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aarya9 2011-06-14 14:42:57


Dear All,

My son is studying in Pawar Public School-Kandivli. Last year only i took admission in the said school and to my great shock its just turned out to be a very wrong decision. Principal-Mrs. Katyal is soo ....arrogant and head-strong that i personally feel that she will never be able to understand the child's mentality, their emotions, tenderness and parent's concern. In her few circular she used so harsh language that one can't even imagine....she wrote about the concept of study at home through net & no need for schooling...she wrote about parent's concern on syllabus...and what not. She herself made huge mistakes by hurting emotions of parents/ students during sportsmeet, annual day by literally making grandparents stand outside the venue---i show them crying. Also fees charged by them and the quality of parting the education as compared to other school seriously is a questionmark? Their uniform policy, every year to buy so much stationary from a particular shop...really i am fail to understand all such tie-ups. She being the head of the school is like this, other staffs are following her footsteps treating parents very badly. Even i have never seen such a third class bus service where that aayas in the bus just sit in the bus never takes care of fact asks choclates from children. MY ADVISE IS PLEASE DONT TAKE ADMISSION OF YOUR BELOVED CHILD IN ANY SCHOLL, SPECIALLY A NEW SCHOOL, WHERE YOUR CHILD'S EMOTIONS & FUTURE ARE AT HIGH RISK. SCHOOLING FOR A CHILD IS A LIFE TIME MEMORY....LET THEM CHERISH......

USN 2012-01-25 12:27:09


thanks aarya for sharing your experience with the Kandivli branch of Pawar public school. do you have any idea if its the same in their Chandivli (powai) branch or you have some different opinion about this branch.

can you please throw some light on this


jsd 2012-10-04 01:16:48


hi aarya,

thanks 4 ur sincere opinion regarding the said school,

any other school in the vicinity thts good.



Nez 2012-10-05 12:53:41



Hi friends,

Its time for admissions and all parents are eager to give best to their children......I am too looking for a good school which is near to my area of Charkop kandivali(W) , neat ,clean ..with gud teaching staff. I started with ICSE syllabus as my priority but now i feel all boards do offer gud curriculum , but its upto teachers how they teach and children how they grasp the knowledge which will actually make our children a responsible citizen and above all have a gud personality.  I have come down to 2-3 choices of schools which are in close proximity to my area-

1 . Thakur International at Kandivali

2. Kapole Vidyanidhi

3. Billabong High International, Malad

Any parents who have their children in these schools or have any idea about the staff and overall enviornment abt these schools ...kindly give me the feedback so that I and many other parents like me can make right decision for our wards.





0384 2012-10-05 17:29:15


thanks aarya, 

i am scare to licn abt pawar school. bcoz i think for kid to take admision in Bhandup branch. u have any information abt tht branch.



 Former member 2012-10-23 15:37:02


hi to all,

my son is studying in pps kandiwali in 2 std. i feel the school is best. he has overcome his shyness.way of teaching is very good and students are able to understand the concept behind it.itsup to indiudal parents.i m satisfied with pawars curriculum


MsMaker 2012-10-23 19:13:51


there a school run by gundecha in kandiwali (e) near thakur village. you can check that out.

you also have oberoi international and ryan international in goregaon (east) and another school run by gokuldham (dont know much about it though)


PremTaparia 2013-08-22 11:00:12


Hi All,

Does anyone have any further update on the below schools in Borivali West:

1. Pawar Public School

2. Swami Vivekananda International School

Unlike in Borivali / Kandivali East, there seems to be a dearth of gud schools in Borivali West. The schools which have received positive reviews like Rustomjee, Dr Pillai, Ajmera have very high fees because of their being IGCSE board...which I feel is not worth it...if you don't intend to send your child abroad for college education....

JBCN seems a good option but its high  fees are at par with all the above IGCSE schools...despite being a ICSE-affiliated school....

Just don't know what to do...all schools seem to have positive and negative comments about them...any revert from u'll will be really helpul....






YajatMom 2013-09-26 15:22:03


hi Premtaparia,

did u manage to get any reviews about the above mentioned schools? i m also looking for schools in teh same vicinity and considering all the 3 schools mentioned by u. please revert if u have ny reviews about them. it will be really very helpful.




PremTaparia 2013-09-27 11:19:32


Hi Payal,

I have received no feedback yet from the forum. Although my wife did visited Pawar school personally to check with the students and parents and gauge their feedback. She got mixed responses...some were satisfied with the school and its teachers...some were little apprehensive about the slow teaching at pre-primary levels...she also felt that the school did not have a mixed cosmopolitan crowd...majority of the students were gujarati...though that is not a major decisive point in my opinion....One thing is certain...if you don't take admission from nursery at PPS, you will not get admission from Junior KG onwards..since all their Junior KG seats are full from the roll-over nursery batch itself.....the fees at PPS (36K) are definitely reasonable compared to other schools in Borivli....

Have yet to check Swami Vivekanand personally...fees-wise (around 75-80K) it is at par with JBCN or Rustomjee....

I also plan to check Sri Sri Ravishankar which is near National Park...since it has a CBSE board....

For 2014-15 though...we have decided to continue with our current local Nursery Kindergarten School (Blossoms)  since it is close-by as well as more advanced in teaching at Pre-Primary levels than the regular schools! Will bear the Junior KG admission headache next year now....

If you happen to visit the above schools or any other schools then please do share your experiences as well...




swatix 2013-09-27 16:31:50



I have hear pawar only gives to preference to those residing close to the school. Not sure though, i haveheard its a good school, so its on my list. Forms r out on 15 th oct

Is swami vivekanand ssc or icse ? Fees 75-80 k is for ssc ?


YajatMom 2013-09-28 14:57:34


hi prem and swatix,

mostly all the schools have preferances for the ones residing closeby. I agree with prem about the mixed reviews of pawar and that is actually increasing the confusion.

Swami vivekanand is icse. but prem are u sure about the fee structure. i think there is some mistake in the figures, however i m not too sure about it. will check and get back to u as one of my acquaintance's child is going to that school.

Besides many schools are not open to admission after nursery, so u better check that before deciding to continue in local kindergarden school. I say so because last year my friend faced a lot of problem seeking admission to juniour kg. She had to find jacks from here and there to secure admission. so please make sure u do not face trouble later on.




swatix 2013-09-29 01:13:26


Hi yajatmom, 

R u sure svis is icse? See this link They say its ssc and starting this year they r planning to start icse Does anyone hv any idea abt this ? 

PremTaparia 2013-09-29 09:52:36


Payal, Swati,

SVIS has started ICSE with this year (2013-14) as per the below circular:

While the school site does not mention the fee structure, the above proposal/circular does give hint of about 30k p.a. However a few of my neighbours whose children are in SVIS had mentioned to me the sum of 70-80K...

Yeah Payal...admission will be difficult from Junior KG onwards...but that is a risk we have calculated deliberatedly...atleast one school (Thakur International - a bit costly but reasonably gud school) will provide admission at that niece was given admission from Junior KG there....

Don't want to delay too much but...don't want to be too hasty as well:)



harshad2011 2013-10-01 22:30:19



does anybody know what is   the final fee structure SVIS borivali -   i have heard that current year (2013-14) was the 1st year of ICSE &  fees were 35000 one time fee &  32000  year fee  , can anbody confirm what it is for 2014-15


masee 2013-10-16 00:29:07



Could you let me know what is review of Swami vivekanand School & Pawar Public School as i am planning to take admission for my daughter in one of this schools as these schools are near to my house


swati13 2014-01-13 00:06:51


Any idea on st fransis d'assissi ICSE school?? It is also in borivali west - IC colony???

vidyakini 2014-04-11 14:42:27


Hello All,

Am also desperately planning to seek admission of my daughter into Nursery next year.
Currently she is going to Eurokids. I stay in Charkop Kandivali.
Am planning to put her in ICSE / CBSE board. So parents whose son daughter go into these schools i need a feedback...
I am planning to put my daughter into these schools-
1. Pawar Public school, Kandivali W
2. Shri Balaji International, Malad W
3. JBCN, Borivali W
4. Kapol International, Kandivali W
5. Billabong High, Kandivali W

dhrutiparikh 2014-04-28 22:38:29


My daughter is studying in Kapole International and i find it good for study wise but the major crowd is gujarati. Studywise there is a pressure. I also want to know the review of Pawar public school. Pols let me know.

swatix 2014-05-05 19:09:21


Hi vidyakini, I can just give you a review about JBCN, as a girl from my moms bldg used to go there. They increased the fee unreasonably hence many students got out of that school. Its a new school IGCSE board and follows ICSE curriculum. In my view one should choose an old school bcoz then one can get a feedback. Hope this helps

swatix 2014-05-05 19:16:28


Hi swati13, St francis ICSE is a good school, its co-ed and has received affiliation. Their SSC branch is a seperate school in same premises which is boys only. One of my friends daughter is in primary section in ICSE. You can mail me on if you want any specific info on this school.

vidyakini 2014-05-14 16:27:54


Thanks for the reply swatix..St Francis is an old and gud school but lil far when considered admissions from Nursery / Jr. Kg.
Also to each one who have replied earlier. 
I have again shortlisted
1. Thakur International School
2. Pawar Public School
3. Swami Vivekanand International (If it has ICSE)
4. Shri Balaji International

also Kapol n KB Patil in my mind but those are my last options.

@PremTaparia - Please, Can you tell me a bit more about Thakur International. I have mixed reviews.

PremTaparia 2014-05-15 10:10:29



Almost all schools will have mixed reviews...will have to choose 'the best from the worst'...

Both my nieces are schooling in Thakur International...and it does not seem to be a bad, infrastructure-wise and culture-wise...ofcourse cost-wise it is steeper than the other schools mentioned above...yes...there have been talks of aggressive teachers or teaching methods in the past...but again, that could be pretty subjective and a matter of different perception of different parents...

The best way to get an idea about a school image is to visit it at the school-closing times and directly enquire from the parents or the students themselves...that would be a more effective and direct feedback than any forum could provide...

I plan to admit my kid for junior kg next year in either JBCN, Rusomjee or Thakur International...don't want to think beyond these options...will only get more confused!

vidyakini 2014-05-15 16:09:23


Thanks a ton.. Yes visiting school and knowing about it more is more important. 
In Oct almost all schools would have their admission forms out. 

zahnafs 2014-05-21 17:42:57



I read above your kid goes to Eurokids charkop, we are contemplating Eurokids playgroup for my kid this year, do you have any feedback/suggestions to share?

vidyakini 2014-05-23 16:25:40


I am very much happy with Eurokids Charkop. since my child was admitted half way i.e. mid term  she still could grasp be it activity dance or rhymes.

zahnafs 2014-05-23 19:20:48


Thanks Vidya...

Khushi999 2015-03-25 18:20:24


I see posts on Pawar public school 3 years back. Has the school improved ? I have had mixed reviews about the school. Can someone provide me the latest update. Also is Radhakrishna Borivli west a better option?

rintoo 2016-02-13 18:33:05


what is the fee structure of pawar public school kandivali  for class 7

rintoo 2016-02-13 18:33:32


hi to all



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