Trip to kumarakom

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s1s2 2011-03-05 23:35:25


Hi,We are planning for a trip to kumarakom.we are searching for a good houseboat and if somebody knows any information kindly help us. Thanks.

m 2011-03-08 10:40:25



You can visit   tours@legendroyalholidays.They'll help u to organise ur trip. Quite reasonable and reliable also....we went there last summer..It was really worth...Enjoy


s1s2 2011-03-08 23:35:19


Thanx for your reply. How about the tariff for house boats? Any idea...


m 2011-03-09 07:48:23


 Tariff depends on the boat service you are opting for..They have 1 to 4 bedroom boats, so rates also vary accordingly.If u don't wish to stay in d boat in night, there'l b a reduction in price.Its roughly Rs.7000 to 12000 approx. You can contact the tour operator..they'l be in a better position to help u.




Ton 2011-03-09 09:28:48


Plan during use of houseboat is quite comfortable and secure during summers. Rest rates are ok what is written here... we just been there...





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