Universal high (GURUKUL)- dahisar?

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Riyak 2011-08-05 15:56:19



How is your kid doing now in Universal School ?

I removed the name of my kid from that school and

enrolled in Rustomjee... I found Universal School,

Dahisar absolutely not satisfactory. Teachers goes

on changing and as school dont get good teachers,

they hire teachers/cordinators who even cant read

and write English properly. School is only collecting

money..Nothing universal.



 Former member 2011-08-08 10:32:57


 hi all friends.universal high is not a good school at all.first of all they just have too much of fees. the worksheet systemm. textbooks r not given at home .. so it is difficult to understand what our child is studing.... they just have lots n lots of activities.. the management is not too good... only if ur working women this school is a best option as ur child is in school from 9.000 to 5.000 .. but then to education is must... i was planning to put my child in universal high but later on after getting all negative reviews ....i planned to not put her inthis school.. please parents whoever are trying to put there child in universal take lots of reviews from parents... then decide.... the teachers r not too upgraded with icse.. level... this reviews i have got from parents whose children r presently studing at universal....so please think twice before putting ur child at any school... i think parents reviews r more important then anything else.. as they know what there child is doing day to day...........


dr vidya 2011-10-23 20:02:46


 hi all,  can you please clarify as to which universal school you are referring to. I was thinking of putting my child to universal school at malad east.

can anyone please give me their review on the malad branch?


preetyslim 2012-01-19 10:24:06


 universal high school does not have good education system u can try with sharada gyanpeeth international school at malald east.. it sa good school


dids 2012-01-19 16:10:45


hi all,

i have been going thru ur comments a lot. i personally feel the best way to find about a school is to go personally and than identify the right school for ur kid. dr.vidya i would suggest Children's Academy at Malad E. BOTH MY KIDS r currently going there their approach is fantastic. atleast that is my opinion. their kandivli thakur complex branch is ICSE recognised.Dont know abt other 2 branches.

i hope this will be helpful


preetyslim 2012-01-20 09:49:17


 hi dids,

my child goes to sharada gyanpeeth international school its a good upcoming school when i was planning to tak eadmission at childrens academy at malad east branch i go tvery negative reviews regarding school and education system as my daughter got admission at childrens then too we opt for sharada its really a good upcoming school as once i visited childrens academy for nursery batch i saw there were lots of childrens in a single class only one mausi to handle potty and susu problems many parents complian that there childrens were not clean properly once they go for potty at school in nursery batch so i was really upset with all this and at last moment plan to take admission at sharada gyanpeeth.. i know DIDS there are always pros and cons for the school but once u visit the school then u come to know the real pros and cons..


JRL 2012-01-20 17:06:04




I wish to put my child in sharda gyanpith.

can u advice me about that..?



preetyslim 2012-01-20 21:29:15


 yeh u can go forward very good school i have seen my child education i sdifferent then other childrens my kid is just five and very good in phoenics even she trys to read newspaper in breaking words the whole credit goes to sharad gyanpeeth....


JRL 2012-01-23 10:19:40


hi mam

By reading your reply, I am relaxed now and can think about getting admission in sharda. Actually I wanted to get addmission for 3rd std. My child is presently in Radha Krishna (malad west). But I am not satisfied with the school. As a perent, we are not able to access the progress of our kid since there are no exams till 4th std. negative points are so many like no play area for kids, ICSE std fees but providing SSC board, mixed teaching style, 55 kids in one classroom.

I saw Sharda bldg. nice look.

Can u give some idea about teaching style and how many divisions are there / how many kids in one classroom ?

Best regards




preetyslim 2012-01-24 14:24:22


 hi jrl, see there r always pros and cons for any school but for sharada as my child studies in this school i can assure u regarding education they r little fast in studies but the teachres r cooperative so v have to be little attentive for our child in day to day studies..as u told me regarding radhakrishna i have many childrens in my society who r studing there they r really very slow.. as they don't give any tension to parents or kids.. sometime it s good and sometime really bad.

as long as teaching style they r good students r approx. 30 in each class. they have more studies less activities. the crowd in the school is mix from upper middle class to middle class to lower middle as well as lower class.. but its fine as our children can actually learn that what is important  they see there firends from different classess they really get good examples for the reality in life and what money matters for different society people. my child also visits firends places fo rbirthdays or ganpati celebration from chawl to big three bhk flats i am happy she get to know importance of living the life in different society and what is importance of money and education....

good luck.. to u and ur child...


JRL 2012-01-24 17:55:18




Thanks for advice. I have also come up from lower to upper. So I know value of money and I am teaching my son in that way. Hence, class of people should not be problem with me.

Only matters, that the school has not yet completed 10th. Thats why I am little beat of worry. In Radhakrishna also we had been told that they are going for  ICSE and started collecting fees accordingly and finally today they are at such a square having multiple directions but not going anywhere but to stick with SSC board.

You will also agree that having a sigle child, as a perent we will look for nice things only. Thats why I have decided to change the school.

I am staying in malad west, so the school is at quite distance away from my resi. Still waiting for confirmation from bus transporter whether they can give service at malad west.

Hoping for the best.





preetyslim 2012-02-02 13:50:25


 hi jrl,,

they provide bus service on bajaj road narsing lane malad west so u can check with school authorities...


priyapillai 2013-10-15 12:54:13


hi is this chat still live?
even I m confused between sharda and universal.
after a year any advise from parents whose kids go to these schools?
I m eagerly waiting for reply


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