Do you recommend Mother Toddler?

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KKJ 2012-03-23 16:48:56



I am staying in kandivali- w. I was thinking of putting my daughter for mother toddler.

Reason to put:

- She is very active and enjoys other kids company. This is the strongest reason she jus loves to be around other kids.

since she likes to interact even with strangers i think it would be a good thing to put.

Rasons for not Putting:-

1. Will she get used to parents being with her in school and will find it difficult when i put her in play school ?

2. she will be going to school for long time i feel we should spend  more time together.

3. We have a good home atomosphere and all of us spend good quality time with her do we actually need to put her in mother toddler?

4. I was thinking of putting her in Serra International in mahaveer- Nagar kandivali any reviews on it.

would love to hear your personal experience and thoughts.


tiyu 2012-03-24 14:00:55




serra is good..................go fr it...I hv attended it..............though its not compulsary but if yr daughter is active she will enjoy.....try 2 sessions n then decide..............they will allow u to do that w/out paying the fees............BTW how old is she...........


travellerMUM 2012-03-25 14:55:26


yup serra is good i have attended their last 3 month batch......v reasonable too for the kind of information one derives and the structured way of  activities they have for this age group......they did a deep study of my child too and by the end of it gave me a well balanced feedback that was impressive......i think u should go ahead......


KKJ 2012-03-27 17:11:21


HI Tiyu and Traveller mum,

Thanks for your feedback. I plan to put her in mother toddler in serra International.She is born on 6th April 2011.





tiyu 2012-03-28 14:13:04


cool.........enjoy both of u


newmommy 2012-06-25 11:35:10



I enquired at Seraa for the Mother Toddler Program, that they are going to start in July. I am confused between Little Wings & Serra.

Little Wings is at Shimpoli. I have attended their demo class and was quite impressed with the content. However, the class decor was quite dull. Serra i found is quite bright and hygienic. However, I have not been able to attend any demo class and just had a chat with the Director and was not to sure on the content.

I am confused. Please help!!


kshitiz 2012-06-25 12:58:09



Serra is excellent for the following reason.

1. My wife atteneded the demo class she was extremely happy. I have a video of it too.

2. Neha i guess the name of the director was quailified along with the others who where there. Best speak to them you will get some idea.

4. I found it to be more safe and clean.

5. Its close to where i stay. 

maybe you and my wife can get intouch and speak to her as she plans to join the same batch along with few of her friends.






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