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sathya 2008-11-24 10:51:06



Has anyone had any experience with getting a telescope for their kids, to explore space?

How old was your child when you bought one?

Does it work well in Indian cities or is the ambient light too bright?

Any recommendations on brands to buy?



Inexplicably 2009-01-05 16:34:34


 Sorry but this is not an answer to your post. I wanted to ask you if you were able to get a telescope for your kids ? I am very interested in getting my 7 year old a telescope but don't know if the age is right.


mango_mama 2009-01-05 17:11:58


Actually, you can do some basic web gazing with binoculars--certain magnification--I think 10 by 8. But NOT sure. Check the Orion (brand) web site for the specs for star gazing binocs and buy the corresponding binocs from India. We have some hidden somewhere. Otherwise would share...

If I find more will share. But you could only see if away from the city because you cannot see much night sky with today's pollution. It is a pity.


sathya 2009-01-05 19:14:46


Thanks mango_mama.


>Sorry but this is not an answer to your post. I wanted to ask you if you were able to get a telescope for your kids ?

I have not bought one yet. I have checked out the websites of various manufacturers.

But I am yet to get feedback from anyone who has used them with kids, in Indian cities. I am concerned about two issues.

The first is the one that mango_mama mentioned - pollution and ambient light.

The second is what both you and I are thinking about - Is the age right? Mine is a soon to be 6-year old.

Will keep you posted if I do make a decision.




mango_mama 2009-01-05 20:17:50


Regarding the age. it is never too early to expose them to the wonders of space. When we were in the U.S., we used to take our toddlers to star gazing parties on top of mountains (Foothill Park in Palo Alto, United States) where serious hobbyists would have their hi fi telescopes ready for all to use. Just seeing their parents go ga ga over space, would rub on them. Our 8 year old is wonderstuck by space--thanks to these exposures. Stars are amaziing for all ages!! If only you can see em...

Apparently they have some stuff at the Nehru Planetariums as well. Need to check em out...



annu 2009-01-07 16:56:51


I had received a telescope as a gift from Discovery Channel many years back. My son would lie in the balcony at night and gaze out for prolonged period of time, giving me a running commentary. It was fun, for him and for me to have him off my hands...

But this boy of mine was in any case very much into the Astronomical world, he used to read book of facts on Astronomy when other kids read Enid Blytons. In fact he never really read any books besides books with facts etc...

Like Mango Mama says, its never too early...just remember to buy an instrument that is not so expensive that you aren't constantly concerned about kids damaging it. I have seen the joy being taken out of an activity where parents are so worried about equipment getting spoilt that they keep getting stressed. As a consequence kids can't really enjoy themselves.

Also, i don't know about your city, but in Delhi the Planetarium has a very exciting show for kids. Its a fun activity by itself. Plus you may find some guidance on the subject :)


meghnaroy 2009-02-02 14:30:27


Since you guys are speaking of your kids being interested in telescopes and space watching, I was wondering if it has ever occured to you of sending your kid to a Space Camp? These camps give children a great exposure to the subject of space and astronomy. Moreover, they also provide with a hands-on astronaut training experience to the kids. I sent my 12 year old son to one such camp last year. There he did activities like rocket building and launching, shuttle missions, Space shot and various other activities. These activities are performed in a simulated environment, giving a real life feel to the entire process. Though i knew it would be a good learning (as well as fun) experience for my kid, I never expected him to show a great aptitude for space studies. This has been a discovery for me and my kid is now quite sure that he wants to grow up as an astronomer. In case any of your children harbour such a dream you can check out this link -

It'll be a lifetime experience for your space loving kid!



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