes??

If we as india truly want to capitalize on its young people and compete with the global economy...we need art in need to learn to innovate for the world they will enter..we need art in the form of theater, dance, debates, creative writing, visual art...all of it. coz finding talent is a journey. u never know what might surface, but innovation and creativity is constant!


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