child poor eater and under weight problem

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cukki 2011-04-01 15:42:38



my 6 yrs. old  kid is very very poor eater hardly she eats one time in whole day.

coz of this she became very lean n weak and now she is very much below aveg. in weight. 'coz of that she is not participating in ne physical activity in school but she is very good in academics. frm pst 2 yrs. i'm visiting every good Dr. for her but result is zero.

she like ice creams , chocos and junk food like neother childern but that also she eats very little and i dont want to give her daily these things. Can neone help me to pramote her appetite or ne tonic or medicins.

plz help me.







znljubica 2011-05-18 19:26:07


Attaining optimal nutrition involves eating three meals a day and two nutritious snacks, as well as limiting the intake of high sugar and high fat foods.

You must offer your child to eat 5 times a day. Use the food pyramid.


Here are some tips to help:

  • Read over the different foof pyramids and ask your kids to pick out some favorite foods from each food group.

  • Have them help you plan a meal that includes a healthy serving of protein, a vegetable or two, and a healthy fruit for dessert.

  • For young kids, make a chart to keep track of all the fruits and vegetables they eat (we need at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day).

  • Snack time can be more fun if you try different recioes and snack ideas together with your kids.



mizzs 2011-05-19 12:53:09



What exactly did the doctors look for?  If she is underweight there maybe other reasons such as an obstruction in her food pipe...even enlarged adenoids can do the meantime get her some protein rich drink which gives the necessary calories and supplements...I don't know the Indian equivalent but something like ensure should help.



busy 2011-06-03 17:26:08


No worries my daughter is of same age and she is also underweight, if your kid is active and have full concentration dont worry.  give her what she likes.. avoid junk foods.


 Former member 2011-06-20 10:06:51


 hey my kid also has same eating problem but my child is active in every field don't worry be happy..... 

i was also worried a lot as my child was not eating properly ... doctors also told me to make my kid starve for sometime but that also did'nt help in my case....

i prefer to give my kid a proper regular diet if possible if my kid does not have vegetable on particular day i prefer to give her vegetable soup  my kid enjoys different varieties but then to my kid does not eat proper diet that what i feel...



Smitz 2011-06-20 18:34:53


Hi Krishna,

This is a very common problem among kids. I faced the same a few years back. If your child doesn't like eating vegetables, try and include the same in some other way. Blending is very effective in this case. Eg: For snacks is you are preparing Maggi, then you can chop some vegetables in the same and feed her. Also, you can use massed potatoes with onions and other spices, stuff it inside brown bread or a roti. (You can then roll the roti and serve it as franky)


I am sure you kid will enjoy different dishes daily and at the same time your objecting of feeding her the vegetables will also be fulfillled.




DiptiTanisha 2011-06-21 23:26:42


Hi Krishna

Dont worry! Be positive ..If your kid is active dont worry.. give her dry fruits amonds,cashews,figs,raisins,ettc this is nutritious and very good for brain development. give her curd.. cheese..try new recipes..give her food in small intervals ..







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