Summer vacation

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Pompy 2011-03-15 17:55:39


I m a working mom of a 6yr old boy. I want ur views on - Hw to engage the children during their vacations ? Hw can the working parents give quality time to their children ,especially during long summer vacations ?

tayalarun 2011-04-25 07:17:26


I would suggest to buy them some indore games (eg. buisness) where they get to learn mental maths & will be able to learn different things of life

Let me know how this sounds?


znljubica 2011-06-28 01:14:38


It would be good, she points out, to leave the children with relatives in another place at least for a few days. Change is nice to everyone, and the separation of a few days from parents can help children become independent. Free programs, creative workshops, swimming schools, etc, which are organized during the holidays in most cities, should be used. They are free and help children fill the vacation with some content.



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