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 my child is studing in a school near by my residence its just ten minutes walking... the school is upcoming and its an icse board the teachers the staff every body is too good..  there education system is also too good. my child enjoys at school and also studies well.. she has won many certificates from the scholl last year.. ia m very happy with my childs performance.. only problem is the crowd   ............ the crowd in  the school is very lower middle class the students come from very lower class family's so i am little bit worried regarding my child and her brought up.... i am really confuse what to do.... to stay inthe same school or not.... i am worried after growing up my child will go to there friends home... it will be very difficult for me to send my child to there places ...... if i change the school i have to travel a lot or send my child through bus services which my inlaws does not agree to that... ... what to do i am really worried about my childs future... i have tried speaking to inlaws regarding changing the school but they are telling if something goes wrong ... then u vl be responsilble for the same.... we are from well to do family ...so very much confuse... please help me... with this problem.. have anybody face such a problem


lakshmi1507 2011-07-01 10:25:34


Is your child learning any bad habits from her peers? Bad words/language?

Is she the only one from a well to do family in the class or are there others?

Then maybe you should consider a change.

Otherwise, it doesnt really matter.Your child will grow up with a lot of understanding , compassion and a capacity to adjust well.

Nowadays it is so rare to find a school which has so many positive things like you have described!

She can have friends from your social circle outside of school also...:)

But , if you still feel intuitively that it would be better to change her school-Go to it, girl!!!


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 hi lakshmi1507, thanks for suggestion ......................


GirlDad 2011-09-07 22:37:52


 most often the thought of a problem is in our mind than the kids mind. so if the kid is enjoying, let the kid go to the same school and as the kid grows, explain that there are things that one should learn and others that one should not

also it is better to explain that just because kids are from a different class, does not mean they are bad/ they are just not lucky enough to afford a lot of things, hence their thinking could be different

it is better to teach a child how to think than pour ones own thoughts into the kids head. education is supposed to make a child better thinker not a better judge

you need to take a call based on all pros and cons, and more than thinking problem, you can see what positive can happen from the situation



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hi every body girldad and laxmi1507,

i am relally happy with the education at the school.. but the problem is crowd as an example

in ganpati one of my kid friend has called her for darshan.. when we went at her place we came to know that they stay in a hut tent made up of bricks and stones the room was too small not even three to four people can stand.. iwas so sorry to see all that.. my child unknowingly asked me why they stay at such aplace i explained her that its there house they stay here.. and very cooly she started playing...... i was so sad seeing this as how could they afford the high fees at school but i appreciated thet they wanted there child to be some thing someday so they are really working hard behind that........

there are lots many students....... as such...i am really confused as my child happily goes to school but once she is matured enough to understand everything... i vl be very confused to answer her questios... i am very positive about the school as the education and teachers are too good.. what to do really confused as the forms will be issued in from october first week for all other schools so really in very confusing state to change or not to change the school? please help me out...?


GirlDad 2011-09-09 11:22:41


 hi krishna, my understaning of this situation is like this - I could be wrong but I think I know what you mean.

There are lot of times when we as parents are not able to / not comfortable to answer the questions that kids ask us.

this is a test of parents ability to first be comfortable with oneself and then the world around us, and explain the indepth thoughts to the kid

believe me, there are several sites which talk about how to deal with difficult questions of kids, it is all about psychological makeup of parents.

I am a very big supporter of the education of psychology to parents, and hence am replying to you from that aspect. We parents need to be first comfortable with everything around us, and if we are not, we should be able to tell the kids that we are not aware of some answers. And there is nothing wrong in saying that. We should be able to tell kids that not everyone has answers to all questions but at a high level, you can share your understanding.

The more you are transparent with kids, the more they will be transparent with you later. If you feel uncomfortable, they will sense it and might themselves become uncomfortable discussing their issues with you.

I hope you understand the thought process and can make up your mind according to that - whether you still want to move out of the school, or not.

on the other hand, I will also advise you to understand WHY your inlaws are against shifting school. maybe they have not understood you or the other way around. that understanding aspect is also key to your decision making. If you have understood their point of view logically, and you agree to it (along with your own logic for shifting the school), only then it will help you decide if you still want to shift school or not.

Being a parent is not an easy thing - we have realised this in the very first year of our baby coming to us.. that she will need to be taken care of not just physically but needs to be taught from a deeper psychological point of view.


mizzs 2011-09-09 12:00:58


your child asked you a wonderful question...you should be proud of her! As for the school and the economic background of the other children...well you are giving her the most important lesson  her life in a natural manner...she gets to see that poverty can restrict othe people's coices in life and that the can be hard working and enthusiastic about education, goals and life in general. S

Your child will grow up to be an empathetic, kind child who can look beyond the superficial neccesseties in life...and for all the right reasons-not as a charity or benevolence on your part but because she shared aspects of her life with people who come from a different background. You say you like the school, the education and the teachers...as for behaviors, how about what happens in the posh schools.

I say good for you that you've taken the step to show your child that people of al kinds have a role in our lives-not just to clean, or run errands for us. And good for you that she shared an important fesival with her peers...you said that after your resposne she went on to play-

Think about what she learns from her peers-whatever field she enters when she grows up she will make responsible decisions-because she will know it goes  beyond the profit margin or making a name for herself.

Enjoy your child:)


preetyslim 2012-03-01 10:49:26


 hi all, going through this discussion i feel our child should be known to the reallity of life sending our child to a posh school has its own pros and cons .. my child is going to the school were there is a mix crowd from lower class to upper class all types of students comes here i am glad that my child (5years old) stangely knows the value for money and other aspects of life which barely we can make a child understand bcaz.. she has seen that all with her own eyes .. every parent wishes to give there child the best education with best school... and as u know nowadays schools have there own tantrums to admit the child or not.. they see there fathers and mothers income will be they able to pay the future fees... education has really become some sort of business lots of classess and lots of activities with lots of subjects the small mind has to grab everything.  just think about it.. when we went to school have we ever heard about any activities classes at school then to we r educated and earning good for our living .. i will suggest whatever school ur child goes education is the first criteria... activiteies we can teach our child in summer vacation also but education is must... so please parents while taking the admission note that the school provides good education...activities are also important but it should not be too much that education of the child is affetced many schools r nowadays giving so much important to activities and parents really want there children to admit in that schools .. so parents please select the best educative school for ur child....



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