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dps2010 2011-07-21 12:44:19


Hi all, 

Below is the list of schools in Kandivali East, Thakur complex area. Can anyone share their views and experiences regarding these school - 

St. Lawrence high school
Children Academy
Thakur Public school
Cambridge school
Thakur vidya mandir
Ryan International school

Please let me know if I have missed any good school. 

Have heard nice reviews on Children Academy, Gundecha. Would also like to know reviews for others. 

I understand,  admission process for year 2012 will commence by Oct'2011.
We are seeking for this year admission.However, my kid is Jan 2010 born and does not fit into cutoff criteria of 31 December. 

Please advice. 


Sakhadeo 2011-07-23 13:25:41


My child is in grade 2 and she goes to Thakur Public. We are pretty happy with the school and the also Gundecha is a good school to try. The other schools you mentionned are not worth thinking about.




tmp 2011-07-25 14:49:46


Hi All,


Yes even my son is in Thakur Public, Nursery............ We are also happy with the school....




dps2010 2011-07-26 11:39:43


tmp, Sakhadeo ...Thanks for your reply.

However, I understand Thakur public has admission cut off set as 31st Dec and my kid will not fit in for this year (he's 21Jan born)


leenaBorivali 2011-07-26 20:25:10



My son is Jan 2010.

I think I also want to try for Gundecha.

However there are no internet links which clearly tell why it should be considered one of the best options. Someone here mentioned it was in top 10 schools, but wo released this list and can i see it online? Any answers appreciated.





SDD 2011-08-14 16:22:47



I'll be enrolling my kid to Nursery in the next academic year (2012-13) n hence have been doing a bit of research myself on the various options available in n around Kandivali (E). Few things that I learnt about Gundecha school from kids n parents alike:

  1. The emphasis is on a stress free education to the kids (in literal terms). 
  2. The teaching staff is good.
  3. 'No-donation' policy; though they do take a security deposit which is refundable when ur kid leaves the school (Fair enough I would say).
  4. Only 40 students per class n they do not exceed that limit.
  5. Project work is to be done in the school itself as they believe; if the project-work is sent home then its the parents who end up doing it for their kids.
  6. The first preference is given to Gundecha n Thakur kids n to the siblings of kids aldy in Gundecha and hence its very difficult for others to get admission to this school.

I am not sure about how good the above information is; however if there are parents whose kids are aldy enrolled in Gundecha....then it would be great if they could provide some inputs as well.....

Any reviews on VIBGYOR (Opp. Oberoi Mall)??


Pinkky 2011-08-18 10:24:07


thanks SDD

THe above info is helpful.

Check this link:

It has some useful info by IshaAnn



 Former member 2011-08-24 15:54:09


 hi there,

you said TPS has admission cut off as 31st dec..Is it the same for Gundecha too?My daughter is also Jan'2010 born . AM going to try in Gundecha this year..Any idea when is the admission ?


dps2010 2011-08-24 17:32:37


Yes Joji22, as per my information TPS and Gundecha both has cut off as 31st Dec.

Please confim and let me know if I am wrong.

Even I am hoping to get admission for my Jan2010 born son in TPS, Gundecha or Children Academy THIS YEAR!!



N5mom 2011-08-24 21:09:59


Dps2010, sorry to jump in your thread. But seems like, you are in almost same boat as mine and could share some information for my doubts. I have already started a thread above yours. I hope you can kindly contribute in my thread as well.


SDD 2011-08-25 18:01:26



Wrt Gundecha; the admission forms for academic yr 2012-13 will be available in the second week of September 2011.



dps2010 2011-08-26 17:17:16


Thanks SDD for sharing this important information.

Do you know the admission cut off age in Gundecha?

All, can you please share your views/information on Interview process for Nursery admission. I mean, what all is expected from these lil kids who can barely speak!!



SDD 2011-08-27 16:55:50


Hi dps2010,

The info wrt age criteria, admission process is avlbl on the Gundecha website viz:

 For quick reference; this is what has been updated on their website:

Age Criteria : We normally expect AGE of the child for respective classes shown below:

Jr. Kg
Sr. Kg
Std. I

2 ½ years
3 ½ years
4 ½ years
5 ½ years

} By June 15th, 2011

Thanks for quering abt the Interview process, it would be great if we get some quick responses :)





pracheegulecha 2011-08-27 22:55:50


hi all,

i guess many of us are going thru d same phase... i am plannin to put my son in Gundecha too...but not too sure how many kids will get in there...which is d next option after Gundecha that you guys are plannin...

As for cut off, yes it is 31st dec for sure in both the schools, TPS n Gundecha.

I had a word with one of the parents of a kid in TPS, she said the primary section iss good but she was not very satisfied the secondary section...

as for Gundecha have heard only positive reviews...

Also if anyone can plz elaborate about the interview thing both for kids n parents...i will put my son in nursery in 2012-2013 academic session..




dps2010 2011-09-12 17:37:43


Hi All

Please keep posting if admission forms are available.



 Former member 2011-09-15 15:31:55


Hi all,

In gundecha forms r  available on 28th sept .




Venkat3 2011-09-16 21:38:40


We did a mistake by enrolling my kid in Vibgyor (KG class). You can not connect to the teachers (never, ever!!!). Kid will only have to copycat what's said, don't let kid coming up with their own ideas (this generation kids are better than teachers who are certainly a generation behind). I heard within a week after my kids enrolment that teacher assistant in the class beat the kids (I don't know how much this is true, but I do believe that my kid never lied me, because I have provided early pre-school education in usa, they never, and also as parents we have been honest with our kid).

To be frank, several schools in which we toured don't allow parents to show class room in real time (while the class is going on) and say that they don't have a policy to interact with teachers.  In my opinion, such schools which does hide and seek game with parents have only goal to make money at an expense of parents frustrations in an effort to provide good education to kids. 

In general, I advocate that parents who wish to provide your reviews for any school, please provide details as to why do you like or dislike. I guess we need to be honest in our opinion which help other parents and kids as well, after all we have to make our society better and better living for our kids in the years to come.



SDD 2011-10-17 00:28:49



Any one lucky enough to get a call from Gundecha ???





DeepakShinde 2011-10-17 15:41:17


Hi All,






Thnxs to all for sharing their views and experiences.... From above discussion... Looks like Gundecha was a good option... I am also looking for an admission for my kid for Nursery.





Unfortunately I was not aware about the early admission forms for Gundecha n now that option is gone…





Can anyone help with the other good option… I have really good reviews about Children’s Academy…





Would appreciate revert from you… as it’s a question of our kids future… and can’t take any chance with that..









dps2010 2012-01-18 17:03:20


Even I have heard good reviews of Children Academy. However, also heard that - out of 250 seats... 240 got occupied by sibblings which left only 10 fresh entries this year!!!

Hey all, anyone with January 2010 born kid got in this year?



vr 2012-09-13 17:41:46


Hi Dps2010


I had sent a mail to Gundecha asking for the age cut off for admitting my daughter who is Jan 21 2010 born the reply is as below

"ForPlaygroup and Nursery admissions in academic year 13 – 14, please check thenoticeboard at the school gate after 15th September 2012.Eligibility for playgroup admissions - children born in the year 2011 & fornursery admissions - children born in the year 2010."

So i think they are considering Jan 2010 born for LKG. As of now i stay in bangalore can u please check and let me know online from when on the applications are being issued. That will be great help for me

Warm Regards



dps2010 2012-09-14 15:38:52


Sure vr, I'll post to this thread if they start admission process.


However, I find two statements contradictory in your reply -

"for nursery admissions - children born in the year 2010."

"So i think they are considering Jan 2010 born for LKG"


Even my son is 21 Jan 2010 born and not sure if he can get admission for Jr. KG for  Academic Year 2013-14.





Pinkky 2012-09-14 22:34:48


My son is Jan 2010 born and he is studying in Playgroup in Gundecha this year.

DOBs till 31st Dec were considered for Nursery


Pinkky 2012-09-15 18:26:31


I mean 31st Dec 2009 for Nursery


Jayaa 2012-10-18 13:35:19


Hi Everyone,

I m seeking admission for my daughter age 3yrs 9 months. i m moving frm london this nov and i dont hav any idea abt schools in Kandivilli east area. did online search nd found gundecha school seems good. 

Can  anyone tell  how does admission process go for LKG?

and is forms available online?

Any other good schools in tat area? Am i too late to get admission in good school?

Please suggest......






dps2010 2013-03-16 23:42:06


 Hi All

Can anyone provide reviews on Ryan Internation school Kandivali East.




Nix123 2013-06-28 15:50:10


Hi dps2010, U mentioned that in Childresns academy 240/250 seats got filled with siblings. Is this for Nursery? Does Childresns academy have Playgroup as well? Can somebody pls tell me age cut-off for Childrens academy


dps2010 2013-07-04 12:23:32


 Hi Nix123

Children's academy(Thakur Complex) do not have Play group.

For Nursery Admission they follow calendar year. For example, this year Nursery admission age criteria was - Jan 2010 to Dec 2010 (kids born in the year 2010).

So I believe, next year it will be year 2011.




Nix123 2013-07-16 17:12:49


Thx for the info! Had gone personally last week to visit all schools in Thakur complex and village. Yes, am looking for next yr admission to Nursery.




VoM 2013-09-01 16:50:29


As we near the admission process for the year 2014-15 I would like all the parents to revisit the discussion w.r.t good schools in and around Thakur Village, Kandivali East.

I have seen that though there is concensus that the good schools are:

a. Gundecha

b. Thakur Public School

c. Childrens Academy

d. Lokhandwala Public School

e. VIBGYOR, Malad


Is there any good school that I have missed? Also we are yet to conclude as to what is the order of good schools. which one is the best and second best and third best.


Believe that by some bit of cooperation from fellow members we can go a long way ahead.

Special request to Parents who got their childs enrolled in the 2013-14 session. Feedback from you will be invaluable. Please come forward and help the next bacth of Parents.


Feedback and comments awaited.

Meanwhile if someone has any knowledge of the admission schedules in any of the above schools for the 2014-15 session, please let us know the same. WHen is the last date for getting the application forms for these schools.




Lok23 2013-09-04 23:36:12


I have been told that Gundecha doesnt provide admission forms to people who staying in rent? Is that true, please provide feedback.



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