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Kahuja 2012-03-19 22:26:51


Hi , would like to know about school name TRIDHA at andheri good is anyone child  going to this school......after schooling from here would the kids be at par with other kids from the regular school.

shabbsk 2012-03-20 11:55:58




           We have our son in Tridha, its been just a few months since he is attending Tridha class 1...since we moved him from a conventional school...we are quite pleased by the whole environment of the not quite sure about our children being at par with the other children from regular schools...but im quite sure he is under safe and guided hands, those who shall see him through his most important years of life....


wish you all the luck




Kahuja 2012-03-20 15:23:01


Thanks a lot shabbsk  .....would b visiting the school this week..... 


mommysden 2012-09-14 10:25:57



Shabbsk I wanted to know hows the admission scene at Tridha. Is it difficult now ? due to criteria of minimum batch of 25-27 kids only ?. Also what is their take on kids who are slow for their age; for me my 3.9 year old has a limited vocabulary. How many months did you have to wait and did you have to follow-up on phone/email or visit pretty often. Pls let know as I’m desperate to get my son out of jr kg where he is expected to write a lot and written hindi begins from srkg.  Regards

MsMaker 2012-10-23 19:45:24


Tridha has an open day in December and again one in Jan. They make a list of parents who come for their openday seminar. While giving admissions I have heard that they admit kids from Dec list first followed by January list.

Suggest, you attend their open day and see for yourself what you feel about the school.


mommysden 2012-10-29 14:56:39


dear MsMaker,

thank you for your response. I had attended one induction program in Aug and had filled in the admission form. is this it or should i again attend the openday seminars ?. do let know as per your convenience. in the meantime i will write to them for enquiring about the same.

i would appreciate any more information about tridha or similar type of schools in the area..ive been to inodai but its too far for travelling of a 4 year old.


best regards



ss78 2014-02-10 19:00:11


Tridha from this year (2014) is demanding a hefty capitation fee ('voluntary contribution') of Rs 2 lakh to the school building fund for admission into the school. This is at odds with the high principles of learning and humaneness it claims to follow as its guiding principle. Also, there is little or no transparency in the admissions process, since the school refuses to give you any written/official communiques. All admission acceptance calls are on the phone. Even parents who did pay the donation amount were denied a receipt and forced to sign a letter saying they were paying voluntarily. Those who questioned the policy were categorically told their admission was cancelled! The whole process is very sordid and was very disillusioning for my husband and I, after our child was accepted into the school. So unless you want to cough up Rs 2 lakh over an above the admission fee (payment for the  whole year also required for admission) and wish to ignore the ethical and legal implications..... I would suggest keep it at barge pole distance.

priyachandna 2014-02-17 12:44:00


Hi. My son has been admitted into tridha from 2014 and we have not been asked for any donations. So I dont think your information is correct.

ss78 2014-02-19 11:41:57


@priyachandna: Have you received the admission call yet? The school authorities waited till the last possible moment and informed us about the 'extra' payment only during the call confirming admission. My son was given admission to Std IV. If your child was accepted at the beginner level (nursery) then the amount of 2 lakh is combined with the annual school fee, as informed to us by the school Trustee. So parents may not realise this amount is a donation unless they examine the receipt which would state Rs 2 lakh for building fund.
Thanks and Regards

soniac 2014-03-28 17:30:19


@ss78 how did you get admission in tridha? And are you happy with the school?
@Priya: finally did you have to pay the building fund?

ss78 2014-03-29 16:55:18


@soniac: Tridha's admission form is available the whole year round on its website, so my hubby and I visited the site to get info about the Steiner method of education, about Tridha's curriculum and we even spoke to family friends who have their two girls studying there. Because of the positive feedback we decided to apply for our elder son, although the age policy at Tridha would mean he'd have to repeat the year there. I submitted the downloaded application form along with his school reports till date, birth certificate original copy as well as an essay on my son's personality, daily routine and interests. We attended one orientation session which was with the teachers, and then were called for a second session on the phone with around 25 other parents. I was told there is a waiting list, so I was surprised at receiving a call within a few weeks of the first orientation; however, it didn't immediately become clear that our son had 'gotten through' till we asked the Admissions in charge. We also confirmed from a senior teacher that Tridha does not, apparently, shortlist more students than there are open seats, so all those kids who had received calls had been technically already accepted. You can imagine, being so keen on having our child study in a school with such a liberated , child-centric approach, I was virtually floating on cloud. But I was brought down quite suddenly and unceremoniously on the day the admission call came, and Ms Larrissa informed us that the 'Rs 2 Lakh building fund contribution' had to be made along with the payment of the fees for the full year, within 2 weeks of the confirmation call. Playing my journalist card I asked to meet the Principal adding that the demand for a Capitation fee had legal implications. However, we were called a full two weeks later. My disillusionment with Tridha was complete. My husband made arrangements for a loan for the 'donation'; however I discussed the matter with him and we concluded that, after what had transpired, we couldn't with a clear conscience go ahead with the admission. In the interim two weeks, we began applying to other schools, being firmly resolved that no other school demanding donations would be acceptable. It turns out God had different plans for my son - Jasudben M L school is a lesser known school but well reputed in the Bandra-Khar west area of Mumbai. The Principal, Mrs Hazarat, is a Gandhian. I had a brief association with JML last year when I assisted in training students there in their performance of the Hindi adaptation of the socially relevant Tagore Dance drama, Chandalika (The Untouchable maiden). I wrote to Mrs Hazarat, expressing my keenness to have my child grow up in such a culturally evolved atmosphere. I received a call within a week to fix an appointment, and was offered admission on the day of the meeting. The fees was embarrassingly reasonable. Moreover, the circumstances, the air of warmth and respect was heartening. There are still such schools in Mumbai, and I pray that there will always be. Ironically, just a day after I confirmed the admission offer, we received the awaited Tridha call giving us an appointment. We went for the meeting, in the hope that we would be able to persuade the management to bend for the sake of the other harried parents, most of whom perhaps had no choice but to accept the conditions, fair or unfair. Instead of the Principal, we were asked to speak with a Ms Ruth, one of the school trustees. It was a very cordial meeting that lasted about a half hour, in which Ms Ruth very politely explained their desperate need for funds to build the remaining floors of the school building, and how earlier attempts to seek voluntary donations from the parents post-admission, had failed miserably (so it seems, had all other options like sponsorships, inviting parents as stake holders, and bank loans!). "We have no choice in the matter. You can tell me a time period within which you will be raising the money - either personally or through approaching other parties for 'donations'," she concluded. She looked very contrite and seemed very much like us - educated, enlightened, dressed in a plain T-shirt and jeans, articulate and soft-spoken. In fact, she very easily would conform to the activist stereotype, if there was one. But she was unbending. We left the office with a vague sense of disquiet, tempered with a healthy dose of empathy. She had made her case quite effectively. But as it always is with any affair involving a monetary exchange of the coercive sort, the question of willing consent remained unanswered. If parents would otherwise not be willing to pay 2 lakhs to support the school, is it ethical to extract it out of them?
I have placed all the details in front of you. At the very least, I think we all owe it to our children who are this country's future, to at least introspect, as to where all this commercialisation will lead us. The road to Hell, after all, is paved with good intentions, and we must tread carefully if we are to face the future generations with our head held high.

soniac 2014-03-29 19:13:06


happy for u n ur kid. what you've said is surprising indeed. many thanks for sharing!

pdk1982 2014-09-03 15:50:03



I am a mother of twins and it is indeed very inspiring to see your views - very insightful and useful. i am seeking admission for my 3.5 year olds to a school that can really help them develop their individuality as they move forward in the learning system.  I am particularly keen to know from @ss78 if you have been able to find that ideal environment for your child at JML, Khar? Incidentally, we are at  crossroad trying to find the right school either in Andheri (east) or Khar/ Bandra since we have the option of both places. 
I observed in my visit to JML last year, the institution is simple yet endearing which is a rarity in our city (unfortunately) while Tridha's methodology fascinates me. 
Looking forward to your inputs...the earlier mentioned ones have been immensely helpful. thanks once again. 



ss78 2014-09-04 17:28:30


Dear pdk1982, thanks for replying and for your interest. Jasudben ML used to be quite well known in Bombay as Blooming Dale, it has been renamed since. I don't know much about the school as it used to be before, however I can certainly say that the school now, run by the Gujarat Research Society, has a very child-friendly approach. The Principal Ms Shubha (Hazarat is the President I found out)  is a very affable and warm person who is always ready to meet parents... and the school overall - its staff and teachers - are very open to interacting with parents, certain days of the week are earmarked as open days when parents without appointment can turn up and call down any particular teacher from the staffroom to have a word. The school also happens to have a very robust and active PTA, and any problems with specific teachers or teaching methods can be discussed and voiced through this forum as well.

As far as teaching is concerned, it has been only 4 months so far for my son... but I wouldn't say the teaching levels are stellar, at least in 5th grade. But given 40 students in each class, not bad either. I assume the international schools which have less students per class will be slightly better.

Since my son Irith comes from a Besant background he has been facing some difficulties, which is to be expected. His school hours have nearly doubled from 4 to 7, so he has to handle more books every day. (The school has developed a nice way to reduce book load by creating shelves for students to keep their books in class if they wish to, and only take those books home that they need to work on. My son doesn't utilise this option because he's too paranoid as of now about forgetting to get books, but hopefully as he gets more used to the system he's start taking advantage of this). Less homework (except Maths), more learning work and there are weekly tests so cramming before the Unit tests gets reduced I think since you are already familiar with the chapters.

Culturally speaking, the school has a very uncommon approach; it has regularly encouraged students to participate in stage adaptations of famous classic literary works by authors, in various languages - Hindi, Gujarati and even Bengali (Gujaratis have a very special bond and fondness for Tagore and his works have been extensively translated in Gujarati. Having said that, the students don't by any means come from only Gujarati-speaking families. There is a healthy mix of various communities and backgrounds. Being situated in Bandra which is more cosmopolitan than, say a Vile Parle, I think parents generally have more open attitudes.

All in all, I am fairly satisfied and feel it'll only get better as we all settle in!
Hope this was helpful, please feel free to ask more questions.

ss78 2014-09-04 17:35:46


pdk1982: I'd like to add a post script to the not-stellar teaching I had mentioned earlier. The curriculum is ICSE, so course materials won't be any different from any other ICSE schools; however there are many practical projects which students are given - and the best thing is, they are NOT supposed to do them at home so parent involvement is minimal. They get the materials - pictures, information and stationary according to what is assigned per group, and then the project is done during school hours.

Also, the two instances in which I have had to meet with the subject teachers for one issue or the other, the open day system and the accessibility of the teaching staff as well as the principal, have made a huge difference and really helped solve the problem.

pdk1982 2014-09-09 10:42:53


Thank you much @ ss78...I'm so glad there is someone to give me this detailed feedback on the school. We are definitely making JML as one of our options besides Podar and Scottish. 

sweetna 2014-10-13 19:43:31


Hi. I m chetana. My son is one year old. I want to know which board is good for him. Igcse, ib or icse

sanjovi 2014-11-06 14:22:16


Dear ss78, thanks for the detailed account. While not questioning your conclusions on ethics, I guess the empathy you felt also brings out challenges the school faces. What surprises though is why does the school not raise fees for existing students, since they would understand the benefits of the unique teaching method, and automatically new ones would pay the same? Or is the method not really that unique? Also in terms of syllabus, would this unique methidology be close to or aligned to any of the boards one is familiar with like ICSE/CBSE, IGCSE/IB etc. I am sure u or others who have their child in the school can comment on this. Thanks 

Maggs14 2015-01-20 10:53:05


My daughter took admission in Tridha in year 2013...
We were not asked for any donation.  We paid usual fees as others....
And never has the management ever asked us about generating funds for the building.....   


10hb 2015-01-25 17:13:59


Hi can you tell me the fee structure. How much is the actual fee for Jr Kg. 

avid 2015-02-13 15:55:31


Hi , my 5th std daughter was studing in a wonderful small school in Malad called Learnium with Turkish management and Indian and Turkish staffs , ratio of teacher/pupil was 10 to 12 and the best part was the fee which considering all the benefits ,was quite reasonable, yearly 50 k only, but to our disappointment as the building was rental and there was a dispute ,it shutdown suddenly after last semeaster last year, it was around the same time when i my daughter was tested in Sion Hp and was diagnosed as Dyslexic, i started searching new school and was overwhelmed by the fact that many educators didn't know what exactly dyslexia is and or i was finding schools with over crowded classrooms, 45 to 50 per class, such environment is equal to sense of failure and abandonment for a dyslexic child,so i homeschooled her this year but as she is very sociable and friendly she missed a lot of fun of school days i am desperately searching for a small school with good ratio but i am totally against hefty fees that so called global and internattional schools are charging, i am also against compulsory donation !! some schools are forcing on parents, i will appreciate if any one can suggest a good small school in and around Andheri west, lokhandwala even up to nearby suburbs. thanks

ss78 2015-02-14 16:42:19


@sanjovi: I agree that setting up a private school like Tridha means facing plenty of challenges including how to raise money to buy/lease land and build the school. And as prospective student-parents of Tridha - we informed the school we were more than willing to do our bit and help to raise money. The system offers many options - not the least of which is getting the banks to help with a loan. In our conversation with one of the trustees there at the time we were considering admission for our child, we discussed these options at length. I even suggested making the parents stake holders. But she poked holes in all options - she said the school rejected the bank loan option because of the interest which they were not willing to pay - and the latter because they were afraid that would mean losing the school's autonomy and inviting too much interference by parents. Well, the fact is even scoundrels have their justification for extorting money - that they needed money and no other legally sound option is 'viable' for them! But that's just too bad. You have to work within the system you live in unfortunately. Would a Steiner school so blatantly flaunt U.S. federal or state rules? I guess not. Rules here are lax, no one's regulating but that does not absolve the school of guilt, whatever their internal justification, and however sympathetic one may be to their cause.

As far as your query on the Board, the school switches to I.G. at Std 7. This was what was told to us. So exams etc in the usual way would begin from Std 7.  Taking your child out of school before he/she completes 7th grade in Tridha would be problematic for this reason. So parents should ideally commit at least up to 7th grade, or they would have a really difficult time adjusting to the exam system in other schools.

ss78 2015-02-14 16:49:10


@ avid: You might wish to try the new school JBCN International that's started in Oshiwara. It's an international school and the fees is heftier than in the older schools, true, but I haven't heard about any donations there. At least not yet. Many parents of students from Besant Montessori - where my two sons have studied - have sought admission there because of the low student-teacher ratio. At the least you could make enquiries about their policy viz a viz dyslexic children and how the teaching curriculum integrates them with the rest of the class. 

ss78 2015-02-14 16:52:01


@ avid: There is also another Waldorf school on S.V. road near the Andheri flyover (Shoppers stop), the Inodai Waldorf school. It's like Tridha, only hasn't shifted to a swanky locale/building yet so I think fees and donation may not be an issue there. I pretty sure they will have something special to offer for your child.

ss78 2015-02-14 16:54:41


@10h: The school fees in Tridha minus the building donation as far as I remember (beginning of last year) was around 77,000 per annum.

avid 2015-02-16 10:42:44


Thank you for your kind reply, will make an enquiry soon.

avid 2015-02-16 10:45:44


Thank you ss78, I will start my search from this week and will visit Inodai too

SumaGanesh 2015-02-20 12:34:22


Hi, I have come to believe I shouldnt send my child to any school other than tridha or inodai. That seems to be the only way (other than home schooling) that i can preserve her purity and imagination. Both schools have many applications for few it possible for some parent in this forum to help my child? My daughter is eligible for nursery this year..

Maggs14 2015-02-20 13:58:56


@ sumaganesh
If you already know about Tridha.. then you would also know that forms are available throughout the year... Other that siblings of existing students, students from other waldrof school or childrens of their own teachers... others have to wait for their turn in the waiting list.
Infact I waited for atleast a year before I actually got a admission call for my daughter.
But it is worth the wait...

I have never faced a problem in the whole admission process and have never been asked for additional funds as  @ss78 has indicated here.

And I personally have interacted with many parents at Tridha, and have never heard of anyone being asked to pay such donations.  

All payments made are receipted.  In fact the full amount of fees paid is taken as Tuition fees and this is a big help in Income Tax exemptions... This is the only school I know who does this.....


SumaGanesh 2015-02-20 14:27:57


Thank you..i have applied..I was told it is very rare children find a seat if noy in nursery...:(


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