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sophie 2009-11-17 14:50:21



need  some practical advice. We live in Powai and  I have a daughter who is 3.5 yrs. She has been confirmed admission to jr. KG at Ryan - Goregaon. Now, my concern is the distance for the young kid to travel Also,  there would be 40 children in a classroom with 1 teacher. Should i still send her there or should i look out for school which are closer to our locality? Can someonve advise us  which to look for, Bomaby Scottish - Chandivili or Hiranandani Foundation or SM shetty school or Gopal Sharma ?

Pls. help. Can't make up my mind

splinetol 2009-11-20 13:12:29


I am not an expert, but whatever i have understood from listening around i beleive it makes more sense to be in and around your locality and sm shetty and hiranandani are pretty decent. i would put an edge of SM shetty over hiranandani..... i gathered they are more dynamic with the approach to education and have a lot of extra-curricular stuff. Goodluck!


Manzie 2009-11-25 10:54:19


Hi Sophie,

I too reside in Powai and looking for schools for my 3 yr old son. Would like to know if you could get any other schools nearby.



sophie 2009-11-25 11:06:44


Hi Manzie,

Am not able to understand which types of school's are you looking out for. Incase you are looking out for playgroup schools then you could opt for Eurokids, Kids ZEE, Tree house which are close to eachother. And if you are looking out for proer school then, below mentioned are the details

1. SM Shetty School - SSC Borad , IB - Interview process already started

2. Gopal Sharma International - ICSE ,  and SSC - Forms available, last date is today

3. Hiranandani Foundation - ICSE - need to enquire at school- unless u are a hiranandani resident, then u would be lucky.

4. Bombay Scottish - ICSE

5. Powai English School - SSC

6. Godrej School - SSC

7. Pawar International - ICSE

8. Kendrya Vidyala - CBSE- available only for central service

 Hope its of some help.


Manzie 2009-11-25 23:58:37


Thanks Sophie.

 We are looking for nursery / LKG for my 3 year old son. We are trying to decide between ICSE, CBSE or IB.. not sure as yet.  

Would you have any feedback on SM Shetty School as HES seems difficult.




sophie 2009-11-27 10:24:17



As mentioned in my earlier mail. SM shetty has already begin with their interview. Infact they are schedule for Orientation Tomorrow. Incase, u looking at Shetty as an option then u need to hurry. Also, gopal Sharma is not a bad option. But our Best bet would be for Bombay Scottish which the admission procedure begins only in January. The seats are limited there and too many candidates for the same. I suggest, you keep a seat book with Shetty or Gopal and look  and wait for for Scottish.


sophie 2009-11-27 10:37:12



Also, would like to mention that shetty offers IGSE ( Cambridge University ) which is equilavent to IB from STD 1. It's also an option you could look at. IB is offered at Hiranandani School.



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