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Vandu77 2011-12-14 11:20:46


All the parents are welcome to join this Group...whose childrens are studying in Euro School...and who is likely to take admission in this School...So that we can share are doubts...As this is a new school nobody discuss about it...Parents staying near GB Rd..are most welcome.

Thanx & Regards


Rajisudarshan 2011-12-14 11:26:23


 Hi Vandana..

My name is Raji.   I am planning to enrol my daughter in Euroschool for 3rd std...  Even i am eager to get more reviews abt this school.



Vandu77 2011-12-14 20:28:26


Welcome Raji...where r u from Thane...want to know still admission going on??? right now m not in may be end of march i will be coming there...that time planning to take admission in euro school thane before that need some information...


sonalim 2011-12-23 13:08:24



My name is Sonali. I am interested in enrolling my son to Euroschool for Sr. KG. But need reviews before i finalise it. Need help.


Vandu77 2011-12-28 14:23:47


Hi..Sonali..where do u stay??? near GB Road?? even m not getting any reviews for this

school...think so very new thats y all parents hesitate to send their child but the Airoli

Euro school is good going....r u trying for some other schools also....let me know




MaheshS 2012-01-09 04:12:36



Recently I have been transfered to mumbai from Nagpur. I need admission for my son (Shravan) for 2nd standard. Can i get some advice, more details.

I presently stay at Thane (west) Teen Hath naka.




Vandu77 2012-01-09 10:57:49


Giving you some sites of thane school just go through it... .......admission going on ......admission will be at the end of Jan as per vacant seats   ......admission going on ....................admission going on  .............        admission will start this month

some schools like Vasant Vihar,Arunoday,Lokpuram dont have sites...




MaheshS 2012-01-09 12:39:46


Thanks Vandana,

for your reply. Do you know when Lokapuram school starts admission OR is it already started for 2nd standard. Do you have anybody in contact.




Vandu77 2012-01-09 13:22:29


I Think so admission going on....u have to chk with school.......i dont hav anybody in

contact...but u can go thru comments of good school thane group.....will get more idea





RameshNair 2012-01-09 15:52:47


Vandu77 - DO you have any idea about the fees at Hiranandani School?


neeli 2012-02-09 04:12:56


 Hi,this is neelima,i want enroll my child in euro school,my baby is 2years old so i will start  with preschool,Need some reviews abt euro kids.thank u...


Vandu77 2012-02-09 10:24:45


visit this site


prema25 2012-02-24 15:16:51


Hi Raji..

I have taken admission for my child for 3rd standard at Euroschool.. Since we will be shifting to GB Road thought this was a good option.. haven't heard any review yet about the school..


anjun 2012-03-09 12:46:23


Hi All.

Euro school looks like a good school. Very vibrant.

When you go on a weekday, you get to see kids involved in a variety of sctivities, and kids have made very good projects.

Best time to visit is on a saturday, when you can visit each and every class.

My suggestion, go to the class and if possible check the students books which will give you some idea about the academics.


Vandu77 2012-03-30 19:04:56


Thanx tell us about the Euro School...even i took admission for my daughter..this year in Euro Thane...she will be in grade1...

Do ur child goes to this u know about their activites???? can u share more things....Only i feel the fees are high....if they increases everyyear...then its not good..

Bcoz now before taking admission they said for uniform they will take Rs.4000 once..

now they just email to pay Rs5380 for uniform...this is not right..




anjun 2012-04-02 13:30:58


Hi Vandana.

I'm not yet sure, but I haven't received any correspondence from Euro. I have also been checking with a couple of other friends some have , but some have not received any communication.

I'm a little dissapointed with the approach if they have emailed, what I was told that they will be sending a formal letter from the school and giving us further details and will also notify us for the orientation.

Rs.5380 includes only uniform? or what else???



lilarch 2012-04-17 12:17:28


 Hi Vandana,

I am a mother of a Two years one month kid (March 2010 born). I am staying in Powai and very interested in Euroschool, Could you please tell me if they have a bus service from Airoli to Powai? Please also tell me what is the minimum age at which they admit students in Jr KG?


Thanks a lot


prema25 2012-04-19 20:33:16


Hi anjun,

I think the fee includes only uniform.




PrasadK 2012-06-24 09:56:12


Hello All,

I was planning for an admission to Euroschool Thane, for my daughter. I visited the school yesterday and was disappointed with the location / accessibility and also the play area. The school claims to have a  1.5 Acre play area (planned). I do not see that kind of space around the building.

Can folks who have their kids in EuroSchool Thane, share their experiences about School infra / teaching staff / general ops / any thing else worth mention ?



asdsdfdfgdfgfg 2012-07-14 14:36:40



I wll suggest u the Rainbow Pre-school is good school compare to the euro school, my child is studing in the same school from past 3 yrs, he I very exicted to go to school even on sat & sun. He is in Senior Kg right now. Rainbow also have thier further schooling in Laurel Public School which is CBSE board school. The school is till 6th Std right now.




prema25 2012-07-17 10:43:40


Hi Prasad,

We shifted to Thane this Apr and my child is in Std 3 of Euro school, though the infrastructure and facility is still not developed completely, there is enough scope for the overall growth of the child. 

wrt the connectivity and infrastructure am sure it will develop in a year or so..Am being positive about it.

wrt to school there is a mix of academics and co and extra curricular activities. The academic portion is age appropriate, with equal amount of learning in school and home assignment on the weekends, which does take some of your time on weekends..

The extra curricular activities presently going on are gymnastic, skating and Taekwondo. They have indian as well as western dance classes and music, which also host a choir. Not to forget the drawing and art and craft. Yes, They also have academic and cultural clubs..

Though the school is missing on a large play ground, am sure it will come up in a year or so thats what has been told to us. This is what my child specially misses from her earlier schooling, which used to have a huge play ground and lots of outdoor sports. Another thing which my child misses from her earlier school is the non fire cooking, which I don't think any other school in Thane is offering.

One thing I wish if the school had was a cafetaria.. which would have helped a working mother like me...


TarunRocks 2013-01-23 18:03:00


With very limited options around, Euro School seems to be the best bet. I haven't come accross even one bad comment from whomsoever I have spoken to regarding Euro International, Thane.

Getting through admissions in Singhania is really very tough which i have heard is the best school from last several years in Thane. I have also heard of Billabong, Vasant Vihar and DAV to be the better schools around. Since I am new to Thane myself, thus not very sure of the facts.

Really looking for some concrete feedbacks. Pls keep writing.



navnish 2013-01-27 20:21:15


 Hi All,

we are shifting to thane from delhi in Mar/Apr 13.Not sure of the locality,may be Hiranandani estate. Looking to admit our son in Class I. Need some help and advice for selecting good schools. State board is out and looking for CBSE /ICSE /international schools . what are the chances of geting admission in JK, Universal,DAV, Euro, Billabong. Pse suggest any other good school.


Gudparent 2013-02-08 11:32:40


 Hi Vandana - i have sent you a friend request.

Was wanting to know your reviews of schools in Thane as we have recently moved to this area and are seeking admission to grade 1 for our daughter. Would appreciate if you can pm me your number. My wife shall reach out to you for more inputs. Thanks.


Capila 2013-02-08 21:53:15



First lets be clear if we mean a 'good' school to be one which churns out students with more than 90% marks in board examinations ? Or do we mean a school which is child centric and understands what it needs to do for its sctudent community ? Singhania , Vasant Vihar , DAV , Hiranandani Foundation  score really high on the former point. Schools like Billabong lay stress on making the process fun and enriching.




Capila 2013-02-08 21:58:39


Hi Navnish,

If you are relocating to Hiranandani Estate Hiranandani Foundation School is a fair choice. My son goes to HFS and he is doing well. If you are going to put up else where do try Billabong High international School . It has ICSE and IGCSE ( from 4th grade up). 


gits 2013-02-27 14:07:04


Hi Vandana,

I stay in Neelkanth Palms on GB Rd. My sons have been going to Euroschool; one has been there for the last 2 years. He's presently in 3rd the 2nd one joined last year ; he's in Jr K.g. 

It's been a fantastic experience so far. Both my children enjoy going to school. The emphasis is on all round development.. not just academics. Also they use modern methods of teaching (smart class), which makes it even more interesting.  

But if one is looking for a conventional system of education with emphasis on homework, etc.. one is surely going to be disappointed. The children hardly get any homework.. all their assignments are taken care of in the class itself.  

Well, at times, there are communication glitches; some parents receive an sms or mail. while the others do not. But that's a small hiccup, which I think will get resolved over time. Also the school is expanding slowly.All in all, I am very proud to be a Euroschool parent.     



navnish 2013-02-27 20:01:00


 thanks Capila. HFS requires you to own a house in Estate, i dont know whether they would give admission,,,will hope for the best


Priguna 2013-03-17 01:57:47


 hi all,

we r shifting to thane in next month. right now my child studying in nursery(ICSE Board).

i want to get her addmision in jr kg. she is feb 2010 born. plz let me know the good icse board schools in gb thane.



r77 2013-09-17 23:14:25


 Dear Friends,

I would be moving to Mumbai in the next two months and was looking at admissions for my kid who is in class 3, either mid-term or for next session.

wrt HFS, if we take up acommodation in Hiranandani Estate, would they give admissions. Completely lost of how it works.

Also, between EuroSchool Thane and EuroSchool Airoli, which ine is better and what is the fees there. 

What are the pospects og geting admission in NHSS at thane. 








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