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punjabimanoj 2011-11-07 21:31:44




Need to know Good Schools in/around Kalyan.



Kogu 2011-11-08 13:53:43



Sacred heart school is a very very good school near Kalyan.It has been conducting many activities like swimming,pottery,horse riding,archery etc along with cirriculum..Really good school.

Dont ever go for schools like Meridian or All Saints as all these schools just add to the burden to ur child.Trust me as no one else can give u a better idea than me as i have been taking tutions from a long time and i've taught children from all these schools.

If u wanna go for simple curriculum based schools so u can go for Holy Cross Convent School,K.C.Gandhi,Vani Vidyalay.



punjabimanoj 2011-11-08 20:01:38



Really Appreciate your reply.  Infact i was really confused for the same.

What is your view on Podar International School in Kalyan if we are looking for ICSE or Cambridge Board.

As i am staying in Ambernath - do suggest accordingly or let me know your contact details will call you immediately as soon as i check it.





Kogu 2011-11-09 14:22:24


Podar is also a good school.But i think u may have the idea about the cirriculum of ICSE board as it is totally different from our state board or CBSE.

Go for it if u think ur child is a bright student as the cirriculum is very differnt n u will have to take pains for the first few years for ur child to cope up with that pattern.It also has subjects like Hindi from 1st standard which is again not very easy for ur child as he/she may have a start to both english and hindi frm very childhood..

Lastly the check out for the fees of this school..its really gonna make ur pocket spend a lot..





MyLittleTot 2011-12-13 15:24:36


I guess Holy Cross, KC Gandhi etc handle state board syllabus. Are State board good as CBSE and ICSE.

1) Which of these boards provide a good strong future for kids in Maharashtra?

2) If we take CBSE or ICSE, do we have really good schools with good faculty to handle such syllabus in Kalyan City?

3) If I have to pick the best out of Holy Cross, KC Gandhi, St Thomas and Vani Vidyala assuming state board. Which would that be?

Please help.


payalvh 2012-10-26 17:34:16


hi i m looking for a good school in kalyan city , can u plz guide me . thanks  


payalvh 2012-11-01 19:21:32


what about birla school . i guss it is a cbse school. i m confussed which is best . plz guide me .




bkt1273 2012-11-11 18:02:08


I am also sailing in the same boat.  I need to freeze between Podar and Birla for my daughter's admission in Class VI

I am aware that both the syllabus are different.  Child development depends on the teacher's faculty.

This should be the guiding factor for taking the admission

Please guide me at the earliest time


riya1 2013-10-26 19:56:18


hi manoj which did u put ur kid into....

riya1 2013-10-26 20:00:12


how is tree house, birla school,podar school which board is gud?
what is the admission process for birla school? 

snrthakur 2014-01-14 15:36:35


Dear Kawal,

Need your opinion on finalisation of school for my kids. I have tried getting admission for my kids Class 2 and Class5 in Birla School but they don't have any vacancy for the said grade. 

My other options are ST.Lawrence International School (2014 will be their 1st year in Kalyan), Arya Gurukul in Kalyan east and All Saints.

Request you to revert with your opinion on these schools. 

Thanks & Regards

punjabimanoj 2014-01-14 19:37:20



I have heard about birla school a lot,  but they have no vacancies on any of the grades as u said earlier is correct.

Even i am still thinking of getting to my son into Sr. Kg searching for CBSE / ICSE Schools.

Kindly suggest.

And by the way can you let me know where is this ST.Lawrence International School in Kalyan.  Do you have the address?

Manoj Punjabi


snrthakur 2014-01-18 14:49:42


Hi Manoj,

I have finalised St. Lawrence School for my kids in Kalyan. They have background of 24 years experience in educational stream in Thane. This branch in Kalyan is of CBSE Board with good number of activities. The coming year will be their first year of schooling. This school is located on Adharwadi Jail road. 

I have selected this school with due diligence after comparing Birla school, All Saints, Cambridge, Arya Gurukul.

You can contact Mr. Jerry or Mrs. Palke on 9223609111 / 9223694111


riya1 2014-01-18 19:40:46


Hi shruti, Wat gud hav u found in lawrence Whr exactly it is located do they hav. Website

punjabimanoj 2014-01-21 23:01:23


Thanks Shruti for your help. Can you give me more help by providiing their website and complete address to visit their school for admission inquiry. Any idea do they have ambernath bus facility.

Manoj Punjabi


snrthakur 2014-01-25 14:01:03


Hi Manoj/ Riya,

The website of the school is 

About Bus facility you can get in touch with them. 


mandyn3 2014-11-16 11:43:43


hi snrthakur, 
 am considering St Lawrence too how is your experience with the school so far can you please tell me?

nana100 2014-11-19 23:48:21


hi kogu
my daughter is in VI (ssc pattern) now i think to change pattern CBSC is it right decision to change pattern at this stage pl guide me


Hary7681 2018-02-27 12:41:55


I am considering St. Lawrence school for admission of my son in 1st standard. Any reviews about school regarding teaching quality, extra curricular activities, facilities at school, etc.
Please reply if anybody has more information.

Hary7681 2018-02-27 12:45:18


How about St. Xaviers school and Aarya Gurukul at Kalyan West for CBSE pattern?

AdityakB 2021-11-17 09:28:33


Dear Manoj, 

I am looking for the answer to the same question. Can your share your experience with schools in Kalyan. Which one you had selected and which is best according to you. It will be a great help. 9967240133 you can call me for a quick chat, it will be a great hep. 

Thank you. 


AdityakB 2021-11-17 09:30:23


@Hary7681 Dear Hary,

How was your experience with St. Lawrence?



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