tree house or euro kids

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HIREN 2012-02-10 19:29:19


 hi, iam looking for my kids addmission at tree house at vile parle east but my wife an i disscus about addmission at tree house , she told me that we should go an vist at euro kids at vile parle also .

my cousin son is allso going to tree house at vile parle 

so i am confuse about the addmission were to take i stay at bandra east

so please guide me were i should take the addmission and i am going to put my son in arya vidiya mandir for hes studies, so there is any prefrans so please tell me as soon as possible


preetyslim 2012-02-10 19:35:34


 as ur kid is small please prefer anything which is near to ur residence so u can personally go and drop and pick up ur child as they r so small to go in bus and vans.... 


HIREN 2012-02-11 11:33:12


 hi good morining butmy question is which school is good for my child


Esha0211 2012-02-23 12:37:49


 Hi Hiren, preety is absolutely right. You should probably figure out which one is closer. Ofcourse preschool plays an important role before formal schooling. My daughter goes to eurokids andheri. it is worth the fees and the teachers are also very co operative. if you think distance is not an issue, i think you should choose eurokids.


avikumar 2012-03-04 22:55:12


Hi Hiren,

I am staying at Thane.Tree house is in my appt only and Eurokids is around 3 km away from my appt. I have decided Eurokids.

I have given a thought towards board and affiliation. Tree house kids are getting preference in Arya cambrige which is having International board, while Euro kids are getting preferences in Euro school which is ICSE. Definitely next year i am going to give a try to some best school. Incase if i ll not be able to get admission in those school then Euro school is there.Please consider all these points and then decide.Thanks..avi



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