Which Board to chose for my kid?

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cdebraj 2011-10-12 18:46:25


Dear Parents,

I am looking for a decent school with quality education and reasonable fees around Malad West.  My son will take admission in Jr.Kg. However, I am little confused as the curriculums available are ICSE and IGCSE in most of the shortlisted schools.  While I understand that IGCSE is an international curriculum, I am afraid that would he be at a disadvantage at a later stage of his life when he needs to shape up for his career both in terms of the curriculum being recognaized and more from the point of view of competitive exams in the indian context like enrance exams for engineering, medical, finance etc.?

Any parent who have their kids from IGCSE curricum do really well in these competitive exams or otherwise would be ideal for giving their views.

My second question is that which of the schools are good even if I have to give him in an IGCSE school?

1.  Pinnacle High Intl School

2.  Bilabong

3. Witty

4. Pillai Global Academy

In ICSE Schools:

1.  Balaji Intl

2. Billabong

3. D.G. Khetan




sgupta 2017-05-18 15:58:06


So which option did u finally choose?
Please reply.



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