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Shrikant1234 2011-09-21 16:44:06



ATTENTION: SAFETY FOR YOUR CHILD, PLEASE READ, Will take one minute I have a daughter and she is studying in school in Malad West. Her school is in morning and hence I contracted with local van service for transport to school. BUT I had very bad experience and hence want to share.  My genuine request to parents is toNever contract with Van Service for you child's school from Driver Balu.He drives Maruti Versa and his mobile number is 9224635626 He resides in Gorai, Borivali and also sometimes in Goraswadi, Malad West to hide from money lenders. ·         He is MOST of the time Drunk during driving.·         Does many leaves without informing and on contacting always his phone is switched off. Next day he gives unusual excuses. My daughter reached late several times and got late remarks.·         During contract he promised for Van but Most of the times he takes the child in Open Rickshaw without any safety measures. MOST important·         He has borrowed Money from Many people. He also borrowed money from me with false reason that small children’s are stuck in Van due to Tier puncture,,,etc·         He had several quarrels on the road when children are inside the van watching them fighting and people asking for money.My daughter had a very bad experience and she is not yet out of this trauma. She fell ill and had to be hospitalized. I have stopped the service and this driver didn’t return any of the money yet. Such people can do anything for money. Parents, please stay alert and informed before contracting with this Driver name Balu. He has very bad history and it can cost our lovely child’s life. Thanks for your precious time.

 Former member 2011-09-22 10:38:57


 thanks shrikant for posting such agood cause in front of all the parents...hey shrikant1234, i also stay at malad my child goes to the school which is near by... i go there personally and take my child personally from the school.. in my society many parents have face many problems due to van service as they r not from the school they have there own tantrums.... in one case in our society the kid was harrased so mush by other kids in the van that he was so emotionally hurt that he stopped eating and talking to anybody... so i request all the parents of little kids please if possible go personally to pick ur child and also if u want any service i will request to only send ur child through school bus atleast we r assured that the man is from school.... so parents be alert 


GirlDad 2011-09-27 23:52:45


 Are there any good playschools in Goregaon Wmalad W area?

does anyone know of any good playgroup in Bangur Nagar for my 2yo?

also, regd. the above issue, since I have not yet started such service, I wonder if the other parents who send kids to school by this driver  why are they not stopping the service or complaining?



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