confused about my son s school..plz help

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ainee 2011-09-29 18:42:07


 hi,we r shifted from delhi in june this year..we stay in kandivali east..i put my son in thakur public school.because it is near to pur so far i m not finding it son is in sr kg..nd there is lots of pressure on him,nd teachers r nt at all cooprative...they dnt teach mch in the school nd want kids to learn everything at home...more over they put pressure on kids with extra homework...kindly tell me which school is good..i have two options one is sjbcn school in borivali.nd other is lokhanwala school...kindly help me as i m new to mumbai,nd realy confuse,

VIDS14 2011-09-29 23:26:22


hi....someone told me rustomjee school(betn borivli and bayander...i thnk) i good....u chk out....


ainee 2011-09-30 15:59:09


 thanx...will try surely



tanujaa 2011-10-01 00:50:59


ainee we have the same story moved from delhi in sept ...n put my daughter sheer by chance in one of the goregaon schools just bcoz they had a seat no clue on wots their curriculum there is no communication more so.....still finding schools wer its more transparent....wot hav u finally decided ...plz accept my req


ainee 2011-10-03 11:04:46


 hi,tanujaa....still i hv not decided anything...actually i m looking admission in rustumji...but they said no i m planing to put him in jbcn finally..but lets c..will go today to the school,nd c their curriculm,nd will meet incharge...where do u stay ?in which school u daughter is studying...its realy a problem for people like us who comes from outside...did u send me request in face book also?



Shkm 2011-10-04 07:43:33


 Hi, Tanujaa


how old is ur kid and in which school.



tanujaa 2011-10-04 18:42:41


hi ainee. ...i hv sent u a req on parentree not on fb..i dnt hav yr fb add......u can find me on fb by tanuj talwar shah.......wch one is jbcn ...cudnt get it.....n ver ru in kandivali east ....i am in lokhandwala.....i guess rustomjee is in malad......?my daughter is in gokuldham 's preschool....playmate.....child centric but no communication so far on day to day activity she was doing lots in delhi...she was wth amiown the amity's preschool branch.....i like teacher sensitivity till now out here rest cant make it to be more are u looking fr sr kg or the next class.....i can suggest lokhandwala /vibgyor in malad east these r new age schools .....otherwise u want yr son to be under less pressure then playmate or gokuldham school is gud they hav icse......atleast yr child wud be in caring arms......n yes migratories like us hav to do everything on our own from scratch that too with gut instincts....:D.......

hi shkm

as i mentioned in playmate ....she is 3......n hw r u.....r u on fb....i hv a local meet up grp there if u wish to join....fb gvs more face to face connect


Shkm 2011-10-05 08:56:04


 my kids too are in playmate, but next yr looking for vibgyor. looking for some reviewson vibgyor, malad east. Plz any parents of vibgyor high grade 1- 4. How do u finf\d the school. i am finding it very diificult to decide since sincerely i have no complaints against gokuldham school, but look forward to vibgyor for added advantage of less no. of students per teacher, school timings and extra curricular activities.

any reviews plz...



tanujaa 2011-10-12 01:17:16


hi shkm

likewise....vibgyor wud be little more new age school....but i m also looking at ajmera global /dr pillai/lokkhandwala///....lets c....wot class r they in.....


Adish 2011-10-12 13:51:34


Hi. Which board are u luking for... M luking for ICSE board schools. Though IBCSE schools put less pressure on kidz n build them from core, they stress more on R&D, but the prob kidz r gonna face is when they go for their colleges, they might not be able to cope up the pressure which Indian Borad students will be able to handle more easily.

VIBGYOR admissions have started but m not sure to put my 3 yr kid here in. Which one is better school.. VIBGYOR, Gokuldham or any other in the area ? I want to put more stress in Academics.

very confused. Somebody pls help.


svaswani 2011-10-14 12:32:42


hi am looking for a good ICSE school for my 2.5 yr old in Andheri West- Lokhandwala area.

Any idea or review abt Jankidevi Public School? Am totally confused ...don't knw wht is the right option?  


Shkm 2011-10-14 14:58:12


Hi Adish

My kids are in Goludham (yashodham playmate) in Sr. Kg

I too was contemplating Vibgyor Malad East. I was looking for Vibgyor only coz of the timings and extra curricular activities. But after visiting the school, i have changed my mind and will continue in Gokuldham. At present Vibgyor provides SPA only in the basement which is not at  all airy and the infrastructure is also not in place. Also there is also the controversy of  possibility of BMC school after some time on the First three floors coz the land belongs to BMC.

If compared academically, i prefer Golkuldham. I felt  Extra curricular activities can always be availed of seperately.




Adish 2011-10-14 17:22:02


Thanks for your input shkm.  I was planning to visit Gokuldham and VIBGYOR this Saturday. I m also very much in for Poddar School and have bought form today, the travel distance here I am finding is aroung 45 min while Gokuldham would be 30-35 min travel.

As u said, academics is even my priority coz extra curriculars we can always handle seperately, but m not able to finalize one  of the three schools I have listed here. How do you compare these three ?

svaswani  for Andheri -W thr are lot of gud schools - 1. Maneckji Cooper, 2 -  Arya Vidya Mandir,  3- Uttpal Sanghvi, Rajhans, Janki Devi.... I have ranked them per my R&D but you will always get different feedback from diff people. I heard Janki Devi is more into extra curricular than academics.



Nivu 2014-01-02 12:04:12


Hello adish I wanted to know have u reviewed gokuldham school? i also stress for academics, crowd, various inter and within school competitions ..... Please reply.

Nivu 2014-01-02 12:12:16


Hello shkm Is ur kid still in gokuldham? I m considering putting my child there. Wanted to ask do they have activities like elocutions debates dramas competitionsetc. Is it comparable to gundecha the most sought after school but unfortunately out of reach for malad east residents? Please reply

Nivu 2014-01-07 10:09:49


no reply from anybody ..... its so sad please reply

sgupta 2017-03-07 12:59:42


Hi...any gokuldham or playmate parent...or u all have shifted to some other school...please reply....i am in the same dilemna

narshi 2017-03-14 17:51:44


Can anyone inform the fee for PODAR WORLD SCHOOL in thane?....


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