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Anusash 2011-12-30 09:18:09


Hi all We will be relocating to Mumbai in a month's time. At present we are in chennai. Kindly help us in finding a good cbse school in around goreagon and the admission details for my son (3.5 yr) to be admitted in LKG by june 2012. Please give ur opinions about the school, the admission procedures etc on the following schools also.. -Vibgyor High -Vivek Vidyalay School & College -Gokuldham High School Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs and Suggestions.

Anusash 2012-01-06 21:45:38


Hi all

Can some body reply on the above query. Since we are new to the city, we would like to know the details of some good cbse schools in around goregoan.. The information would be of much use to us if u share the same here...

Also we would like to know abt Gokuldham High School!

Thanks in advance.




Syamala2012 2012-01-07 12:15:46



There are very few CBSE schools in Western Mumbai. The nearest school is Ryan in Malad, one in Lokhandwala (not sure of the name) and Rajhans in Andheri, Podar at Santacruz. 

Ryan has upto class VIII and higher classes are being established year on year. Admission is not an issue. Pay the fee and you will get it. School timings are from morning 8 to 3.30. School bus is available upto Andheri. No play ground. Depending on the distance  you need to send packed breakfast & lunch

Rajhans: Located in the heart of Andheri (West) near Bhavans. It is run by the trust of Hansraj Morarjee Trust. While Hansraj is affiliated to State Board, Rajhans is affiliated to CBSE. Admission is through written test and subject to availability of seats. Announcement is made in April / May written test in first week of June and classes start from mid june. Has good playground and open area for the child activities

Podar: Located in Santacruz (W). Has all streams...ICSE, CBSE, IB. Admission subject to availability and you might have to visit the school couple of  times to understand the admission process. No play ground.

As regards to the schools mentioned...i understand that they Vivek school is state Board...but suggest with the school once. Vibgyour is ICSE and is considered good but i hear reports that the school charges high fee...which in my view is very subjective. 

PS: There are lot of CBSE schools in Navi Mumbai.

Trust this provides basic understanding.



Anusash 2012-01-11 22:35:34


Hi Syamala2012

Thanks a lot for your detailed information regarding my query...Will check on the schools u have mentioned.. Since we are very new to mumbai we have lot of tension on our child's education...with ur info i would proceed further..

Please do write on any other information if any.





Syamala2012 2012-01-12 17:33:26


You are welcome.

We have gone through the admission pain this year and i understand your anxiety






Anusash 2012-01-13 07:50:02


 Hi All

Can u please throw some more information about ryan international school in goregoan as how good the school compared to other schools in goregoan.

Since we are relocating from chennai to mumbai my son does not know hindi. Do the teachers converse with the students in english?

Please also share any other information about ryan international school if any...

Thanks in advance for your support..



tannymum 2012-01-14 13:24:05


Regarding ryan, i must warn you to stay away.My niece went to that school ,for many months, they didnt have a class teacher. standard of teaching is very average and so are the teahers.

Now my niece goes to vibgyor n she is very happy.

i am putting my son there too.

hope thsi helps...




Abhivaby 2015-02-16 10:01:07


Hi all , I will b relocating to Mumbai in April.i m seeking admission for my 2 kids 2&6 class.  Can u people please suggest good cbse in and around goregaon .


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