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tan 2009-10-21 11:03:56



I am a mom of three year old boy. Lokking for a school admission for Jr. K.G

Any body pl. help me to select the school. i am working women and i heard that icse board is very hard for working women. pl. suggest me which board i should opt for? ICSE or CBSE and school for that board.

Thank u


shwets 2009-10-21 22:53:20


hi tan,

i am not that ware of the technicalities of icse and cbse but i have heard icse is good for languages and cbse is good for maths. but cbse is more theoritical than practical. but best being SSC board which has the curiculum that matches the capacity of that childs age. in mulund i have heard that there is one school named shri shri ravi shankar school which is vey very good and yes there is one national public school near R-MALL which is icse board and is also good. i have heard it focuses on overall growth of the child. if you ant in thane than its Vasant Vihar for SSC , DAV for CBSE and JK Singhania for ICSE. but check for JK before you opt for it coz i have also heard that the teaching staff is not competent enough.



tan 2009-10-23 15:51:05


Thank u shwets.

I'll check


tan 2009-11-06 15:46:31


Dear Shwets,

Can you tell me in which manner state is better then other ?



shwets 2009-11-06 22:58:25


hey tan,

did u check out the schools? i feel and this is solely my opinion, that state board to a very good extent has considered the capacityof the child that age before deciding the curriculum. if you see what is taught in 5th std of any icse school is taught in 8th std of state board which is not a drawback as considered by most of the people. its like some kids learning to walk early and some late but who masters it counts. a child learning things at right time but later than few kids can grow up to be athelete. eventually they catch up. but to burden them unnecessary is not good and thats what icse and cbse curriculum does. rest is your decision obviously. hope this has helped clear the doubts to a certain extent. i understand cause even i have a son who goes to nursery. and i dont want him to loose on his childhood.

all the best.


tan 2009-11-09 09:52:45


thank u

point to be noted !!!!!!!

i never thought in this manner before, but i will make sure i will think twice before opting for the board.

at long run all this small looking thing become greater then it looks.

can u tell me how one can deceide of their child capacity, I personally think this is not a age when u can deceide how long your child can run & on which speed Pls. guide



enigma 2009-11-09 11:19:42


hello!!  Tan..

Billabong High (icse, Wagle Estate) is a good school, but  it's fees are exhorbirant. My kid is in this school.. their teaching approach is superb.. no burden, books are kept back in school.. the child is well informed.. they have a cafeteria too..good infrastructure.. you may check out before taking any decision


shwets 2009-11-10 18:59:28


hey relax buddy,

u seem to be getting too hyper. cant blame you. we want the best for our kids. but let me tell you just relax and enjoy his walking stage right now. you will know his capacity as and when he grows up. and besides what are exams and results for? you can always encourage him on stuff he is good at. there are lots of classes where you can enrol your kid for his overall growth. we being enthusiastic parents are always on lookout for such classes so dont worry about the other factors. just think of location also while choosing a school. you dont want your child to be exhausted by the time he reaches home. by the way which area you stay?



tan 2009-11-12 14:14:53


Hi shwets,

I live in Mulund. & I dont find any nice school for my kid in Mulund for both the board(either ICSE or CBSE)

Pawar(Bhandup ) is good for ICSE

JK Shighania (Thane) is good for ICSE (No Vacancies)

DAV (Airoli) is good for CBSE (No vacancies)

& none of above is assuring us for admission (Lottary System)

now what is in my mind is whether i will able to get admission for him on time ( he wil go for Jr. KG in june 2010)

So i am really hyper about it (though i should not)



tan 2009-11-12 15:00:22


Hi shwets,

I live in Mulund. & I dont find any nice school for my kid in Mulund for both the board(either ICSE or CBSE)

Pawar(Bhandup ) is good for ICSE (No Vacancies)

JK Shighania (Thane) is good for ICSE  (Lottary System)

DAV (Airoli) is good for CBSE (No vacancies)

& none of above is assuring us for admission, I personally went for te admission to their school.

now what is in my mind is whether i will able to get admission for him on time ( he wil go for Jr. KG in june 2010)

So i am really hyper about it (though i should not)


shwets 2009-11-12 22:43:43


why dont you check out the school named shri shri ravi shankar school or smthng like that. i am not sure about the name but i heard its very very good, its in mulund, ICSE and of international std. my cousin who use to stay in mulund had mentioned it. her son was in DAV but she use to complain that it (DAV)  is ok till 5th but not good after that, so she wanted to opt for this particular school. she was all praises for this school but now she has shifted abroad so...... anyways you check out if you can find it or else i will contact her and get the details for you.

FYI admissions for JK have not started as yet.


tan 2009-11-13 12:58:14


hi shwets,

Thanks again,

u r right, the name of the school is Shri Shri Ravishankar, but i get very mixed review for that. not so nice particularly for the higher standard.

Any way do you get admission for your son or u had taken last year? in which scholl he is right now?

what is his name?



shwets 2009-11-13 23:06:25


yes my son goes to Vasant Vihar (state). i took it this year for nursery. he is 3 now, his name is Anish - a very active kid anyways... i too was very confused initially whether to go for ICSE or State, but my husband explained a lot of technicalities with his own fundas of convent versus other co-ed (ofcourse english medium only) at our times. eventually we have all learnt english even people from vernacular have learnt it, according to him it was a hype created by the parents of convent goers. same applies here, its just a hype. ultimately in future how they succeed will count and not which board they have studied through, and we will make sure we give them proper guidance. so decide using your own mind and not what you hear from others. but be sure not to burden your child. 

Vasant vihar i have found so far has been very good. they have projects and all. their open house is also very good, they analyse the kids and give their feedback on every front.


tan 2009-11-19 14:20:34



First let me tell u I just love his name, so nice

Yes, I have also heard about VasantVihar, & heard all positive so you made a nice choice for surly.

I stayed in mulund , So I am little worried about distance he has to travel everyday. & for my point of view the choice of school make the huge differance in child overall growth.

so want to clear all the aspact before opting for the school

once again thank u



enigma 2009-11-19 16:41:12


Dear ,

going for icse/ cbse board and not opting state board is mainly for students who are interested for all india exams after 12th std. Again the approach towards academic curriculum is more rational in the sense the ques ans are more of objective and just not mugging the the chapters/ topics, they have good number of project work from primary sec(which are very real topics). myself have done icse(10th) and cbse(12th) so i find the difference.. but yes, for very bright student the board is not a factor.

Again since these days the flow is towards these boards(icse/ cbse - both being almost same), i feel my child when grown up should not complain regarding the board we had made a choice on...


navind 2009-11-20 00:07:52


hi all,

tan - am too from mulund and looking for nursery 2010....

till date what ever i have found out, i had posted yday on one of the group...ur input is also welcomed...

heres the link for your reference...

till y day i was looking only for icse / read good no of materail on cbse vs icse and have changed my opinion a bit  .....  so including new horizon airoli in my list...and of dav am not gettg enough positive response...

thanks n tc






tan 2009-11-20 11:24:43


Hi navind,

Dav Airoli is very good but i too get mixed reviews for DAV International( Mulund). i am telling u is what i heard i dont have any personal experience on it. thats the reason why i am so confused to opt for the school. hope i am not alone suffering from this troma but all who have a kid of this age are feeling the same.

can u give me your opinion about NES (ICSE) in mulund

and what i didnt understand is, in all CBSE school syllabus is same, so how DAV Airoli is better than DAV mulund?

do u have any idea

one more thing is CBSEs syllabus is more stable( not changing everytime) compare to ICSE , am i right?

So its easy to teach the child and we can prepare in advance. let me do right if i am wrong this is all what i understand.

thanks in advance



tan 2009-11-20 11:32:37


Hi navin,

one more school i heard about is Billabong though too expensive but nice if money is not a probe u can think for this too if u have not firmly decided about school.


navind 2009-11-21 01:48:47


hi tan...

DAV mulund is definately not positive.....airoli one is still better.....but what i hear is then put in new horizon rather than DAV airoli....full positive reviews for new horizon...

NES mixed reviews + campus issue n few more things which i would like not to post here ..... but still i have people who say study wise its really good

of diff between  dav mulund n airoli .....its the diff of teachers , facilities n staff....

its all heard from people in general ... what they look upon or exp with these schools....

now of boards ....cbse has rule to eliminate 10% of obsolete portion every year so u see it constantly gets updated .....icse is also reviewed but not like cbse ....cbse works with ncert so gives out good subject matter....

to what i conclude in level of difficulty its icse (most) then cbsc n thn state board....

some had nicely mentioned tht cbsc is uniform n has own books so preparation is easy but initial struggle n then quite smooth enough say 100 kgs divided into 10 (1 std to 10 std) its equal n uniform def according to age n level....where as icse is easy in initial stage then middle level secondary is bit hard and secondary i.e. 8-10 is difficult......proper base can make kids deal with either of the board n most imp is teachers n methodology adopted by them....

11 n 12 of cbse is more diff comparativly with icse or say ssc ......for most entrance exams medical, engg / iit n to some extenti read mba entrance cbse pattern is more useful...but i belive n have read then proper preparation of entrance exams give anyone the required confidence....

let me know of what u planng...

take care



champ0801 2009-11-23 12:15:29


Dear Freinds,

i am a father of a 3 year old son .. have a similar confusion like any other parents ..

From the above discussion, cud gather a lot of info on the schools, thnx a ton for this.

have decided to go ahead with NHP, any idea what time do i need to be there at the school to ensure i get the forms ... someone suggested i need to reach there at 4-5 am .. can anyone guide me on this ...

take care





Kant 2009-11-25 20:43:32


Hi All,

I am relatively new to this community, will somebody please guide me about SMPR school which is affiliated to cbse board & give some valuable inputs about it?



navind 2009-11-25 21:04:52


hi kant,

would request to check my response to your Q on forum -


Kant 2009-11-25 21:21:52


Hi Navind,

I did go through the forum but did not come across comments on SMPR, please if you can guide me.




navind 2009-11-25 21:43:01


sorry kant...

i left the reply half way for dinner but now completed n posted check it

also i suggest do visit the school n talk to staff n students if possible..




iccha 2009-11-29 16:01:48


hi all,

just registered 2 day going thro all ur discussions and am very much confused what to do, i was living abroad and have shifted 2 india 2 years back, when i came here it was in the middle of the academic year so getting admission in any big school was out, so i tried for rainbow school which was close to my residence. Now i feel i have made big mistake by not trying for any other big schools initially, coz getting admissions now is going 2 be a big headache, i have 2 sons one is 5 yrs old and needs admission in 1st std and my second one is 31/2 years and will seek admission in jrkg.  Vasant vihar school has denied to take any new admissions for jrkg and 1st std and jk admissions will start in 1st week of december but cannot garantee any admissions coz of lottery system. dav is out as they do not have any vacancies and lok puram  am not very keen.

i live in vasant vihar near siddachal, pls help.


shwets 2009-12-03 23:30:15


hi iccha,

i stay in thane and have a son who is 3 1/4 who was in playgroup at rainbow last year, this year he is in vasant vihar school. from what i know they give first preference to vasant vihar residents. and they do take new students for becoz my friends daughter too joined this year for jr, kg, so check out in december again. also check for Srima which is a convent school, good one near hiranandani estate. u r right abt lok puram - have not heard good reviews about it. u can try hiranandani school which is ICSE board and is also good. they dont take outside students but if you can pay donation then its gladly welcomed. but nevertheless the school is good.


kavitaaparanji 2009-12-16 12:21:13


Hello  iccha,



please try singhania school . the forms are available till 24 dec. u can visit site

the admissiond are on for jr kg ( child born in 2006)



annusmum 2010-02-26 16:59:49


Iam looking for an admission to class 2nd, for my daughter. anyone pls suggest us few good /affordable schools in Vashi/ Sanpada? We are shifting to Mumbai  in the end of March. Whether is possible to get admission at these timing?


gauris 2010-09-24 13:54:12


hi Shwets

in one of ur reply to tan u hav mentioned abt non competency of teachers at JK ... cud u pl elaborate ...  what hav u heard --does anyone actually studying there gave u any response - as thats the most real response rest all just go on praising a school having created a good name for itself... 

i am keen on admitting my daughter in JK (for Jr KG 2011 batch) as i hav always heard good reviews abt the school .. if u can share ur view point it will help me to gr8 extent..


rash3 2010-10-04 15:08:03


Hello Shwets,

Firstly thanx a ton for starting such a wonderful forum of discussion.I have resently shifted from pune to mumbai, since u hav done a vast research in schools in and around mulund and my views match yours when it comes to educational systems hence i can u pls guide me for a good school for my son who is 3 1/2 right now ... inputs by all will be gr8ly apreciated .....thanx in advance



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