Elimanating Laziness in chkdren

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Arundwarakanath 2011-05-10 15:17:27



How to elimanate laziness and lethhargic attitude in chikdren as young as 8 year old boys

Kindly let me know




Arundwarakanath 2011-05-10 15:27:46


How to help a child of 8 years to develop mathematical  and logical ability


appu2000 2011-05-26 20:06:21




You can do following activities and try


1. First check which subject or which activity your child likes a lot

2. Make it an activity based learning and interesting

3. Make your child to do any work 10-20 minutes only-to start with

4. do not ever tell her that you cannot do it, you keep telling her you can do it

5. Anything which makes a child interesting, they will not be lazy




aanchal 2011-05-27 11:39:49


different children have different temperaments and personalities. some are active and take initiative, while some are a little laid back and dislike tasks. as long as the laziness is not acting as a hinderance in his daily chores, studies, play, you need not worry so much. but yes, if he is being chronically lazy, you need to intervene.

laziness in itself is never  a problem. it is rather a manifestation of another underlying problem. you need to find out why he is being so lazy.

possible reasons behind chronic laziness in kids could be:

  • depression
  • defiance
  • general weakness
  • low hemoglobin
  • poor understanding of world around
  • a worry going on in life
  • over active parents (kids feel pressurized if parents are very overtly active and demand the same from kids)

there could be something else too.

you need to find out the reason and then intervene accordingly.



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